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Didn’t Love You Enough 78

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Chapter 78 – Lunar New Year’s Eve

The emperor announced the start of the family banquet.

When the musicians launched into play, the palace maids also began to dance. There were many different kinds of dishes at the family banquet, and the singing and dancing performances were also beautifully arranged. It was the first time that Lin Jia Bao participated in such a big banquet, and he secretly exclaimed in admiration.

Lin Jia Bao ate very carefully, paying attention to his movements. He kept reminding himself not to make a mistake; otherwise he would cause His Royal Highness to lose face…

Halfway through the meal, Xuan Yuan Han Cheng led Lin Jia Bao up to toast the emperor and the empress.

Emperor Xuan Yuan Zhao Shen saw the crown prince bringing that ger xiaoshi along to toast him. With a slight smile he drank their toast.

The empress saw how the crown prince was doting on Lin Jia Bao, and secretly thought to herself that she needed to find a day to give the crown prince a reminder. Although they said that he needed to focus his favor on Lin xiaoshi, his actions as of late have been going a bit overboard.

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The empress was still very satisfied with Lin Jia Bao. She thought he was well behaved and sensible, not arrogant, and has a simple and lovable temperament. The empress has seen countless people throughout her years. It was not easy for Lin xiaoshi to still maintain his pure and innocent nature after having spent two years in the palace and then becoming the crown prince’s xiaoshi.

But in the end, he was still a ger. The empress felt that she should still remind the crown prince not to get too immersed in this fake act.

After His Royal Highness finished giving a toast, the other princes and princess also stepped forward to give a toast. After them came the concubines.

After three rounds of drinking, the second prince Xuan Yuan Han Qi came over to Xuan Yuan Han Cheng and said, “Imperial [Older] Brother, I toast to you…” Xuan Yuan Han Qi was already a little drunk. “Imperial Brother, you must take me with you next time you go on an expedition…”

Xuan Yuan Han Cheng smiled and drank with him, “Okay… okay… but you have to practice martial arts seriously…”

Xuan Yuan Han Qi patted his chest and promised loudly, “Imperial Brother, do not worry, I will definitely… I will definitely work hard…”

The third prince, the fourth prince, and the fifth prince also came to toast to His Royal Highness. The oldest of them was twelve years old and the youngest was only nine years old. Facing this crown prince older brother of theirs, he was both admirable and awe-inspiring.

“Toast to Imperial Brother…”

After the pervious generation’s fight for the imperial throne, their mother had taught them since childhood that they should respect their two elder brothers and keep to their roles, a.k.a. know their place. Towards this crown prince older brother who was extraordinary in martial arts, they worshiped and adored him very much.

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First, Xuan Yuan Han Cheng cordially asked them about their homework, and then he encouraged them: “Study well so that in the future you can help our Imperial Father share his responsibility and serve our empire.”


The three imperial brothers were very excited to receive encouragement from His Royal Highness, and the three of them held their chests straight.

Xuan Yuan Han Cheng decided that he would not be as vigilant about the three imperial brothers as he was in his previous life, and just let them be idle wangyes.

In this life, he was prepared to train these three imperial brothers well, and in the future, he would employ full use of their talents to make the Xuan Yuan Dynasty prosper.

There were too many things that Xuan Yuan Han Cheng wanted to accomplish in this world. But he also wanted to spend more time and longer periods of time with Jia Bao in the future. So in order to do that, he had to keep his body from being overworked and it was of course necessary to find more people to help him.

Afterwards, there were other people who came to give them a toast. Lin Jia Bao accompanied him and drank a few cups of wine. Fortunately, Xuan Yuan Han Cheng had foresight and instructed Yuan Qing to only pour fruit wine that was not easy to get drunk on for Jia Bao.

Even so, Lin Jia Bao’s alcohol tolerance was bad, and his little face was flushed red from all the wine, like a bright red apple.

Fireworks were set off at the end of the banquet, and the dazzling fireworks were an intoxicating sight to Lin Jia Bao.

Lin Jia Bao praised: “So beautiful…”

After the banquet, Xuan Yuan Han Cheng and Lin Jia Bao rode back together in a sedan chair, and the fireworks continued to bloom along the way.

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On the ride back, Xuan Yuan Han Cheng looked at Lin Jia Bao, who was illuminated under the light of the multicolored fireworks. The look in Xuan Yuan Han Cheng’s eyes was so gentle and soft that it seemed as if the emotions would ooze right out into reality.

“Darling, I adore you…”

Lin Jia Bao’s head was a little dizzy, and after hearing Xuan Yuan Han Cheng’s words, he felt as if he was floating in the clouds. “I also adore Husband. Jia Bao really likes Husband a lot… like you, like you so much…”

“My darling…”

Xuan Yuan Han Cheng kissed Lin Jia Bao tenderly. Nothing could make him feel happier than to be in mutual love with his darling baby.

Amidst Xuan Yuan Han Cheng’s tender kisses, Lin Jia Bao fell asleep in his warm and cozy embrace…

Xuan Yuan Han Cheng placed a kiss on Lin Jia Bao’s forehead. Then he tugged Lin Jia Bao’s cloak tighter around him and held him close in his arms. His heart was extremely satisfied…

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