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Didn’t Love You Enough 87

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Chapter 87 – A Thrill 

Right before the thief was about to catch the empress and Lin Jia Bao, the guards joined forced and hacked him to death. But there were more reckless thieves behind the first. They rushed at the empress and Lin Jia Bao like an unending stream.

All the imperial guards around them were entangled with thieves and unable to keep escorting them to retreat. Even Yuan Qing joined the fray. He grabbed onto a thief with all his strength to prevent the thief from advancing towards them.

“Your Majesty, Lin-xiaozhu, hurry up and go…”

“Yuan Qing…” Lin Jia Bao, with tears in his eyes, picked up a fallen broadsword and supported the empress to run away.

They didn’t run far when the empress tripped and fell to the floor.

“Your Majesty, are you okay?” Lin Jia Bao stepped forward to help the empress.

The empress hissed in pain. “My ankle is sprained…” As the empress, she normally did not have to run around and was not used to the sudden explosion of physical activity.

Lin Jia Bao did not even hesitate. He picked up the empress, carried her on his back, and kept advancing forward. As a middle-aged woman, the empress’s body weight was not light. Lin Jia Bao could feel his body sinking beneath the weight, but he gritted his teeth and kept going.

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Lin Jia Bao used all his strength and ran desperately forward with the empress on his back.

Lin Jia Bao ran for a long time. In his panic, he did not have time to think about where he was going, but he took the bypaths in the palace whenever possible and running back and forth for some time, he finally managed to shake off the thieves.

The empress looked at Lin Jia Bao. His face and neck were both drenched in sweat. His body was so petite, but he ran around with her on his back for so long… she was very moved…

Seeing that no one was around, the empress said, “Put bengong down, ba. You must be exhausted… bengong can walk by myself…”

Lin Jia Bao wiped his sweat with his hands, “I’m not tired, Your Majesty. I’ll carry you* and run some more. I can’t let the bad guys catch you.”

[*T/N: He’s using the polite form of “you” in Chinese.]

Fortunately, Lin Jia Bao grew up in a village, so his leg strength was pretty good.

After that brief conversation, Lin Jia Bao gritted his teeth and ran some more.

“Your Majesty, I wasn’t paying attention to the road when I was running. This doesn’t seem to be in the direction of Qian Qing Palace…”

“It doesn’t matter, let’s find a place to hide first. There are numerous imperial guards in the palace. They can definitely handle a hundred or so thieves. We just need to find a hidden place to hide first, so as not to be caught by the thieves. The emperor and His Royal Highness are also coming back soon…”

The empress knew that if Lin Jia Bao had not carried her on his back and ran like his life depended on it, then she would’ve been captured by the intruders. It would be bad if she were to be used as a hostage against the emperor and the princes. Fortunately, Lin An Zhu was here…

Lin Jia Bao tried his best to carry the empress for a while longer. The empress could see how tired he was, so she said, “Let bengong down quickly, ba…”

Lin Jia Bao put the empress down. His back was soaked through with sweat. Using the broadsword that he had been carrying all this time as a cane, he kept walking while supporting the empress.

This big sword was very heavy for Lin Jia Bao, but he did not dare to let go. If there was an emergency, he could also use this sword to protect the empress.

“An Zhu, do you recognize the paths here?” the empress asked Lin Jia Bao.

As the empress, whenever she went out, she would seldom travel by foot. Instead, she rode around in a sedan chair.

The empress looked at the remote palace road and thought that it should be safer here…

Lin Jia Bao looked around and said, “Replying to Your Majesty, when An Zhu first entered the palace, the momo had us remember the routes in the palace, and this is a place that I have been to before. A little bit beyond here is the Xi Li Palace Hall. When An Zhu entered the palace, that was the place where I stayed for the first month.”

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After thinking about it, Lin Jia Bao said to the empress, “Your Majesty, why don’t we go to Xi Li Palace Hall? An Zhu is more familiar with that place. Moreover, there are no new people coming into the palace right now. There is no one there, and it should be more concealed.”

After thinking about it, the empress agreed and said, “Let’s go to Xi Li Palace Hall.”

After speaking, the two of them walked quickly to Xi Li Palace Hall without any delay.

Upon arriving at Xi Li Palace Hall, they found that it was as Lin Jia Bao had said and there was no one there. Lin Jia Bao brought the empress to the room where the head momo used to sleep in. It was the best room in the Xi Li Palace Hall.

After a long period of vacancy, there was a layer of dust accumulated in the room.

“Your Majesty, please wait for me to tidy up a bit.” Lin Jia Bao found a piece of cloth and started wiping away dust.

The empress didn’t just stand there watching him. She also stepped forward to help out. Not long after, they more or less managed to tidy up the place.

“Your Majesty, is your foot a bit better?” Lin Jia Bao assisted the empress to sit down beside the bed.

After witnessing all that Lin-xiaoshi had done today, the empress was exceptionally moved and said gratefully to Lin Jia Bao, “It’s much better. You sit down too. You’ve worked hard today.”

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