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FOD: Xue Zi Xuan 1.6

Translated by: Moonlightfrost10
Edited by: Vanilla Muse

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Chapter 1.6 – A Sudden Visit

Up until now, none of the people that he had seen so far had sincerely welcomed him. Xue Li Dan Ni probably just thought that he was a country bumpkin, and didn’t bother at all disguising the calculations in her eyes. And his biological twin sister, Xue Jing Yi, inexplicably hated him. On the contrary, Xue Zi Xuan was neither hot nor cold, near nor far, his attitude of merely taking it that Zhou Yun Sheng didn’t exist made him feel more comfortable.

What did you take me for? A fool? Not even willing to hide your many suspicious actions*? He picked up a handful of cold water and poured it on his face, casually recalling every detail that happened when they met.

[*T/N: suspicious actions – 猫腻 fishy occurrences]

Forgot to mention, not only did Zhou Yun Sheng have high intelligence, but he also had a photographic memory, as long as he closed his eyes, everything that happened in the living room would come to mind clearly, and not even a small detail would be missed. Skipping over Xue Li Dan Ni and Xue Zi Xuan, Xue Jing Yi was a little strange. Her lips were white, her nails slightly purple, her breathing was short, and she seemed very weak. A young woman and the housekeeper stood at the door of the living room and constantly kept an eye on her situation as if worried about her. A medical kit was placed on the antique shelf not far away, within arms reach.

From this, he could tell that there was definitely something wrong with her body. Leukemia? Heart disease? Or something else? This just so happened to explain why the Xue family brought him to the capital city in such a hurry, he really did have something they needed, or more accurately, organs.

Thinking of this, Zhou Yun Sheng smiled coldly. Having seen too many evil plots and internal strife, he was accustomed to using the most sinister angles to guess other’s intentions, and reality has proven, that he was always right.

What’s more, now he has a villain system, the risk factor was multiplied by many more times, even if trouble did not find him, he would have to take the initiative to find trouble. Providing organs for his twin sister, although this type of scenario was full of dog blood*, but the chances of such an occurrence were as high as seventy or eighty percent.

[*T/N: dog blood – slang for cliché and overly dramatic]

The question now was, what did they need from him? Bone marrow? Kidney? Liver? Or his heart? The first few could still be negotiated, the latter however, was his life. Zhou Yun Sheng’s face turned dark, his gaze cold, already realizing exactly what kind of hell* he was in.

[*T/N: hell – more specifically 修罗场, 修罗 is Asura, but the entire thing means something like a vicious battlefield or place where you fight for your life (typically alone)]

He stared at the system on his wrist, he really wanted to ruin this thing, and just let everyone die together. A line of words was displayed on the screen, which was the previously released task, as long as he looked down he could see it. It reminded him not to think about escaping, otherwise, his only end was to be obliterated, his soul crushed.

One day, I want the Lord God to personally experience the taste of being killed. He squinted his eyes and sneered, ripping off the towel on the washstand and slowly walked out of the door.

The housekeeper saw that he was clean and nodded. “Go on, everyone is waiting for you to eat, and the master is back. One thing you must heed, and that is the young master has very serious OCD, so it’s best for you to pay attention to your appearance, what you have worn today, you can’t wear again tomorrow. The most important thing is, don’t touch the young master randomly, he can’t stand it.”

“But my sister held him and he didn’t react at all,” Zhou Yun Sheng said with grievance.

“You are not the same as the young lady.” But where it was different, Fu Bo did not say. He was too impatient to bother with a dying person, and even more would not give any extra sympathy.

Yes, I am the mud on the ground, Xue Jing Yi is the clouds in the sky. The clouds are always pure and beautiful, not to be dirtied, but the mud is to be trampled on by others. If I can resist this system one day, I will definitely make sure that there will be a day when I will make you taste the taste of being trampled on at other’s pleasure. Zhou Yun Sheng lowered his head and used his thick bangs to cover the killing intent in his eyes.

The housekeeper took him to the dining room; a middle-aged man with a rich appearance was already seated in the main position, obviously the head of the Xue family. He had just come back, the jacket of his suit was hung on the back of his chair, the sleeves of his shirt were rolled up halfway, his hair was slightly messy, and his kind smile and informal manner were completely different from the other three proud and rigid members of the Xue family, easily attracting other’s good feelings.

“This is Xiao Yi? You and Jing Yi really look alike. And even though the two of you lived so far apart, yet your names have similar pronunciation, it is indeed fate. Come come, have a seat. I’m Xue Rui, Jing Yi’s adoptive father, you can call me Uncle Xue in the future. Don’t be so reserved, take this place as your own home, whatever you want to eat, eat, look you’re so skinny, from now on you need to properly nourish yourself.” While speaking, he pulled the boy to the empty chair by his side, frequently putting food into his bowl, his warm demeanor really made people feel quite welcomed.

If the other three members of the Xue family were like the unattainable Tian Shan Mountain Snow Lotus, then Xue Rui was the smiling Buddha who was friendly and approachable. After being schemed against, and yet couldn’t receive good attitude, Zhou Yun Sheng heart after all was choked with resentment, only after seeing Xue Rui that his heart returned to normal.

He smiled awkwardly, and quickly called Xue Rui uncle, before gulping down his food.

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        1. In this spin-off XZX and ZYS will be end game. ^-^ (I hope that’s not a spoiler, that’s basically the entire premise of this spin-off… XZX trying to win ZYS’s heart)

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