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FOD: Xue Zi Xuan 10.4

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Chapter 10.4 – A World With Only Two People

“Do you know how to write the word ‘manners’?” Zhou Yun Sheng also recovered quickly and stood up very naturally and confidently. Using the suit jacket as a cover, he put on his pants. The buttons on the white shirt were all torn off by the young man’s (XZX) impatience. He opened the wardrobe and randomly chose a sweatshirt to cover up. Finally, he glared fiercely at the culprit.

[*T/N: In Chinese, people ask: “Do you know how to write the word ___?” to ask if you understand the concept of that word, with an underlying meaning of you don’t have that quality. In this case, it would be a lack of manners.]

The eyes of the teenager after being washed by lust were wet and bright. No matter how ferocious the glare was it was as touching as if it were a flirting gaze.

Xue Zi Xuan’s heart itched so much that it was unbearable, and his lower abdomen tightened. He pulled the youth into his arms and kissed him hard. This time, it wasn’t on the forehead or cheeks, but a real French kiss. After kissing, he even licked the youth’s red and swollen lips as if he still wished to continue kissing.

Xue Jing Yi’s entire body was unsteady. She wanted to cry but didn’t. Like the twittering of birds, she asked in a whisper: “What were you two doing just now? What, what is your relationship?”

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Xue Li Dan Ni heard the noise and ran upstairs. She saw her son’s swollen crotch and then she saw the clearly ravaged teenager. Her face distorted in an instant.

“Zi Xuan, the rumors circulating outside are true? Are you with him? Are you gay?” She was ashamed to say the last word.

Zhou Yun Sheng was not anxious at all. He was the model of a hedonist. Sleeping with a high quality person like Xue Zi Xuan, he did not feel like he was losing out at all.

As for outsiders’ judgments, why should he care? Appetite and lust were only natural. He was only following human instincts. There was nothing to be ashamed of.

He went behind Xue Zi Xuan, wrapped his hands around that slender waist, and poked half of his head out. He seemed very frightened, but in actuality he was secretly laughing. He wanted to see how Xue Zi Xuan handled this situation.

Xue Zi Xuan turned his head to kiss the teenager. His expression was soft. But when he looked at Xue Mother and Xue Jing Yi, his eyes were cold and hard.

“Sit down.”

He pointed to a chair on the opposite side. As for himself, he hugged the teenager and sat on a narrow upholstered armchair. With one hand he held the teenager’s bare feet and slowly kneaded it. With his other hand he took out a cigarette and put it into his mouth.

Zhou Yun Sheng very tacitly took out a lighter from his jacket pocket and carefully lighted the cigarette.

Xue Zi Xuan exhaled a mouthful of smoke and said prudently: “I didn’t intend to hide this from you. More precisely, I didn’t intend to hide this from anyone. Xiao Yi and I are indeed in love.”

Zhou Yun Sheng absolutely did not expect that Xue Zi Xuan would chose to come out of the closet, and he even said that he was in love with him. Can he not be so shameless?

All right, he did intentionally played along with him ambiguously. All this time, he thought it was a game. But it would seem that he was wrong. He had the mentality of playing a game when he interacted with the young man, but the other party obviously took it seriously.

He wanted to deny, but Xue Jing Yi’s sharp outcry interrupted him.

“How can a man and a man be together? Furthermore, he is also an adopted child of the Xue family. Brother, you two are incest! If this spreads, what will others say about you, say about the Xue family?”

Zhou Yun Sheng immediately withdrew the idea of rebuttal. He was very happy to make Xue Jing Yi unhappy and to make the Xue family restless. So what if he was scolded or cursed by others? It was not like it would strip off a layer of his flesh. Thinking this way, he took the initiative to embrace the young man’s neck, and got a low chuckle from the young man in return.

Nothing could make Xue Zi Xuan more happy than getting the teenager’s approval and responses. He has imagined these scenes countless times, and today all have become reality. He could kiss the teenager without restraint, hug the teenager, even possess him completely, and then announce to the world—this was his.

He took a drag on the cigarette, carefree. With a mocking smile, he said: “I never cared about what others thought, and of course, I never cared about what you guys think. Don’t make trouble with me, and definitely do not disturb Xiao Yi. It’s useless.”

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In this life, no one could thwart his pursuit of happiness. Otherwise, he would go mad and take revenge indiscriminately.

He stared straight at Xue Li Dan Ni and said slowly, “Especially you, Mother, if you’re not afraid of people saying that the son of renowned violinist Ms. Xue is gay, then go ahead and try to do something to Xiao Yi.”

All of Xue Li Dan Ni’s crazy ideas disappeared because of this sentence. Yes, she loved face, and strove for perfection in everything, including honor and fame. This was her biggest weakness.

The previous rumors forced her to recognized Huang Yi’s adopted child status. If there were another scandal, she would become the laughing stock of high society. That was the equivalent of having her streak naked in front of everyone, making her feel ashamed, and wanting to die instead of live.

“I will move out today. I won’t make trouble, so you don’t make trouble, and save some face for yourself and for the Xue family.”

After saying this, she walked away without looking back.

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