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Didn’t Love You Enough 9

T/N: I honestly did not realize how “Royal Snack Kitchen” might sound when I was translating. Lol. I got a good suggestion, which was “Royal Delicacies Kitchen.” Now if that doesn’t sound fancy, then I don’t know what does, but more of you seem to enjoy the name “Royal Snack Kitchen,” because it’s funny (?), so I’m going to stick to that going forward. >∀<

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Chapter 9 – Entering the Palace

“Then I will take it as you agreeing! Haha, Lin momo, you really helped me out a lot this time.” Yuan Fu excitedly told Lin momo about Lin Jia Bao’s situation.

“My relative is very obedient and sensible. From now on, I will have to trouble Lin momo to look after him more,” Yuan Fu said, drawing a brocade box from his chest and handing it to Lin momo. “I heard that Lin momo’s birthday is next month. This is just my small regard. Don’t reject it, momo.”

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“Aiyo, gong gong, you are really too polite. Rest assured, I will take good care of him.” Lin momo accepted the gift with a smile.

The two spoke for a bit more. Then Lin momo and Yuan Fu returned to the kitchen.

“Lin momo, the kidney bean cake is ready, please take a look.” The oldest subordinate under Lin momo, Yu Shuang, handed the cake over to Lin momo for inspection.

Lin momo looked at the shape and took a taste. She nodded. “Well done.” Then she gave Yuan Fu a few bites to try out.

“It is precisely this flavor. It’s so delicious. Lin momo teaches well. It’s really a blessing to work under you,” Yuan Fu praised strongly.

Lin momo was also very proud. Yu Shuang was her capable assistant, and has learned about seventy to eighty percent of her skills.

After that, Yuan Fu packed the snacks in a food box, and went back to report on his task.

As soon as Yuan Fu left, the other two palace maids also gathered around. “Momo is so awesome. Even His Royal Highness remembers the desserts from our Royal Snack Kitchen!” said the youngest and liveliest maid, Yu Ling.

“That’s right! We are blessed to follow Lin momo and learn how to make desserts,” the somewhat older, Yu Long, also flattered.

Naturally, Lin momo was happy to hear this. “All right, you. I say your mouths are the sweetest. Quickly go and do work, ba.”

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At night, Lin momo returned to her room and opened the brocade box. Inside the box was a jade pendant. The jade was good quality, and carved on it were the words qing song and shou*. The craftsmanship was very delicate. Lin momo played with the jade pendant in her hands. She liked it so much that she didn’t want to put it down.

[*T/N: 青松 qing song = pine tree; 寿 shou = longevity]

Beneath the jade pendant was a folded square of banknote. Lin momo thought that this Yuan Fu was really thoughtful.

When she unfolded the banknote, her eyes widened into saucers. Unexpectedly, the denomination of the banknote was ten thousand silvers. This really gave her a fright.

So much money, ah!

Lin momo thought that this wasn’t so simple as taking care of Yuan Fu’s distant relative… thinking of who was behind Yuan Fu… oh dear! She already agreed, so she could only comply accordingly.

Lin momo carefully put the money away and went to sleep early. She planned to go early next morning to Xi Li Palace Hall to receive the person. She dared not tarry.

Inside Xi Li Palace Hall, in the room that Lin Jia Bao was staying at, everyone was discussing where they would be assigned tomorrow.

“I say, if we were assigned to the palace of some favored lady, then our lives would be a bit better,” a ger child said.

“How can there be such a good thing? I heard that many places don’t want ger palace attendants to serve them. Moreover, the emperor loves the empress, in that case, it wouldn’t be good to enter Yong Shou Palace,” another ger child retorted.

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“Yeah, I inquired from the gong gong in charge, we are most likely to go to the Labor Bureau, the Carpentry Bureau, and the Imperial Kitchen.”

“If I can go work at the crown prince’s East Palace, then that would be great,” said a delicate looking ger. “I stole a glance that time, His Royal Highness was handsome, and his voice was gentle.”

“His Royal Highness, ah…” A ger child lowered his voice in a mysterious manner. “I heard Xi momo chatting with a few gong gongs, and they said a palace maid accidentally bumped into His Royal Highness, and was immediately beaten to death.”

[T/N: They’re talking about Bi Zhu. XP]

“Really? So frightful.” Everyone present unconsciously thought of the bloody scene they had witnessed on the first day they entered the palace. “Really frightful…”

“I say, it’s better to go to the Imperial Kitchen, there are a lot of delicious things,” another ger said.

“Haha, you only know how to eat…” Everyone laughed, and their worries and fears about the next day dissipated a lot.

Lin Jia Bao thought silently before going to bed, hoping that God would bless him. No matter what, please don’t assign him to His Royal Highness’s palace.

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