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FOD: Xue Zi Xuan 10.6

T/N: I hated translating this chapter and the next chapter. It’s spicy when I’m just reading NSFW content, but translating it is a f*cking headache. The author uses euphemisms in a lot of places, which I understand why, but it’s a puzzle and a half trying to decipher what’s going on. One example is the author uses the word arm (臂 bi) whenever she means butt (屁 pi). And then she would use the word arm normally to mean arm. I was so confused. They’re not even homonyms and the characters look nothing alike in Chinese. *Tears hair out.* I’m really tempted to just skip over the NSFW content… ORZ

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Chapter 10.6 – A World With Only Two People

Zhou Yun Sheng was a simple-minded and heartless master.

Even the biggest problem would only perplex him for a moment. After the critical juncture, he would immediately toss it to the back of his head. He stayed in the rumbling computer room for half a day. When he went back, he had forgotten those entanglements, and instead, fantasized about Xue Zi Xuan’s perfect body.

In the last life, in order to protect his loved one until the end of his life, Xue Zi Xuan developed a good habit of fitness. When he was born again in this life, he did not slack off. In just a few months, he exercised his previously decent body into a strong one with wide shoulders, narrow waist, long legs, and strong pectoral and abdominal muscles.

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What did it mean to appear thin with clothes, and to have meat when naked? This was it!

Zhou Yun Sheng recalled the noon’s passion as he walked, and suddenly wrung his hands. Before the Lord God caught him, he was also sixteen years old. He had never had a boyfriend before. Later, he entered the cycle of reincarnation and revolved around the son of fate all day long, so he definitely did not have time to date.

He was just about to be able to eat meat, but was forcefully interrupted, and missed out on Xue Zi Xuan, this high-quality person. Where would he be able to find a better one in the future? Thinking like this, his lower abdomen could not help tightening, and a scorching heat spread through his chest.

Sixteen years old was precisely the time when boys would be full of sexual fantasies about the opposite sex or the same sex. Zhou Yun Sheng, this kind of high IQ teenager, was not an exception. Rather, he was even more proactive. He ran upstairs, intending to eat Xue Zi Xuan before he left the Xue family.

But when he pushed open the door and saw the handsome young man seriously handling documents at the desk, he deflated like a punctured beach ball. He lost his nerve at once. He slowly went over. He panted* for a long time without knowing what to say.

[*T/N: 哼哧 – to breath hard after running]

How could Xue Zi Xuan not notice the teenager’s approach? His cheeks were bright red, and the tip of his nose was stained red. He looked absolutely adorable. But his watery peach blossom eyes were so confusing, it made one want to forcefully trap him by one’s side and firmly ravage him.

Xue Zi Xuan’s lower abdomen swelled rapidly, and his interrupted desire returned violently, giving him tunnel vision. He put down the file in his hand, took off his jacket slowly, and rolled up his sleeves. In a suppressed voice, he said: “Let’s go shower.”

“Huh? Oh.” Zhou Yun Sheng agreed stupidly.

When Xue Zi Xuan stood up, Zhou Yun Sheng saw that his crotch area was bulged up, and he immediately understood what he meant.

“What, what do you want to do?” He was a bit timid, but overshadowing that was his eagerness to try.

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“To continue what we didn’t finish this noon.” Xue Zi Xuan said in a low voice. He pulled the youth into his arms. His scorching breath was full of lust.

Zhou Yun Sheng hesitated for about two seconds, licked his lips, and said: “Okay, let’s hurry up then.” As he spoke, he hooked his index finger into the young man’s waistband.

If the atmosphere was not right, Xue Zi Xuan would laugh out loud. In his last life, he had followed each and every move of the youth through the Internet and private investigators. He knew from the beginning that the teenager that actually wasn’t that bashful. On the contrary, he was very passionate and direct. He lived wantonly and flamboyantly*.

[*T/N: 张扬 – “to display ostentatiously,” meaning he’s not shy about PDA]

But to experience his passion directly, that feeling was completely different. He loved him so much at this very moment that he wanted to swallow the youth into his stomach and become one.

The two were entangled like conjoined twins as they made their way into the bathroom. They turned on the showerhead and eagerly tore each other’s clothes off.

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  1. Thank you so much for your hard work!!!

    Finally!! It’s about time. You’ve wanted this for 2 lifetimes. I was beginning to wonder if you would ever move forward. I’m happy that XZX can have a HE. This ZYS is perfect for him. The other one can only love ZX but this past ZYS is perfect

    1. Lol, sorry. I split the chapter base on word count in Chinese characters before I even begin translating. So even I didn’t know that there’d be a cliffhanger.

  2. Xue Yan and Xue ZiXuan both made love with Zhou Yunsheng in the Bathroom, I really have this feeling that they both have the same soul, just different body vessel, and I also have this feeling that the ML’s possessiveness, obsessiveness, hobbies and mannerisms came from ZiXuan (it’s just a wishful thinking tho) and also because of what Yunsheng said (that line “this young man does not exist” that he don’t want to fall in love with him)

      1. The password on this one does seem fully broken. I accessed a few chapters back just fine and trying this one a bunch of ways and nothing seems to work. Is there a space before or after it or anything??

  3. Spicy chapter. I can’t access it right now but I remember reading the NSFW part a few years ago. I had to check up on the website every day for a week back then before I accessed it. Guess I’ll have to wait a week to reread the spiciness ????

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