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FOD: Xue Zi Xuan 1.5

Translated by: Moonlightfrost10
Edited by: Vanilla Muse

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Chapter 1.5 – A Sudden Visit

They were clearly non-identical twins, but the two of them looked 80-90% the same, only their eyes and eyebrows were slightly different. The young girl’s eyebrows were thin and slightly curved, looking very delicate, while her eyes were monolid phoenix eyes, seeming rather restrained. However, the youth’s eyebrows were straight like swords and full of energy, his pair of peach blossom eyes seemed to reflect the gleaming waves in the sunlight, capturing one’s heart, no matter how much it was hidden, it still couldn’t cover up its splendor.

However, the two red circles on his cheeks and his coarse yellow skin instantly eclipsed the youth’s exquisite and perfect appearance, and his stiff gestures made him seem even more out of place.

The girl blankly looked at him for a while, although she tried to cover it up, but her expression of excitement faded a lot, and her eyes seemed to contain faint disgust and hate. When she heard that her twin brother had come home, she had originally really looked forward to it, however, when she first looked at him, somehow she suddenly felt very scared, very fearful, but even more gushes of hate rushed into her heart, nearly making her lose her composure.

She forcefully held on to her brother’s arm, like the hold of a drowning man holding on to a piece of driftwood. A thought came to her mind inexplicably, telling her that this person might take away everything she had, her family, friends, lover, and even her life.

Drive him away! Hurry up and drive him away! She screamed wildly in her heart, but she also knew that this emotion came too strangely, so she still repressed it. She thought it was well concealed, but the handsome man had already sensed her uneasiness, reaching out to gently pat her thin shoulders.

Zhou Yun Sheng noticed her fear and hatred towards him at first glance and started secretly pondering about it.

The atmosphere in the living room became awkward, but just at that moment, a middle-aged woman in traditional Chinese clothing walked down the spiral staircase and said softly, “This is the brother of Jing Yi? You look really alike.”

“Hello, I am Huang Yi.” Zhou Yun Sheng quietly introduced himself.

“Sit down.” The woman walked into the living room, kissed the girl’s cheek, wanted to kiss the man, but was avoided by the other. She could only sadly shrug her shoulders before asking the housekeeper to serve the tea.

“I am Xue Li Dan Ni, the hostess of this family, you can call me Auntie Xue. This is Xue Jing Yi. From her looks, you can probably tell that she is your sister. Right, who was born first?” The woman personally pours tea for the boy, however her seemingly enthusiastic move hid a lot of carelessness. Her education was such that no matter who she was facing, or no matter how disdainful she was, she would not be impolite.

“I am also not sure, but I really want to have a younger sister, I will definitely take good care of her.” Zhou Yun Sheng forcefully turned his face away, performing the part of a lonely boy who longed for his loved ones beautifully.

“Alright, you will be the elder brother, and Jing Yi will be the younger sister.” The woman covered her mouth and laughed, pointing to the handsome man to continue the introduction. “This is Xue Zi Xuan, my son, you can call him ‘ge ge.’ We heard that you have no relatives, so we plan to adopt you. Will you stay with Jing Yi as a companion? She missed you a lot.”

Zhou Yun Sheng bowed his head and said nothing for a long time. Xiao Liu Village lacked water, and he was unable to bathe often, what more a hairdresser to tidy his hair. If anyone felt that their hair was in the way, they would use a scissors to randomly cut it, so not only was his hair messy, but also neither long or short, tightly concealing his head, causing no expression to be seen.

The woman had prepared to sit next to him, sincerely persuading him to stay, but he suddenly looked up, revealing a pair of red, tearful eyes.

“Thank you, Auntie Xue. I, I thought I had no more relatives left, that I would be alone in the future. Now I suddenly have a sister, a family, I’m really very happy. Thank you, you are all good people…” He started whimpering, causing it to be difficult to continue, so he lowered his head again to cover his lost composure.

Xue Li Dan Ni had long guessed the reaction of the youth, but she was too lazy to waste her feelings to comfort him, and gave the housekeeper a look. The housekeeper walked forward before taking the teenager back to his room to wash his face.

Xue Jing Yi and Xue Zi Xuan did not say a word of welcome from beginning to the end. The former was struggling inside while the latter coldly looked on. After the youth left, Xue Jing Yi screamed: “Mom, I didn’t expect my brother to be like this, I really can’t accept him now, I am not prepared to recognize him yet. For the past ten years, I always thought that I was your biological daughter. Mom, I’m very depressed, very scared.” So can you send him away? But in the end, she still resisted saying the last sentence, not wanting her adoptive parents and brother to think that she was a person who disregards familial love.

“Jing Yi, we brought him home for your own good, you must not let your imagination run wild. Whether or not you are my biological daughter doesn’t matter, you will always be my most beloved daughter, this will never change. I love you.” Xue Li Dan Ni quickly took her daughter into her arms and soothingly patted her.

Xue Zi Xuan, who was so cold that he almost did not seem human, also showed a caring expression at this time, stroking his sister’s smooth hair and silently comforted her.

Zhou Yun Sheng walked back to his room with a hunched back, closed the door of the bathroom, and then looked up. His face did not have a single bit of his previous touched expression, just cold sarcasm.

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