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Didn’t Love You Enough 93

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Chapter 93 – Second Husband

Emperor Xuan Yuan Zhao Shen agreed with the crown prince’s statement.

“To prepare for any eventualities, this time more people will be dispatched to hide in the surrounding area, and if Prince Li makes any move, we will be able to catch them all at once. “

Xuan Yuan Zhao Shen saw that the crown prince wanted to ask something.

“Who should preside over this execution matter?”

“Imperial Father, erchen would like to suggest that Second Imperial [Younger] Brother take charge over this matter. Too many cooks spoil the broth. Han Qi has made a great contribution this time. This matter can be handed over to him. Moreover, it’s just our guess that Prince Li is not dead yet. As long as the arrangements are properly made and more people are added, there will be no danger. Speaking of, Han Qi is older now, it just so happens to be a good chance for him to go to Li City and learn through experience.” Xuan Yuan Han Cheng suggested to his imperial father.

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The second prince, Xuan Yuan Han Qi, heard Xuan Yuan Han Cheng recommend himself to their imperial father, and straightened his back, “Imperial Father, please let erchen go. Erchen promises to do a good job.”

After thinking about it, the emperor agreed, “Okay, don’t be reckless when you go there, and be careful of Prince Li’s remnants.”

“Understood. Imperial Father, please rest assured. Erchen will be careful. Erchen will definitely wipe out the rest of Prince Li’s remnants and help Imperial Father share his burdens.”

Xuan Yuan Han Qi vowed to live to the crown prince’s recommendation and to his imperial father’s expectations. He would definitely complete this errand well.

“Liu Ze Qi just so happens to be in Luo City. Erchen will send him a letter and have him cooperate with Second Imperial Brother.”

Xuan Yuan Han Cheng also valued Liu Ze Qi. With him by Second Imperial Brother’s side, they should be able to smoothly accomplish the task.

“Understood. I will definitely work together well with High Official Liu. Then, Imperial Father, erchen will go and prepare to head out to Li City.” Xuan Yuan Han Qi was already gearing up for action.

“Then you may leave. Go and make ample preparations.” Xuan Yuan Zhao Shen said.

“Understood. Erchen will go now.” Xuan Yuan Han Qi walked out in high spirits.

After Xuan Yuan Han Qi left, Emperor Xuan Yuan Zhao Shen said to the crown prince: “I heard from your imperial mother last night that this time it was all thanks to your ger xiaoshi…”

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Xuan Yuan Han Cheng had also heard from his imperial mother the experience that she went through with Jia Bao. She admired Jia Bao’s actions but was also worried for him.

Xuan Yuan Han Cheng smiled and replied to his imperial father, “It is Jia Bao’s duty…”

“He’s a good child. Your imperial mother praised him again and again. When she heard that he was ill she was very concerned. How is his condition now?” The emperor was also very grateful to Lin Jia Bao for saving the empress.

“Jia Bao is still young after all, and he has never experienced such things. After being frightened, he suffered a cold and burned with fever all night. Now the fever has finally subsided, but he still need to rest for a time.”

When Xuan Yuan Han Cheng spoke about Lin Jia Bao’s illness, the tenderness in his eyes could not be concealed.

The emperor took note of this and remained silent. The crown prince was still young after all. Back then, he was like this too… Unfortunately, as an emperor he still had a lot of things that he was helpless to do… The relationship between the harem and the court has always been inextricably linked. Hopefully his son would be able to handle this better than him in the future…

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“Your imperial mother said that this time Lin-xiaoshi saved her and she wants to reward him handsomely. She told me that she wants to confer upon him the title of cejun. What so you think?” The emperor asked the crown prince what he thought.

The empress had told the emperor everything that had happened that thrilling day and night. She spoke of Lin Jia Bao’s bravery and strength, and how he sincerely loved and respected her.

The empress was deeply moved, and was very worried when she learned that Lin Jia Bao was ill. She wanted to compensate him well and reward him handsomely.

After thinking over it a few times, the empress thought of making Lin Jia Bao a cejun. In this way, Lin Jia Bao could justifiably come to the Yong Shou Palace to greet her.

Moreover, Lin Jia Bao’s temperament was soft, kind, and innocent, and he might have some difficulties in the future when it came to giving birth.

If he were to be conferred the title of cejun… The crown prince’s cejun was equivalent to the crown prince’s cefei*. This way he wouldn’t have to be afraid of being bullied by the prince’s other concubines. Thinking of it like this, it was a wonderful thing on many levels…

[*T/N: 侧妃 cefei – “side consort” or “second consort.” fei is used for females and jun is used for males.]

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