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Doomed to be Cannon Fodder

Title: Doomed to be Cannon Fodder

Genre: Comedy, Fantasy, Josei, Romance, Slice of Life, Supernatural

Status: Chapter 231 out of 291 + 2 extras (DNFing)

Rating: 2.5 (probably lower if I continued on)

Summary [from NU]

She’s somehow ended up transmigrating into the book as the supporting female lead, who was beaten to death! Deeply in love with the male lead, she’s fated to be beaten to a bloody pulp before even holding hands with him?!

First things first, she needs to survive and latch onto the big thigh of a patron. But the supporting male lead is a true gentleman and feels nothing for her stunning, alluring body. That’s alright! She’ll latch onto the old madame or the male lead then!

But why does the supporting male lead look at her with increasingly odd eyes? And what of that Wulin Alliance Head with the personality disorder? You’re just a random bystander, what are you getting involved for??

Finally, the male lead could bear it no longer and dragged her back to the Prince Li Manor…

Review [spoilers in white text; highlight to read]

Warning: Cursing. Everywhere.

Let me start by saying I like the MC about eighty percent of the time. She’s a good person, but she’s not a complete pushover (except when she’s with the ML, and I have a lot to say about this, but we’ll get to that later). She knows how and when to scheme, when to keep her head low, and she’ll give back as good as she gets. She’s got her weak points too, but I accepted them because I thought it made her more human.

If I’m being generous then I’ll say the first half of the novel is pretty readable, with the first third or forth of the novel being my favorite part. It’s hilarious how the MC tries to catch the attention of the second male lead only to attract the eye of the ML. Some people might find misunderstandings trite, but I thought they were funny here. Everything the MC tries to do, it gets interpreted in another way. Her actions are interpreted to the advantage and survival rate of her character, but it’s so completely far out of left field from her expectations that it’s plain hilarious to read about.

I had great hopes for this story, but somewhere along the way the plot derailed, the comedy died down and I got off the train before the wreck. I may someday go back to finish the story since I persisted for so long and the novel is completely translated, but I am currently not in the mood for it.

This story has some weird supernatural elements, like a talking cactus that can give the MC access to knowledge across the ages. It’s basically her golden finger, but I’ll allow it because it seems to be the norm for this type of story.

Lin Qianzi (the original female lead of the novel that the MC transmigrates into): She had potential. When she first showed up she was a naïve upper class lady, but she was reasonable and kind. She felt regret when her mother was being mean to the MC and even went to apologize. I was hoping they could be friends and work something out. (Female friendships!) But sadly, no. Between her apology and her next appearance, her character experienced a tragic derailment in development until she just became a delusional mess. She lost all rationale and kept attacking the MC. Honestly, I pitied her character. If anything she was the true cannon fodder. When the author needed her to be nice to have a conversation with the MC that could be overheard by the ML, she was nice. When the author needed someone to face slap, she was made into a clown. Her character was all over the place.

Not to mention, right before her inevitable downfall into an antagonist, she was brutally raped by someone who claimed to love her, and she was blamed for it. What kind of shit is that?! It was pure victim blaming, saying things like she brought this onto herself, and how she doesn’t deserve pity because she’s suuuch a bad character for being an obstacle to the MC/ML pairing. I wanted to slap the author. (Let me make this clear, Lin Qianzi never loved the ML, and up until she was forcibly brought back, she had no intentions of marrying him.) Later she falls for a conniving supporting male lead (Duan Yunying) who was just using her to get to the ML. People call her stupid for this, but I’m actually very understanding of her feelings in this instance. In front of her face, Duan Yunying played the role of a sensitive and kind lover, and he gave her gentle and amazing sex. He never revealed his evil side to her. So to her, he is the first kind man she meets after a string of encounters with domineering men.

Reflecting back on the story, none of the characters had any development. They were all pretty static imo. Which would’ve been fine if the story continued on the comedy path. But it didn’t.

Now, the romance… What romance?! Oh, you mean that abusive, non-consensual shit that the author tried to pass off as love? Uhh… yeah. NO! Where to begin? The ML started falling for the MC due to misunderstandings caused by her actions. Remember that “conversation with the MC that could be overheard by the ML?” So he mistakes her for being in love with him and starts to pay her more attention, thus discovering more and more of her good points and eventually “falling” for her. Okay, somewhat reasonable, except if that’s how you treat someone you’re “in love” with then I pray for them.

I have no idea when the MC fell in love started misunderstanding that she was in love with the ML, but every time the ML tried having sex with her (only to be cockblocked) she was absolutely not willing, but she knew she couldn’t refuse him due to her circumstances (a.k.a. her being his concubine in ancient China where women had no rights, let alone a lowly concubine). Plus she was scared shitless of being beaten to death. And when they finally had sex, the MC couldn’t get out of bed for three days. Three. Fucking. Days. (And this happens every time – every time – they have sex. If the author meant for that to be a throwaway line for comedic effect then I’m not fucking buying that shit.) The ML said something along the lines of the sex feeling very good and her legs were in the way, so he… (the author didn’t specify what exactly he did to remove the “obstacles,” but the MC was in great pain afterwards and she was not pleased. Uh… count your blessings that he didn’t just rip your limbs off? Yeah, my opinion of the ML is very low.)

They have sex multiple times after the first time, but it sounds like the experience never gets better for her. It only speaks of how the ML got pleasure, but it never mentioned once that the MC liked it or derived pleasure from the act. She only gave in to the sex because she felt like she owed it to him, or she did it to pacify his temper. (-_-) I rolled my eyes so hard I’m surprised they didn’t fall out. The ML even laments how physically weak he thinks the MC is, but he still can’t fucking learn to control himself in the bedroom! I could give him a pass for not knowing anything the first time around, but he doesn’t try to better his skills at all.

When the MC gets angry with the ML for being unreasonable and he doesn’t know how to resolve the issue, he rapes her instead of talking it out with her, because in his twisted little mind, sexing her up makes her more pliable. Just the threat of sex is enough to douse the MC’s anger. Uh, yeah, asshole, that’s because she’ll be laid up painfully in bed for three days if you had sex with her as you pleased. This douche bag is always going on about how wicked, inferior, and bad women are, but he never once reflects on his own shortcomings and misconduct.

Bad sex is only the tip of the iceberg. He does a slew of other questionable things that makes me doubt his love. Honestly, it felt more like a kid hogging his favorite toy. He won’t let others touch it, but he’s not treating it very well either. There are two other supporting male leads, each with their own flaws, but the MC would be much better off with either one of them. (At this current point in the story, Yu Kuang – both sides of him – is my preferred choice. He values the MC’s autonomy and treats her with respect. He also helps her out when she asks without expecting anything in return. He’s very progressive for a man of that time period.) If nothing else, the MC should just ditch all the guys and return to the real world, where she has a fulfilling job that she likes.

So far she’s had two chances to return to the real world. The first chance was during childbirth. (Yeah, you read that right, she gave the bastard a child. A son, too.) That would’ve been a good time to leave without suspicions, because women often died in childbirth back then. It would’ve been so natural to just pass away then. Like that, she would even leave a “piece of herself” (the baby) behind for him to hold strong to and carry on. The second chance was to prick herself on the talking cactus after exactly one year, but she decides not to leave because she saw a vision of the ML becoming so heartbroken that she couldn’t stand the thought of it. (Uh huh. Sure. Still don’t understand what she saw in him.)

While I’m fuming here, I realize that I’ve got beef with the way the author portrays her female characters, including the MC. It is said that the MC is so beautiful that when she glares it looks like she is giving the person “come hither” looks. *Shudders* *Goosebumps* NO! Imagine trying to glare at some disgusting scumbag asshole and they think you’re telling them to violate you. Ughhhh. Gross. Also, the MC got caught and whipped by the enemy once and the author described how sexy she looked covered in wounds… and how men were getting horny looking at her injured and bloodied body. What. The. Actual. Fuck. This isn’t some BDSM play with a safe word and all that. It was torture to get information out of her. And it wasn’t described like that to say that the man was twisted in the head for looking at her like that, the author was just trying to expound on how lovely the MC looks no matter the circumstances. I get that it’s a standard of these novels to have beautiful characters, but it’s okay to just say it once or twice, you don’t have to slip it into every situation. It’s fucking disturbing.

As of the latest chapters I’ve read, a second transmigrator has shown up. And she’s someone that stole the MC’s boyfriend in the real world. So they definitely won’t be friends here. (My female friendships… TAT) At this point I’m just so done. This could’ve been a great comedy novel without the second half and a different ending. I might skim the remaining chapters someday just to see if the MC dumps the ML, but it’s a very far someday for sure. In fact, I won’t mind if someone spoils the ending for me in the comments, just be sure to mark spoilers for other readers.

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