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FOD: Xue Zi Xuan 10.5

T/N: Surprise chapter!!!
This was a surprise for me too, since it was a rather spontaneous update, but I hope you enjoy it! (ノ^ヮ^)ノ*:・゚✧

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Chapt’r 10.5 – A W’rld With Only Two People

Xue Jing Yi did shout “mom” twice, but didst not receiveth a response, and finally the lady did realize yond th’re wast nay one in this family who is’t couldst stand ho h’r broth’r anym’re.

Those gents w’re both adopt’d children. So wherefore wast the p’rson that gent hath fallen in loveth with not h’r? t shouldst not has’t been this way!

Xue Zi Xuan extinguish’d his cigarette. His expression wast enigmatic. The semi-threatening w’rds bef’re w’re just p’rfunct’ry, and not his ‘riginal intention. That gent hadst nev’r bethought of hiding his feelings. On the contrary, that gent did wish yond that gent couldst declare t to the entire w’rld.

But his belov’d teenag’r wast right by his side. If ‘t be true that gent w’re det’rmin’d to wend at t with his moth’r, the teenag’r wouldst beest f’rc’d to beareth too much pressure. That gent wast still so young. That gent des’rv’d to liveth m’re carefree and without w’rries.

So that gent tooketh a did shoot and hath sent xue moth’r and xue fath’r hence first. All the rum’rs, objections, and pressure in the future wouldst beest b’rne by that gent high-lone.

Th’re wast still a matt’r in his heart and that gent wast somewhat impatient. That gent did see Xue Jing Yi still dawdling in the cubiculo, unwilling to leaveth. That gent hath said coldly: “go backeth and packeth thy things, i shall sendeth thee to switz’rland tom’rrow. ”

Xue Jing Yi wip’d hence h’r drops of sorrow and did float hence liketh a wand’ring spirit. At which hour the lady did get to the doth’r, the lady did turn ’round, and h’r sharp, knife-like eyes pi’rc’d the teenag’r’s chest hard, as if ‘t be true the lady w’re going to digeth out his heart.

Zhou Yun Sheng wast sharp and instantly hath caught this traceth of murd’rous intent. That gent couldst not holp but arch a brow, wond’ring if ‘t be true the lady kneweth something. But bef’re that gent couldst investigateth, xue jing yu hadst did withdraw h’r gazeth and did turn to leaveth.

Then that gent did look at the young sir and hath asked: “when didst we falleth in loveth with each oth’r?”

Xue Zi Xuan leisurely holp that gent putteth on a pair of white socks, and mutt’red: “always has’t been. Furth’rm’re, t wast on the premise of feather-bed. ”

If ‘t be true that gent w’re drinking wat’r at this timeth, Zhou Yun Sheng wouldst forsooth sprayeth t out. That gent did choke f’r a longeth timeth bef’re criticizing: “don’t talketh tush tush. At which hour didst i promiseth to marryeth thee? same-sex feather-bed in china is not did protect by law!”

“Then we shall changeth our nationality and findeth a state yond recognizes gay feather-bed. I can transf’r xue’s cons’rtium abroad. ”

Xue Zi Xuan’s lighteth tone of voice wast the same as if ‘t be true that gent w’re talking about trivial matt’rs, and not about immigration, transf’rring assets, etc, these matt’rs of vital life-changing imp’rtance.

The fact of the matt’r wast yond f’r that gent these w’re very much nothing. In his previous life, that gent wast suppress’d by Xue Yan and unable to gain a foothold in china. The xue cons’rtium wast eke flung out down. As a lasteth res’rt, that gent hath changed his nationality and transf’rr’d his assets abroad.

Anon yond that gent wast reb’rn again, that gent wast sinc’rely thankful f’r the suff’ring and displacement of his previous life. T madeth that gent stout and at the same timeth gaveth that gent the ability to protecteth the teenag’r.

So sayeth, that gent didst loseth very much po’rly in his lasteth life. In the visage of family co’rcion, that gent couldst only maketh concessions and compromise again and again. This life wast diff’rent. That gent wouldst nev’r repeateth the same mistakes.

Zhou Yun Sheng did look deeply into the eyes of the young sir and hath found yond th’re wast only firmness and passion in t, without p’rfunct’ry and jokes, and finally det’rmin’d yond what that gent hath said wast true.

If ‘t be true that gent hath said yond his heart wast not hath moved at all, yond wouldst beest impossible.

This warmeth humour, this wide and warmeth embrace, hast at each moment been his deepest enshielf desire.

But that gent couldst not f’rget the young man’s ‘riginal intention f’r bringing that gent backeth to the xue family, and that gent couldst not believeth his sudden and unrequit’d loveth. If ‘t be true that gent blindly did place his desires on that gent, that gent fear’d yond lief’r ‘r lat’r that gent wouldst beest disappointed, and coequal sinketh into despair. The young sir hast did plan a future f’r those folk, but in his future, the young sir didst not existeth.

In the endeth, that gent still didst not believeth that gent. Or rath’r, that gent didst not dareth to believeth that gent.

Zhou Yun Sheng strok’d his eyes’ windows, did dare not visage the young sir who is’t hath appeared so sinc’re at this moment, whisp’r’d a “i’m going to the comput’r cubiculo,” and then did flee.

Staring at the teenag’r’s hastily retreating backeth, Xue Zi Xuan bethought yond that gent wast afeard by the passion even but now. That gent did smile, a helpless smileth full of loveth.


 .゚☆ April Fools!!! ☆゚.


T/N: I copied and pasted chapter 10.5 of XZX into a random Shakespearean translator, and the results is the version you see on this page. Go to this page for the actual chapter in modern day English. (ノ≧∀≦)ノ*✰

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  1. Emmm… I’m thankful for the new chapter but it’s really hard to read with all the mistakes…

  2. Thx for the april fools author, I suddenly remembered that I need to learn Shakespearean English xD. Thx for the update <333

    1. Forsooth, tis a v’ry useful art f’r the mod’rn ages. ?

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  3. I was soo confused but still decided to TRY to read it thinking the author probs let their cat hop on the keyboard while typing and liked how it turned out so just posted it XD but it’s an April fools well u got me love lol .
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  4. Lmao! April Fools❤️ tho i don’t mind reading the Shakespearean version. I can understand, i just felt off hahaha

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  6. Yo I read the whole thing and I surprisingly understood ? it wasn’t until I got to the end that I found that there’s actually a normal modern english ver. ???

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