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Didn’t Love You Enough 94

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Chapter 94 – Second Husband

Xuan Yuan Han Cheng knelt down and said with a serious expression, “Erchen thanks Imperial Father and Imperial Mother for their deep love for Jia Bao. Erchen is willing to have Jia Bao as my cejun. Asking Imperial Father to please allow it.”

“Crown Prince, are you certain about this? Asides from the crown princess, according to the law you are allowed to have three cefei. If you decide on one right now, there will only be two positions left in the future. Cejun and cefei are both high-ranking status within your harem. It is the best way to entice court councilors to your side. A good aristocratic family will bring a lot of help to your future path. As for Lin Jia Bao, he is good, but his maternal family can’t give you any help…” The emperor analyzed the situation for the crown prince.

Erchen is certain about this. Erchen understands what Imperial Father is saying. Erchen does not want to rely on the harem to control the court. Please believe in me, Imperial Father. Erchen will not let you down.” Xuan Yuan Han Cheng knelt on the floor and said to his imperial father.

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After experiencing all kinds of things in his past life, he has sworn that Lin Jia Bao would be the only one in this life. He would no longer have any more cefei or concubines in the future, nor would he accept them into his harem for the power of their maternal family.

“Okay, We* believe in you…” Xuan Yuan Zhao Shen looked at the crown prince who was exuding unswerving determination from head to toe. He felt very gratified.

[*T/N: zhen – he is using the royal We]

The emperor didn’t know when, but the imperial aura emanating from the crown prince was getting stronger day by day. Maybe this heir of his would be able to do what he wanted but couldn’t…

“Then I will issue an imperial decree later. After Lin-xiaoshi has completely recovered, we will select an auspicious date for the conferment ceremony.” Xuan Yuan Zhao Shen said.

“Er chen gives thanks to Imperial Father.” Xuan Yuan Han Cheng gave his imperial father a deep bow.

When Xuan Yuan Han Cheng returned to Ping Le Courtyard, he found Lin Jia Bao sitting up in bed. He was propped up by a pillow and eating congee from a bowl in small bites.

“Your Royal Highness…” Lin Jia Bao’s eyes lit up when he saw Xuan Yuan Han Cheng return. Shu Qin took the emptied bowl of congee from Lin-xiaozhu and wisely withdrew.

“Do you feel a bit better, baby?” Xuan Yuan Han Cheng came to the bedside and asked with concern.

“I’m much better now, and my head is no longer dizzy,” Lin Jia Bao replied.

Xuan Yuan Han Cheng saw that Lin Jia Bao did indeed look more energetic. “My darling has suffered this time… were you afraid back then?”

Lin Jia Bao shook his head gently, “Jia Bao was not afraid. Jia Bao knew that Husband would come back to save us…”

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“My treasure… there won’t be a next time. I won’t let you experience something frightening again…” Xuan Yuan Han Cheng sat on the edge of the bed and wrapped Lin Jia Bao in his arms. He swore in his heart that he would never put his treasure in the middle of danger again.

“En…” Lin Jia Bao felt very at ease in his husband’s arms.

Shu Ya came in with a bowl of tonic. “Lin-xiaozhu, it’s time to take your medicine.”

“I’m fine already…” Lin Jia Bao said weakly, looking at the pitch-black medicine in the bowl. The bitter taste of the medicine last night was still fresh in his memory.

“Little Master, this servant knows that the medicine is very bitter, so I specially prepared candied fruit for you today. Have a candied fruit after you drink the medicine and it won’t be bitter anymore.” Shu Qin followed behind Shu Ya. She showed Lin Jia Bao a small plate full of candied fruit.

“My dear, be good, you’re still not well yet… you have to take the medicine.” Xuan Yuan Han Cheng took the bowl of tonic and brought it to his darling’s lips. “Or how about I feed you, like last night…”

“The medicine is very bitter, I’ll take it myself…” Lin Jia Bao shook his head. He recalled the way Xuan Yuan Han Cheng fed the medicine to him last night and his face flushed all over again.

Xuan Yuan Han Cheng loved seeing his little darling looking so shy…

Lin Jia Bao frowned and drank the bitter tonic obediently. His face twisted at the bitter taste. As soon as he finished drinking the concoction, Xuan Yuan Han Cheng stuffed a candied fruit into his mouth.

The sweet and sour taste of the candied fruit slowly dissipated the bitterness in his mouth. Lin Jia Bao ate one and then two.

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“Darling… I have good news today. This time, you saved Imperial Mother. It is a meritorious deed, so Imperial Father will issue an imperial decree and confer you as my cejun…”

Before Lin Jia Bao could even react, Shu Ya and Shu Qin were already both smiling with happiness upon hearing the news, and they congratulated Lin Jia Bao: “Congratulations, Little Master. Many congratulations. This is really an exultation…”

“Then in the future I can go to Yong Shou Palace to pay my respects to the empress…” Lin Jia Bao smiled happily. This way he could go greet the empress everyday without putting His Royal Highness in a tight spot.

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