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Didn’t Love You Enough – Locations

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Locations Within the Palace

Yong Shou Palace 永寿宫 (the Empress’s Residential Palace)
—Royal Snack Kitchen 御点房 (Lin Jia Bao works here)

East Palace 东宫 (the area where Xuan Yuan Han Cheng lives as Crown Prince)
—Chang Le Palace 长乐宫 (the place where XYHC lives as Crown Prince)

Locations Outside the Palace

Pei County 沛县
—Lin Jia Village 林家村 (right on the outskirts of Pei County, Lin Jia Bao’s family lives here)

Li City 历城 (vassal state where li wang lives)

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    1. Whoops, thanks for pointing that out. I got so used to stories with uke protagonists that I automatically label the seme as ML, but in this story the ML should be Lin Jia Bao, and the MC is Xuan Yuan Han Cheng, as you said.

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