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Didn’t Love You Enough 72

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Chapter 72 – Yu-shi

“Master, we’ve arrived at Hongyan Building.” Yuan Fu announced from outside the horse carriage.

Yuan Fu helped Xuan Yuan Han Cheng get out of the carriage, who then turned around to help Lin Jia Bao get off the carriage.

Hongyan Building was also another business under one of his subordinates. Due to the booming business, Xuan Yuan Han Cheng felt more at ease choosing this restaurant. They arrived early before dinnertime, but the restaurant was already thirty percent full. Upon arriving at Hongyan Building, the imperial guards have already dispersed.

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Xuan Yuan Han Cheng brought his group to a private room on the third floor. This room had the best view in the entire restaurant. From the window, customers could see most of the streets in the western part of the city. The owner of the restaurant had specially prepared this for His Royal Highness.

Lin Jia Bao looked at the bustling pedestrians and hawkers on the street outside the window. Everything was so new and interesting…

Hongyan Building specialized in Jiangsu cuisine. There were several chefs specially invited from Jiangnan to come work at this restaurant and their cooking skills were all very good.

“It’s all Jiangsu cuisine here. Darling is from the south, so you will definitely like it.” Xuan Yuan Han Cheng said gently to Lin Jia Bao. “After we finish eating, I’ll take you around for a stroll…”

That night’s meal did not disappoint Xuan Yuan Han Cheng. His baby was so pleased with the food that his eyes were squinted into thin lines from happiness.

Lin Jia Bao really liked the dishes today. Although the dishes were not as exquisite as those in the palace, the taste was not inferior to what the imperial kitchen chefs produced.

The chef’s special for that night was especially good. It was named the Four Joys Meatballs. The dish consisted of huge meatballs. The meat was marbled and had good texture. Plated with green vegetables, the bright colors and tangy aroma of the dish was enough to make the viewer salivate with appetite. Lin Jia Bao ate the meatballs with gusto, one large mouthful after another, and even polished off two huge meatballs by himself.

Xuan Yuan Han Cheng was also very satisfied with his baby’s good appetite today, and ordered Yuan Fu to reward the chef.

After dinner, Xuan Yuan Han Cheng accompanied Lin Jia Bao to stroll slowly through the streets.

Lin Jia Bao looked at all the booths one by one, and when he saw something interesting, he would bend down to take a closer look.

Lin Jia Bao stopped in front of a vendor’s booth. This booth only sold tilting dolls. The tumblers of clay dolls were placed neatly and swayed together rhythmically.

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Lin Jia Bao was very happy upon seeing the dolls. Xuan Yuan Han Cheng motioned for Yuan Fu to pay, “If you like them, then pick a few…”

“I’ll just pick one…” Lin Jia Bao was not greedy. He bent over and lowered his head to choose.

Right above the booth selling tilting dolls was a restaurant. The window on the second floor of the restaurant was open and there were two heads sticking out and looking about. They whistle at the street below and roar with laughter. “This doll is really perky and round, ha ha ha ha…”

[T/N: The two unnamed people are catcalling. The word used for perky is often associated with butts.]

Lin Jia Bao was wearing plain attire today. When he bent over, it revealed the curve of his buttocks. Lin Jia Bao was concentrated on choosing a doll. He did not know that the people were talking about him, and thus was not affected by the noise from upstairs. In the end, he selected a tumbler clay doll in painted red clothes.

Seeing that his darling has made a selection, Xuan Yuan Han Cheng pulled his baby into his arms and took him away. Before leaving, he glanced coldly at the window on the second floor. Xuan Yuan Han Cheng’s gaze was frigid and sharp making the two people on the floor shut up immediately.

Only after Xuan Yuan Han Cheng and his group have walked off a certain distance did the two people come back to their senses. The two people were Xue Zhi Qi and Zhang Ying Xiang.

Xue Zhi Qi was part of the Xue family. His father, Xue Gui, was Xue Rong’s youngest brother, and he was Xue Gui’s di son*. Xue Zhi Qi grew up within the Xue family, and often used the reputation of the Xue family to tyrannize others outside. He also liked to gather together with other hedonistic sons of rich parents to bully people…

[*T/N: di son – a son from the main wife; contrast shu son, which is a son from a concubine]

“What the f*ck was he glaring at! What the f*ck…” Xue Zhi Qi said angrily. “And where the heck did he get that ger by his side…”

“It’s someone that I’ve never seen before, and based on his clothes, it doesn’t look like he is someone with a high status. I’m guessing he came to Beijing from somewhere else. Young Master Qi, son’t be angry. I’ll go make some inquires later.” Zhang Ying Xiang said obsequiously.

Zhang Ying Xiang’s father was Xue Gui’s confidant and subordinate, so he has always played the role of Xue Zhi Qi follower.

“Alas… there are too few gers in the capital’s brothels. The one just now looked good to me, and he’s at a good age. His butt is so perky. The taste must be very good… Ha ha.” As Xue Zhi Qi spoke, he began to fantasize.

“Ha ha, Young Master Qi has a good eye. If Young Master Qi likes, I’ll get someone to bring that ger to you for you to enjoy, ha ha ha…”

After the news that the crown prince heavily favored a ger spread, the trend of playing with gers has gradually became popular.

Translations by Vanilla Muse.

The two men laughed while talking about vulgar things, but they did not know that their conversation was all heard by the secret guards sent by Xuan Yuan Han Cheng…

After returning to the palace, Xuan Yuan Han Cheng listened to the secret guard report to him the identities of the two men and the conversation that they had between them. His complexion was ashen as he listened.

On the outside, the secret guard was expressionless as he reported everything verbatim, but on the inside he was breaking out in cold sweat.

His Royal Highness’s expression was so scary…

“Those goddamn people from the Xue family… He dares…”

Xue Zhi Qi actually dared to covet his darling. He was really, really seeking death! Xuan Yuan Han Cheng gritted his teeth and said, “Have Zheng Rong come see me…”


Zheng Rong came to the inner study and listened to His Royal Highness’s orders without changing his expression. He only responded with “understood” at the end.

The next day, news came that a member of the Xue family, Xue Zhi Qi, broke his neck when he crashed his horse while riding in the capital and died…

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