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FOD: Xue Zi Xuan 11.1

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Chapter 11.1 – Piano Competition

Once these two virgins started to eat meat*, the situation went out of control. No matter where they went, or what they were doing, they would unconsciously find themselves kissing each other. They would kiss and kiss until they’re rolling on the bed, and they would not get off the bed until several hours later.

[*T/N: eat meat = do the deed / roll between the sheets / do the horizontal tangle]

Xue Zi Xuan really did have schizophrenia. Off the bed, he was gentle, tender, and consider. His demeanor was elegant and graceful. On the bed, he was a crazy, ferocious beast, always making Zhou Yun Sheng moan and groan, wanting to cry, but not quite crying.

Whenever they neared the climax, he liked to forcefully press against the youth’s swollen red lips and kiss him like there was no tomorrow. It was like he was about to suck out the other’s soul every time they kissed.

After the deed, Zhou Yun Sheng wouldn’t be able to close his mouth for a long time. Both his legs and his waist would be sore and powerless, twitching incessantly. But even so, he was very satisfied with his bed partner. He liked his gentleness, his wildness, and his dense, endless kisses.

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He had no relatives, no friends, no lovers, or even a fixed residence. When all was said and done, he was actually a child who very much lacked love.

You couldn’t use soft methods with him, nor could you use hard methods with him. And if you tried any crafty plots or schemes, he’d expose you at any minute.

The only way to get close to him was to give him love, a lot of love, to give him a sense of security, a steadfast sense of security.

He really needed these two things, but on the surface he would pretend to be strong, and feign disdain at these things as beneath contempt.

Before he was aware of it, Xue Zi Xuan was no longer an exploitable tool or mission target, but the most special existence in his heart.

While Zhou Yun Sheng was enjoying life to the fullest, Xue Jing Yi was not idle. She was gradually perfecting every detail of the murder. She thought it would be very difficult, but when it was really implemented, she realized that she seemed to be very talented at it. She knew how to proceed step by step, and how to fill the loopholes by instinct.

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The underground clinic gave her the price of three million yuan, which was far beyond her ability to bear. She was the little princess of the Xue family, but she didn’t spend much money on the regular. Despite that, it was still hard for her to save up one million yuan. Fu Bo contributed his pension, but even pooled together their funds were just a little over two million yuan. They really didn’t know where to get the remaining third of the funds.

She negotiated many times, but the clinic was unwilling to yield. This was not only a heart transplant surgery, but also a murder. The clean up detail and corpse left after the operation would all be handled by the underground clinic, so the price that they demanded was not excessive.

Xue Jing Yi had to find another way. She used the excuse of accompanying her parents to stay in China for three more days, and she repeatedly begged them to let her stay. It was already hard to make a move on Huang Yi while she was in China, but to make a move all the way from Switzerland? Her reach couldn’t extend that far.

Naturally, Father Xue and Mother Xue did not want their daughter to leave. So without notifying their son, they took it upon themselves to cancel Xue Jing Yi’s spot in the Swiss nursing home.

Xue Zi Xuan’s entire countenance turned black when he received the cancellation letter from the nursing home. He disliked Xue Jing Yi to the extreme, and even more, he hated having her around the teenager.

“You don’t want to go to Switzerland?” He walked into the piano room. His gaze was cold and stern.

Xue Jing Yi played a wrong note, but she smiled happily. This was the first time that her brother took the initiative to speak to her since his personality changed so drastically.

“I don’t want to go. Out there, both the people and place are foreign to me. Everything would be unfamiliar. Don’t I need a serene and relaxed environment for my heart disease? How can I recuperate if I’m in a bad mood every day? Brother, did you even carefully consider things for me? As long as I can stay by your side and see you every day, it would be more effective than going to any nursing home.” She confessed covertly.

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Xue Zi Xuan took out a cigarette and lit it. His expression was very impatient.

Xue Jing Yi has psychological problems. He already knew this from his last life.

Strictly speaking, there was no normal person in the Xue family. Xue Li Dan Ni pursued perfection excessively. Xue Rui pursued wealth and power excessively. And Xue Jing Yi was excessively prejudiced. Once she believed in something, no matter what people said, it could not make her change her mind.

So he did not intend to communicate with her, and he directly ordered: “You can stay if you want, move to Royal Court, and don’t show up in front of Xiao Yi in the future.”

“No.” Xue Jing Yi reflexively implored. Seeing that her brother’s eyes were getting colder, she quickly added: “Can you give me three more days? Brother, look, I received an invitation letter for the International Chopin Piano Competition. I leave for Vienna in three days. I want to practice hard at home for these three days, and I don’t want to waste time moving around. I’ll leave after the competition, and I won’t disturb you and Xiao Yi. Brother, I beg you!”

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