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Didn’t Love You Enough – Character List

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Lin Jia Bao’s Family

Lin Da Zhuang 林大壮 (father, 40 y.o.)
Zhang Hui 张惠 (mother)
Lin Jin Er 林锦儿 (eldest daughter, married to a family in the capital)
—Qin Zi Cong 秦子聪 “Cong Ge Er” 聪哥儿 (her 3 y.o. son)
—Qin Kai Xing 秦恺行 (her husband)
Lin Jia Wen 林家文 (oldest son)
—Wu Qiao Lan 吴巧兰 (his wife)
Lin Li Er 林莉儿 (third daughter, 13 y.o., “second sister”)
Lin Jia Bao 林家宝 (uke, second son, 12 y.o.) Lin An Zhu 林安竹 gui ren 贵人 (palace name)
Lin Xiu Er 林秀儿 (youngest daughter, 8 y.o.)
Lin Jia Cai 林家才 (youngest son, twins with Lin Xiu Er, 8 y.o.)

Lin Jia Bao’s Relatives

Lin Da Li 林大力 (Lin Da Zhuang’s younger brother, 35 y.o.)
Ke Mei Li 柯美丽 (his wife)
Lin Chun Er 林春儿 (eldest daughter, 14 y.o.)
—Official Registrar Wang 王主簿 (Lin Chun Er’s father-in-law)
??? (second daughter, 10 y.o.)
??? (youngest son)

Lin Jia Village

Zhou Hai 周海 Da Hai ge ge 大海哥哥 (childhood sweethearts with Lin Li Er)
Li Zhen 里正 (county seat?)
Lin Jiao Jiao 林娇娇 (a girl sent to the palace at the same time as Lin Jia Bao)

Imperial Family

??? 先皇 (previous emperor)
Empress Wang 王皇后 (previous emperor’s 1st empress, died during labor)
—Xuan Yuan Zhao Shen 轩辕昭深 (XYHC’s imperial father, 3rd prince of previous emperor, 1st born of Empress Wang)
      —Xuan Yuan Han Cheng 轩辕瀚承 (emperor, seme protagonist, now 18 y.o.)
      —Xuan Yuan Han Qi 轩辕瀚启 (2nd prince, XYHC’s blood related younger brother)
Xue shi 薛氏 (step-empress, previous emperor’s 2nd empress)
—Xuan Yuan Zhao Hong 轩辕昭洪 li wang 历王 (10th prince of previous emperor, Xue shi’s son, XYHC’s imperial uncle)

XYHC’s People/Subordinates (Loyal to XYHC)

Yuan Fu 元福 (Internal Head Eunuch 内侍总领太监)
Ling Zheng Feng 凌正峰 (Imperial Guard Commander)
Zheng Rong 郑融 (XYHC’s shadow guard)
Qian Chun Rong 钱春荣 (son of Head Physician)

Imperial Palace People (Neutral)

Physician Cui 崔太医 (from Imperial Physician Institute, specializes in childcare)
Zhao gong gong 赵公公 (eunuch in charge of uke’s carriage on the way to capital)
Xi mo mo 席嬷嬷 (teaches palace etiquette and rules to newcomers)
Lin mo mo 林嬷嬷 (works in the Royal Snack Kitchen)
—Yu Shuang 玉霜 (oldest subordinate under Lin mo mo)
—Yu Long 玉泷 (maid in the Royal Snack Kitchen, somewhat older than Yu Ling)
—Yu Ling 玉灵 (youngest and liveliest maid in the Royal Snack Kitchen)
Zhou mo mo 周嬷嬷 (the empress’s trusted aide, in-laws with Lin mo mo)


General Li 李将军
Zheng Yuan Hou 征远侯 (Xuan Yuan Han Cheng’s maternal uncle)

Xuan Yuan Han Cheng’s Harem

Xue Cai Yu 薛采裕 (crown princess, Crown Prince Consort)
Xu Xue Ying 徐雪盈 Xu shi 徐氏 (Xu Concubine, gifted by his Imperial Mother after XYHC’s coronation as Crown Prince)
—Wang mo mo 王嬷嬷 (her servant)
Yu Qin 俞芹 Yu shi 俞氏 (Concubine Yu, gifted by his Imperial Mother after XYHC’s coronation as Crown Prince)
—Princess Kang Le 康乐公主 (Yu shi’s daughter, second princess)
Song Yi Yun 宋依云 Song shi 宋氏 (Concubine Song)
—Princess Kang Ping 康平公主 “Kang Er” 康儿 (Song shi’s daughter, eldest princess)
Zhang shi 张氏 (died during labor, baby son also died a few days later)


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