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Didn’t Love You Enough 83

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Chapter 83 – Prince Li

Xuan Yuan Han Qi has been chasing after Prince Li for a long time, but something seemed off. He expressed the doubts in his heart. “There are not many people left by Prince Li’s side, but the direction of their escape is not towards Li City. Rather, it’s towards the capital…”

“Prince Li might still have more arrangements… We can’t allow him to go to the capital…” Xuan Yuan Han Cheng had a bad premonition…

“Keep pursuing…”

After a day and a night of chasing, both sides were exhausted.

Prince Li did not expect Xuan Yuan Han Cheng to be so ruthless, to keep chasing him without falter. As a result, he didn’t even have time to rest, and there were fewer and fewer sishi to protect him as time went on.

Xuan Yuan Zhao Hong and his party were hungry and thirsty, but he still persevered. There was always a belief in his heart that kept him going. He still had another trick up his sleeve. As long as he could make it to the capital and join up with another group of sishi, he was confident that he could make a comeback…

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The guard by Prince Li’s side helped him to dismount, “Your Highness Prince Li, take a rest. It’s dark now and this place is somewhat more concealed. This subordinate will find you some food and water…”

Prince Li had the sishi beside him bandage his wound. Although the arrow wound on his back was not serious, his lost too much blood and Xuan Yuan Zhao Hong felt a little dizzy.

“Find me some water, and then we’re leaving immediately… We’ll discuss more after getting to Ciyun Temple as soon as possible.”


Prince Li asked his confidant, “Do you think Xue Song’s side will succeed?” Xuan Yuan Zhao Hong was also faintly worried after today’s changes.

“Your Highness Prince Li, don’t worry. You gave Xue Song a hundred sishi. Each of them could fight against ten men. You also gave Xue Song a lot of gold and silver to bribe the expert martial artists of jianghu. And you also employed the spy that the Empress Dowager left for you [before her death]. It will definitely be successful…” Now that things have reached this stage, the confidant was no longer certain, so he could only comfort Prince Li with these words.

It’s been some time, yet the guard who had went to fetch water still did not return. Xuan Yuan Zhao Hong felt a sense of danger, “Not good, we must leave quickly…”

Prince Li and his party rode on for a while, when they heard the sound of hooves coming from behind. It was Crown Prince Xuan Yuan Han Cheng and the others chasing after them again.

Xuan Yuan Han Cheng’s group did not stop to rest for a full day and night. There was only one thought in their heads, and that was to stop Prince Li and prevent him from setting a single foot in the capital.

After a day and a night of non-stop pursuit, the cavalry riding with Xuan Yuan Han Cheng were fatigued to the extreme, despite being the absolute cream of the crop.

During this long chase, they only stopped once. Xuan Yuan Han Cheng passed the order to kill a warhorse to have the men drink the blood of the horse to replenish their stamina.

Xuan Yuan Han Qi’s respect for his brother grew tenfold. There were several times when he had been unable to hold on, but he still gritted his teeth and persisted.

Xuan Yuan Han Cheng chased up to Prince Li’s party of men. He took the lead in fighting with the guards, “Imperial Uncle Li, you can’t escape…”

There were only thirty or so people left around Xuan Yuan Zhao Hong. They could not keep up with Xuan Yuan Han Cheng at all, and soon fell into a disadvantageous position.

Xuan Yuan Zhao Hong watched the sishi around him falling one by one, and suddenly burst out laughing.

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“Xuan Yuan Han Cheng, don’t be complacent. Do you think this prince has no way of escape? If my people don’t see me in another hour, then the empress can forget about living…”

“What are you saying? What did you do to my Imperial Mother?” Xuan Yuan Han Qi roared nervously.

“Ha ha, yesterday morning, Xue Song and the sishi should have sneaked into the harem. The empress and your father’s concubines, oh, he he… there might even be that new favorite of yours, crown prince. They’re all under my control. If I don’t show up on time at the agreed upon place, then after an hour, they will all die.” Xuan Yuan Zhao Hong said proudly.

Xuan Yuan Zhao Hong had already made preparations on both sides. And if he failed, he has also thought of a way out.

Before he executed this coup, he had specially gone to see Xue Song, and he told Xue Song all the secrets that were between him and the crown princess Xue Cai Yu. When Xue Song heard everything, he was frightened to death. He didn’t expect his eldest daughter to be so bold. At this point, he had no choice but to follow His Highness Prince Li. Xuan Yuan Zhao Hong promised him that if he accomplished his great plans, after he ascended the throne, he would make Xue Cai Yu’s biological younger sister a noble concubine, and also promote Xue Song to the nobility.

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