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Didn’t Love You Enough 92

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Chapter 92 – Cejun* (30.1)

[*T/N: 侧君 cejun – a made-up harem title for this BL world with gers. Most likely derived from 侧福晋 cefujin, which means “second wife.” A second wife is just below the main wife and above all the other concubines. The Chinese characters for cejun mean “side” and “lord.” If I were to translate it into English, it would be “second husband.”]

Lin Jia Bao had a very long and sweet dream. In his dream, he returned to Lin Jia Village. He was playing under a big tree with his older brother, older sister, and a pair of younger siblings.

“Jia Bao… Stop playing for now you guys, it’s time to eat…” Their mother called to them from the front of their yard.

“Coming… Mom, we’re coming back right now…” Lin Jia Bao responded happily.

In the dream, Lin Jia Bao was having dinner with his family.

His dad said to him: “Jia Bao, ah… you’re married now… you have to get along well with your husband…”

“En…” Lin Jia Bao nodded vigorously.

The scene in the dream changed. There were now gorgeous fireworks blooming in the night sky.

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“My treasure…” His husband, Xuan Yuan Han Cheng, appeared in front of him. He called to Lin Jia Bao warmly.

Lin Jia Bao stepped forward and threw himself into his husband’s arms.

“Husband…” Lin Jia Bao and his husband embraced each other.

Beneath the night sky brilliantly illuminated by fireworks, his husband held him and spun around… around… around…

So dizzy… Lin Jia Bao woke up fro his sweet dream and saw Xuan Yuan Han Cheng lying beside him.


Xuan Yuan Han Cheng was very alert. He woke up right away when he heard his baby’s voice.

“Baby… do you feel better?”

“Dizzy…” Lin Jia Bao’s entire body felt limp. He couldn’t exert any strength at all.

Xuan Yuan Han Cheng reached out a hand and touched his darling’s forehead.

“This is great, baby, you’re not burning up anymore…”

“I just had a dream, Husband. In my dream, I returned to Lin Jia Village. I was playing with my older brother and older sister, and my younger brother and younger sister… and I had dinner with my parents and my family… such a happy dream…”

Xuan Yuan Han Cheng raised an eyebrow and asked: “Is that so…? What else did you dream about?”

“I also dreamed of Husband.” Lin Jia Bao lowered his gaze shyly. “I dreamed that we were watching fireworks together. Husband held me and turned in circles… until I got dizzy…”

Xuan Yuan Han Cheng was happy when he heard Jia Bao say that he had dreamed of him too. He was now as important as his family in his baby’s heart, but he was far from satisfied. One day he would occupy the most important place in his darling’s heart…

When the empress heard that Lin Jia Bao woke up and that his fever broke, she sent a lot of first-rate tonics over. The news that Lin Jia Bao went through a harrowing experience with the empress and that he saved her spread throughout the harem.

Many people in the harem were jealous of this ger xiaoshi’s good fortune. He was able to survive the assassination attempt of so many thieves and even had the opportunity to save the empress. It looked like he would have great fortune in the future…

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After Lin Jia Bao’s fever subsided, Xuan Yuan Han Cheng felt relieved. He then learned that his imperial father and his younger brother, Xuan Yuan Han Qi, have both returned to the palace, so he went to Qian Qing Palace to discuss with them on how to deal with this infiltration planned by the Xue family and Prince Li.

Xuan Yuan Han Cheng heard that Prince Li died in a sea of fire and said to Xuan Yuan Han Qi: “Imperial Younger Brother did a great job this time! It is a great merit…”

“It’s thanks to Crown Prince Elder Brother rushing back to the palace to confirm news of Imperial Mother’s safety that it set my mind at ease and allowed me to better go on the offensive.” Xuan Yuan Han Qi did not rush to acknowledge this merit.

Emperor Xuan Yuan Zhao Shen asked the second prince seriously, “Have you investigated thoroughly? That Prince Li is devious by nature. If he is lucky enough to escape, the consequences will be disastrous…”

“Imperial Father, please rest assured. Erchen has repeatedly confirmed that it is Prince Li himself. Although Prince Li’s corpse is burnt out of shape, it can be vaguely identified from the clothes and accessories left on him. There is also the arrow wound that I gave him on his back.” Xuan Yuan Han Qi said confidently.

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Xuan Yuan Zhao Shen nodded after listening to his answer. In his mind, he considered the possibility of Prince Li escaping from the fire.

“Anyway, we should be cautious. Very soon, the capital will be under martial law. Arrange to send search parties out to the suburbs of Beijing again. In addition, we have to speed up the disposal of the Xue family and Prince Li’s family members.”

Xuan Yuan Han Cheng was also worried that if Prince Li got away, he would definitely make a comeback.

“Towards Prince Li, we have to kill to the last one to exterminated any future problems. His descendants and family members must be dealt with as soon as possible. If Prince Li is still alive, he will definitely take action…”

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