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FOD: Xue Zi Xuan 10.2

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Chapter 10.2 – A World With Only Two People

Xue Li Dan Ni realized that she had let her tongue slip. How could she talk about this bloody topic in front of her daughter? She promptly looked left and right, trying to deceive her daughter.

But Xue Jing Yi was determined to figure it out. She clutched the back of Xue Mother’s hand tightly and with gritted teeth she asked: “Mom, tell me, please you must tell me the truth. You guys brought Huang Yi back, is it to, is it to change my heart?”

The last three words were said very lightly, but they were also very heavy words, which made Xue Li Dan Ni tremble involuntarily.

Her daughter has already guessed the situation. Xue Li Dan Ni could only confess the truth, including how she and her husband had looked for the teenager, how they intended to deal with his identity, how their son obstructed them, and finally how they settled the matter by leaving it unsettled.

After she finished talking, she covered her eyes with her hands and dared not look at her daughter’s expression. She didn’t want her to face this evil.

Yes. She had to admit that it was murder.

It was a sin.

She also had to admit that after being forced to give up by her son, what she felt was relief and not anger.

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“Jing Yi, your dad and I will find another suitable heart for you. Back then we were muddleheaded. How could we think of doing this kind of thing? He, he is your only blood-related relative in this world after all…”

The more Xue Li Dan Ni talked, the more she felt guilty.

Humans were precisely like this.

When their hearts were blinded, they would dare to do anything. But after putting in all of their effort to complete their goal and they reflect back on their actions, they could not find relief.

In the end, Xue Li Dan Ni was not Xue Rui, she could not be completely ruthless. When she thought about how she had once intended to murder the teenager, all the anger and resentment in her heart slowly dissipated instead. Forget it, just take it as she owed him, and now they have settled the debt.

Thinking of it like she, she quickly calmed down, picked up the key her son had left on the coffee table, and really planned to move to the mountainside.

Seeing her daughter’s still blank look, she reassured: “Jing Yi, don’t be afraid. I’ve already discussed it with your father. This time, we will find a heart for you through the proper channels. I will never do anything illegal. Don’t put such a heavy psychological burden on yourself. Didn’t we end up not doing anything (to him)? Just look at Huang Yi. He eats well, dresses well, lives well, and he also has your brother to care for him. It could be considered as our Xue family compensating him. You don’t have to go to Switzerland. You can move to the Royal Court with me. The conditions there are no worse than here.”

Xue Jing Yi perfunctorily responded with “en, en, ah, ah,” but in actually she wasn’t listening anymore. There was only one thought in her mind—as it turned out, her hope for survival had always been close at hand; so Huang Yi’s heart actually belonged to her!

Zhou Yun Sheng returned to the room and saw the handsome young man sitting on the sofa looking through some documents.

He asked curiously: “You did something to Aunt Xue and Xue Jing Yi? When they looked at me, their expressions were terrible, as if they were going to eat me.”

“Come here.” Xue Zi Xuan spread his arms and chuckled. “Don’t worry about them.”

Zhou Yun Sheng obediently walked over, shucked off his slippers, and curled up in Xue Zi Xuan’s arms. He found a snug place to sit and picked at the threads on the sofa for a bit.

Finally he pulled out a twelve-by-twelve Rubik’s cube and fiddled with it in concentration. As a matter of fact, he didn’t care about the Xue family’s lousy happenings.

Xue Zi Xuan tightened his hold around the youth’s waist and said plainly: “I plan to move my father and mother to live elsewhere, and send Xue Jing Yi to Switzerland for treatment. Only we will live here in the future. Do you think that’s good?”

“A world with only two people? Of course it’s good.” Zhou Yun Sheng nodded absently.

Little did he know that his joking words caused Xue Zi Xuan to be in a good mood, which led to the young man taking him by the jaw and kissing him.

The two often kissed, but only on the cheek, forehead, etc. Kissing on the lips or a wet kiss with tongue, like lovers, Xue Zi Xuan still did not dared to be rash. Thus, Zhou Yun Sheng accepted it very frankly, and even took the initiative to lean his head to facilitate the young man’s movements.

After kissing for a long while, the young man continued to process the documents and the youth continued to play with the Rubik’s cube.

Within half a minute, Zhou Yun Sheng solved the Rubik’s cube. He jumped off the sofa, dragged his toolbox over, and prepared to assemble a Transformer. He half lay on the sofa. While tightening the screws he straightened out his legs and placed them in Xue Zi Xuan’s arms.

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Perhaps he was enthusiastic, he began to hum. His feet swayed from side to side, following the melody.

This was a pain for Xue Zi Xuan, because the place where the teenager’s heels were pressed was precisely his most sensitive and fragile crotch.

“Xiao Yi, don’t make trouble.” He reminded in a suppressed voice.

Zhou Yun Sheng turned a deaf ear on him. He felt that the soles of his feet were somewhat uncomfortable and even lightly rubbed them twice.

Just like that, a spark of flame became a prairie fire and completely burned away Xue Zi Xuan’s rational.

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