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FOD: Xue Zi Xuan 10.3

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Chapter 10.3 – A World With Only Two People

Just like that, a spark of flame became a prairie fire and completely burned away Xue Zi Xuan’s rational. He caught the teenager by his slender ankle and pulled him from the sofa into his arms. He restrained the back of Zhou Yun Sheng’s head with one hand and circled the youth’s waist with the other. Then he kissed him deeply.

This was a wet kiss, and also a French kiss with tongue. The slippery tongue drilled into the mouth cavity and pried open the teeth, stunning Zhou Yun Sheng for a moment.

While the teenager was distracted, Xue Zi Xuan quickly deepened the kiss. He changed the angle to lick both the top and bottom of Zhou Yun Sheng’s mouth. Then he wrapped his tongue and lips, sucking carefully in a slow grinding motion.

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After the gentle temptation, he plundered wildly, swallowing the fluid in the teenager’s mouth and gradually taking away his breath little by little. When the teenager was about to faint, he suddenly withdrew his lips and tongue. He waited for the teenager to open his mouth to gasp for breath and abruptly attacked again.

Xue Zi Xuan’s wild and unrestrained kisses were driving Zhou Yun Sheng mad. He moaned sweetly, his body twisted lightly in struggle, and both of his hands were pressed against the other’s chest. It was like he wanted to push the other person away, and at the same time it was like he wanted to pull the other person close.

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Zhou Yun Sheng was kissed until his consciousness became fuzzy. A silver thread (of saliva) dripped slowly from the corner of his mouth, which he could not seem to close. He looked extremely debauched.

This was the person who Xue Zi Xuan had been pining after for two lifetimes. It was once a most beautiful, charming, and gentle dream that he had yearned for. At the same time, it was the most painful and intolerable wait.

When he could not have him, he could only choose to guard him silently, but now the person was in his arms. With his blushing cheeks and misty eyes, he looked so lovely and attractive. How could Xue Zi Xuan be willing to let go?

Xue Zi Xuan has never been a saint with high moral character. One way to look at it was that he lacked empathy and morality, but in fact he was a demon. He patiently guarded the youth, and drew him closer one step at a time.

When the teenager took the initiative to pounce forward, what could he do? Naturally, it could only be to accept with open arms.

He held the teenager in his arms and rolled onto the floor. He continued to intensely wind his lips and tongue around the other’s mouth, not giving the teen the time to clear his head, and even more, to not let him resist.

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He did not have any experience, whether it was in his last life or in this life. The only fantasies he had were of the youth. In those countless empty and painful dark nights, he relied on those rich, intense, and enticing emotions to numb his mind.

So even though he has never practiced it before, he knew how to arouse the youth’s lust, how to bring him pleasure, and how to seduce the other into depravation with him.


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Right at this moment, the door was pushed open and there was Xue Jing Yi standing at the doorway. Her hands went up to her mouth as she shrieked.

Shit!” Xue Zi Xuan muttered. He quickly wrapped the teenager in his coat, turned his back, and pulled up his pants.

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