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Didn’t Love You Enough 89

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Chapter 89 – A Thrill, Part 2 

After they finished the meal, Lin Jia Bao went to the kitchen to boil hot water so that the empress may wash her hands and face.

After that, Lin Jia Bao and the empress snuggled together on the bed. Originally, Lin Jia Bao insisted on sleeping in the adjoining side room, btu the empress did not agree.

The empress looked at Lin Jia Bao and said: “You foolish child. Sleep beside bengong today. We can also look after one another…”

Lin Jia Bao lay down on the bed obediently, and the empress touched Lin Jia Bao’s cold face.

“Why is your face so cold…?”

There was no brazier in the room, so the room was really cold. The blanket on the bed was also very thin. The empress covered Lin Jia Bao with most of the blanket.

Lin Jia Bao said, “I’m not cold, Your Majesty. Please cover yourself up.”

When Lin Jia Bao carried the empress around, he had sweated a lot. His back was soaked. When the cold wind blew, it felt extremely cold.

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The empress felt Lin Jia Bao trembling. “You’re so cold that you’re shivering.” The empress hugged Lin Jia Bao and wrapped the blanket tightly around the two of them.

Lin Jiabao felt the warm embrace of the empress, as if he had returned to the embrace of his mother when he was a child…

“Were you scared today…?” The empress asked Lin Jia Bao softly.

The empress thought of how Lin Jia Bao was only fourteen years old. To be able to perform the way that he did today was indeed extraordinary. She planned to reward Lin-xiaoshi well after this matter subsided.

“En.” Lin Jia Bao nodded honestly.

“Such is the palace. Fighting for the throne and bloodshed are inevitable.” The empress sighed.

Lin Jia Bao has calmed down now and was a little worried for Yuan Qing and the others. He didn’t know what had happened to them.

The empress realized that what she had said was a little heavy, so she changed the subject, “I heard Cheng Er call you Jia Bao. Is that your real name?”

“Responding to Your Majesty, that is correct. An Zhu’s original name is Lin Jia Bao,” the boy answered.

“It’s a good name. Your parents at home must love you very much.” The empress knew that the name Lin Jia Bao meant that he was definitely favored at home.

“My parents have always loved me the most, and my elder brothers and sisters also love me very much.” When Lin Jia Bao spoke about his family, his face was full of happiness.

“Then I* will call you Jia Bao in the future… Jia Bao, how did you end up in the palace?” The empress was a little curious. The Lin family wouldn’t let their most treasured child into the palace.

[*T/N: The empress uses the neutral “I” instead of “bengong” in this sentence.]

In a small voice, Lin Jia Bao told the empress everything that happened with his uncle Lin Da Li’s family and the reason for why he entered the palace.

After hearing this, the empress said, “Such bad relatives. But if that didn’t happen, you would not have come to the palace, and you would not have the fortune that you do now…”

The sky darkened, but they did not dare to light any candles. They spoke in hushed voices in the dark room.

Lin Jia Bao whispered about some trivial things about his hometown, and the empress listened with relish. The empress grew up in the capital and never left the capital. She found it very novel to listen to Lin Jia Bao talk about interesting things that happened in the mountains.

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Lin Jia Bao was talking about going up the mountain with his brothers and sisters to pick fruits when he was a child. The wild fruits were sour and crunchy…

Just as he was talking, he heard a sound from the next room. Lin Jia Bao went silent. The empress and he did not dare to breath too loudly. They listened to the movements in the next room. Lin Jia Bao quietly placed the big blade in front of them both.

A man’s voice came from next door, “Damn, this palace is too big. I’m getting a headache from walking around.”

Another voice sounded, “Dage*, take a rest first. There is no one here. I’ll say, this palace is way too big. How is the emperor not tired from walking every day…?”

[*T/N: 大哥 da ge – big brother, not necessarily blood-related]

“Haha, you’re so stupid, but you still don’t admit it. Why would the emperor need to walk by himself? People carry him everywhere…”

“Oh, hehe, Dage is right. Look at this [stupid] brain of mine.”

“Tsk… Take it easy, you…”

Dage, bear with it. I’ll help you bandage up. Those guards of the Imperial Army are really good at fighting. Fortunately, Dage is here, otherwise my little life would be lost here today. Alas! It’s a shame we don’t know if the other comrades are dead or alive…”

“Life and death are ruled by fate. To eke out a living by the sword means you will have to face death one day…”

Dage, what should we do next? Should we catch the empress? That’s ten thousand taels of gold!”

“So what if it’s ten thousand taels of gold? The empress is the mother of the country. If we catch her that will be death to all your relatives for nine generations. Nine generations, do you understand? Besides, we are just asking for money, we don’t have to work as hard as Prince Li’s sishi…”

“It’s as Dage says… just let the sishi go catch the empress.”

“Haha, most of those sishi were also killed or injured. Who knows how many escaped? Whatever, forget about them. Anyways, we managed to make a profit entering the palace this time, look… I took these while the palace was in chaos. They should be worth quite a bit.”

“Hee hee, Dage, look, I also swiped some things…”

“This kid, you’re at least clever in this regard, haha…”

“It’s because Dage taught me well, ah…”

“Okay, let’s rest for a while. When it’s late at night, we will try to escape from the palace. This should be enough for us to live free and unfettered for most of our lives…”

Translations are by vmnovels [dot] com, if you’re reading this anywhere else, then it was stolen.

After waiting for about two hours, Lin Jia Bao and the empress finally heard the thieves next door leave. They each breathed a sigh of relief. It was very late at night, and neither of them dared to sleep, for fear that the thieves would return again, and there were also Prince Li’s sishi to worry about.

After the fourth watch*, the empress couldn’t hold on anymore and fell asleep. Lin Jia Bao saw that the empress was asleep, but he didn’t dare to sleep. He pinched himself hard, forcing himself to stay awake.

[*T/N: The fourth watch is from 1:00 am to 3:00 am]

Xuan Yuan Han Cheng rushed to the palace, and Ling Zheng Feng, the commander of the Imperial Army, reported to him what happened in the palace yesterday.

Ling Zheng Feng said that he received the phoenix token from the empress and rushed to Yong Shou Palace with the Imperial Army. At that time, the empress was nowhere to be seen, and they fought with the people brought by Xue Song. In the end, many thieves were killed and captured, but some thieves still managed to escape.

Ling Zheng Feng said that the empress and Lin-xiaoshi were escorted by imperial guards and fled together. According to the imperial guards who protected the empress and Lin-xiaoshi, they were heading towards Qian Qing Palace to escape. But he later sent people to Qian Qing Palace and did not find the empress and Lin-xiaoshi, so he guessed that they must have been hiding in some other palace. It’s just that the imperial guards got separated from the empress and Lin-xiaoshi, and their current location was unknown…

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