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Didn’t Love You Enough 90

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Chapter 90 – Falling Sick (29.1)

Xuan Yuan Han Cheng was very anxious when he heard that his imperial mother and Jia Bao were both missing.

“Send someone to look in the palace near Qian Qing Palace. Also, divide the imperial guards into groups and have them search the harem for intruders. Do not spare a single one of them.”

“Understood. Your Royal Highness, we caught Xue Song. Do you want him brought before you…?”

No matter what, Xue Song-daren was still the crown princess’s father, and the crown prince’s father-in-law. Ling Zheng Feng was unsure how to handle him, so he asked the crown prince for instructions.

“Bring him here…” Xuan Yuan Han Cheng said, with killing intent in his eyes.

Xue Song was escorted before the crown prince in disgrace. When he looked up his saw the murderous look in the crown prince’s eyes.

“Your Royal Highness… Your Royal Highness… Prince Li coerced me. I was really forced…”

Xue Song felt that he was truly unlucky. Clearly everything was going well at the beginning. He had the former great imperial concubine’s momo set fire to Li An Palace Hall, thus drawing away most of Yong Shou Palace’s imperial bodyguards. He also calculated the time, knowing that the morning was the time when the concubines in the harem would greet the empress.

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Xue Song thought that even if they couldn’t catch the empress, they would still be able to catch one or two palace concubines to use as hostages. That way, he would always have an escape route. But he didn’t expect that there wouldn’t even be a single concubine when he rushed to Yong Shou Palace. Furthermore, the empress had escaped. After that, the imperial guards arrived very quickly, and he was soon captured.

What Xue Song didn’t expect was that the empress had dismissed the concubines early in order to talk to Lin Jia Bao.

Xuan Yuan Han Cheng unsheathed the sword of the imperial guard beside him. He pointed the blade at Xue Song and asked, “Say… how did you people sneak into the palace? How many people in total did you bring in?”

“I’ll tell you, I’ll tell you, Your Royal Highness. It’s the great imperial concubine’s momo. She has an adopted son working at Xizhimen*. He drugged the imperial guards on duty and then let us in. I brought a total of two hundred people. Of the two hundred, one hundred of them are Prince Li’s sishi, and the other one hundred are jianghu fugitives that I bribed.” Xue Song knew that His Royal Highness was ruthless, and so spilled everything all at once.

[*T/N: Xizhimen neighborhood of Beijing / the main northwest gate of Beijing]

“You deserve death!” After Xue Song finished answering, Xuan Yuan Han Cheng brandished the sword at Xue Song.

Thinking about how there’s no news on his imperial mother and precious Jia Bao, he really wanted to swing the sword and kill this damn old man with one strike.

Xue Song was so frightened that he shouted: “No… Your Royal Highness, spare me, don’t kill me… don’t kill me… I’m your father-in-law… Ahhhhh…” Xue Song shrieked in misery as Xuan Yuan Han Cheng lopped off one of his arms.

“How many more intruders are on the loose?” Xuan Yuan Han Cheng asked Ling Zheng Feng.

“Replying to Your Royal Highness, more than eighty people have been killed, and more than a hundred people have been caught. There are still a dozen people fleeing in the palace… The imperial bodyguards are stepping up the pursuit, and all the palace gates have been sealed. We won’t let a single one escape…” Ling Zheng Feng responded.

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Xuan Yuan Han Cheng returned to Ping Le Courtyard. He studied the map of the palace in the inner study, and thought about where his imperial mother and treasure would hide. Jia Bao has never witnessed such bloody things before. He must be frightened…

Xuan Yuan Han Cheng did not sleep all day and all night. His eyes were red and bloodshot. Xuan Yuan Han Cheng took a sip of the ginseng tea brought over by a palace servant and forcefully remained alert.

One of the palace servants announced that the commander of the imperial guards was here to see him.

“Let him in at once.”

Ling Zheng Feng entered the inner study, greeted the crown prince, and then reported: “Your Royal Highness, I have searched all the palaces near Qian Qing Palace, but I still did not find Her Majesty and Lin-xiaoshi. We caught a few more intruders instead, but according to their accounts, they have not seen Her Majesty and Lin-xiaoshi either…”

Xuan Yuan Han Cheng frowned. Where could his imperial mother and treasured baby be? They spent a night in hiding. Where they hungry? Where they cold? Xuan Yuan Han Cheng was full of worries, and for the first time since his rebirth, he felt so powerless. There were still some intruders who have not been caught. He must find his imperial mother and precious Jia Bao as soon as possible.

Xuan Yuan Han Cheng looked at the topographic map of the harem once more. When he saw Xi Li Palace Hall, he had a flash of inspiration and thought that it was worth a shot. “Bring some people with you and come with me to Xi Li Palace Hall to search…”


When the empress woke up, she found that it was already quite late in the day. It was close to noon. After the fourth watch yesterday, she couldn’t hold on any longer and fell asleep. She looked over at Lin Jia Bao who was sitting up against a wall.

“Jia Bao, you didn’t sleep at all?”

“Jia Bao doesn’t dare to sleep. Jia Bao has to protect Your Majesty.” Lin Jia Bao slowly stood up. He felt a wave of dizziness. “Your Majesty, please wait a moment, I’ll get you some breakfast…”

“Don’t do it. Good child… bengong is not hungry. You lie down for a while…” The empress looked at the dark circles around Lin Jia Bao’s eyes and felt very distressed.

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The empress has always regretted that she did not have a daughter in her life. Although she had two sons who were very filial to her, they were not as well behaved and considerate as a daughter would be.

As the empress looked at Lin Jia Bao, she found herself liking him more and more. He was such a good child. He was a ger, but he was even more well behaved and lovable than a daughter…

Lin Jia Bao wouldn’t deliberately try to please her. What he did was from his heart, and it was the most authentic behavior. After this day and night of coexistence and adversity, the empress’s love for Lin Jia Bao reached its peak, and she secretly thought that if she escaped danger this time, she must reward Jia Bao well…

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