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Didn’t Love You Enough 91

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Chapter 91 – Falling Sick 

At this time, footsteps sounded from outside the yard. The empress and Lin Jia Bao increased their vigilance.

Lin Jia Bao said, “I don’t know if they’re intruders or people sent to look for us.” He picked up the huge blade. “Your Majesty, stay here. I’ll go out and take a look. If they’re intruders, I’ll lead them elsewhere…” He rushed out as soon as he finished talking.

“Jia Bao, don’t go…” The empress couldn’t stop him in time. She could only look on helplessly as Jia Bao ran out.

Lin Jia Bao quietly ran out with the blade in his hands. He found a small corner and squatted down, waiting to see who had come.

The noon sun was a bit harsh and dazzling to the eyes. It made Lin Jia Bao feel dizzy. With great difficulty he saw that it was His Royal Highness who had come!

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“Your Royal Highness… Your Royal Highness…” Lin Jia Bao ran out. He tossed the blade away and threw himself into Xuan Yuan Han Cheng’s arms.

As soon as Xuan Yuan Han Cheng stepped into the courtyard of Xi Li Palace Hall, he heard his darling Jia Bao’s voice, and then he saw his darling running towards with him with a large blade that was very disproportionate to his size.

“Jia Bao… My darling, don’t be afraid… It’s all right, baby…” Xuan Yuan Han Cheng hugged Jia Bao tightly and kissed him.

Lin Jia Bao couldn’t hold back his tears any longer, so he burst out crying.

Xuan Yuan Han Cheng hugged Jia Bao and said softly in his ear, “There, there, baby… don’t cry. Your husband is back…”

“Wu wu…” Lin Jia Bao raised his head and said, “Your Royal Highness, the empress is inside the room.”

[T/N: wu wu – Chinese onomatopoeia for crying or whimpering]

When the empress saw the crown prince, her high-strung nerves finally settled. “Cheng Er, you are finally here…”

Erchen arrived late. Imperial Mother must have been startled…”

“Fortunately, Jia Bao was here with me…” When the empress looked at Lin Jia Bao, her eyes were brimming with affection*.

[*T/N: 慈爱 ci ai – specifically the love and affection for a child]

Lin Jia Bao leaned against Xuan Yuan Han Cheng’s chest. He felt so at ease that his entire person slowly relaxed.

Xuan Yuan Han Cheng felt that there was something strange with the person in his arms. “What’s wrong, darling…?”

The empress looked at Jia Bao’s appearance and was also very worried. “Yesterday, Jia Bao guarded me all night and did not sleep. He must be extremely tired…”

“Sleepy…” Once Lin Jia Bao allowed himself to relax, he felt like he couldn’t open his eyes again. Upon seeing this, Xuan Yuan Han Cheng immediately picked Lin Jia Bao up in a bridal carry so that his baby may sleep more comfortably.

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Xuan Yuan Han Cheng carried Lin Jia Bao back to Ping Le Courtyard and placed Lin Jia Bao on the bed. He personally helped Jia Bao change his clothes. Then he tucked Lin Jia Bao into bed and planted a kiss on Lin Jia Bao’s forehead.

Xuan Yuan Han Cheng then went to the inner study and instructed a shadow guard to send a signal to his younger brother Xuan Yuan Han Qi. He has received news that his younger brother has already besieged Prince Li in Ciyun Temple, and that his imperial father was rushing there right now.

Later, he confirmed with Ling Zheng Feng, the commander of the imperial guard, that the remaining intruders had been captured. After dealing with the follow-up matters, Xuan Yuan Han Cheng returned to the bedroom of Ping Le Courtyard. He climbed into bed with light movements and fell asleep with his arms around his treasure. With his darling by his side, he could finally get a good sleep…

Xuan Yuan Han Qi got the signal from his big brother and knew that his imperial mother was safe, so he immediately ordered an all-out attack.

Xuan Yuan Han Qi had a well-trained and powerful army. They soon broke into the temple. Upon entering the courtyard, they quickly dealt with the sishi who were putting up a tenacious resistance.

When Xuan Yuan Han Qi entered the abbot’s meditation room in the monastery, he saw a raging fire and thick black smoke. The fire has swallowed up the entire meditation room, “Quickly put out the fire…”

An imperial guard came to report to Xuan Yuan Han Qi.

“Your Highness, we have searched all over Ciyun Temple but did not find Prince Li. He must have set fire to the abbot’s meditation room and committed suicide…”

Xuan Yuan Han Cheng had a long dream and woke up full of energy. He turned his head and looked at his darling who was sleeping beside him. He thought to himself that his baby must be exhausted after receiving such a shock and a fright for the past two days…

Xuan Yuan Han Cheng gently brushed the sweaty hair from Jia Bao’s forehead, and suddenly found that Jia Bao’s forehead was boiling hot. He was very flustered.

“Someone, come quick… Send for Imperial Physician Qian…”

Lin Jia Bao was sick. His whole body was burning up so badly. Xuan Yuan Han Cheng was very anxious. He stood beside the bed and looked at his darling lying on the bed. Jia Bao’s face was red through and through. Xuan Yuan Han Cheng felt deeply distressed.

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Imperial Physician Qian arrived. He took Lin Jia Bao’s pulse and then reported to the crown prince: “Lin-xiaozhu has a fierce cold, caused by cold winds entering the body. Moreover, he received quite the fright. This small official has already written up a prescription. The little master’s health should improve after taking a few doses of medicine.”

“Your Royal Highness, the medicine is ready…” Shu Ya came in with the medicine.

“Bring it here…” Xuan Yuan Han Cheng helped Lin Jia Bao up and had the boy sit in front of his body, leaning back against his chest. “Darling, come and drink the medicine, you’ll get better after taking the medicine…”

“Ugh…” Lin Jia Bao’s head was already burned into a stupor. He felt like he was inside of a volcano. His head was so heavy that he couldn’t lift it up. His mouth was parted slightly and panting out hot air.

Xuan Yuan Han Cheng looked at his baby. It didn’t seem like Jia Bao could drink the medicine by himself.

“Give me the medicine…”

Shu Ya came forward with the decoction as ordered. Xuan Yuan Han Cheng took the bowl of medicine, took a big mouthful, and then fed it to his baby. He repeated this two more time and finally fed Jia Bao the bowl of decoction.

“Nn… ugh… bitter…” Lin Jia Bao frowned and swallowed the bitter concoction.

“Bring some water.”

Xuan Yuan Han Cheng took the water that Shu Ya handed to him, drank a mouthful, and then passed it on to Jia Bao through mouth to mouth. After that, he had Jia Bao lie down again. He covered his baby with a blanket. Lin Jia Bao fell asleep again.

The empress was also very worried when she learned that Lin Jia Bao was ill. Every two or three hours, she would send someone to inquire about Lin Jia Bao’s condition.

Still dressed in his day clothes, Xuan Yuan Han Cheng lied down beside his darling, guarding him in his sleep…

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