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FOD: Xue Zi Xuan 11.4

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Chapter 11.4 – Piano Competition

Zhou Yun Sheng naturally knew that his technique was the most exquisite. If you gave him a video of a surgical operation, have him watch it once, and then immediately shove him into the operating room, he would be able to duplicate the procedure perfectly. There was no need to talk about the piano, which wasn’t even that difficult.

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“Then you still said I couldn’t make it to the end of the competition?” He’d been brooding over this sentence. What kind of lover would strike at his partner’s enthusiasm before the competition even started?

Pei, pei, pei, bullshit lover, no, just a bed partner!

[T/N: 呸 pei – to spit in contempt]

With a red face, he corrected himself at the end.

Xue Zi Xuan looked at the pouting youth. His small face was flushed with anger. It was extremely cute. He couldn’t help leaning forward to kiss him several times.

He was about to explain in a roundabout way, when he heard the mocking voice of someone at the door.

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“Because the sound of your piano has no emotion. Do you still remember what Brother said that day when he crushed your fingers? The sound of your piano is like the soulless walking dead.”

Zhou Yun Sheng looked up and saw Xue Jing Yi standing at the door. There was a spiteful gleam in her eyes. She couldn’t stand the sight of Huang Yi frivolously wrapped around her older brother. Her face seemed to be saying: Didn’t you want to display your affections publicly? Well then, I insist on bringing up your bitter past memories.

Zhou Yun Sheng remained unmoved. He indeed could not brood over it, but he would not be led by the nose either*.

[*T/N: 他的确不能介怀,但也不会随便被人牵着鼻子走。 I’m somewhat confused by what the author is intending to get across here. In my opinion, it should be that ZYS is indeed brooding over the matter of his fingers getting crushed, but he won’t let XJY lead him by the nose because of it. In that case the first part of the sentence should be 他的确介怀, which would translate to “he is indeed brooding,” but the author added 不能, which means “cannot / must not / should not,” so the sentence translates to “he indeed cannot brood.” It could be ZYS referring to the villain system, but the author did not elaborate as such, or it could be a typo, but I’m not certain, so I’m making a note on this part in case it becomes relevant in the future.]

Xue Zi Xuan immediately tightened his arms, and hugged the boy firmly against his chest. He pressed his lips against the youth’s ear and repeated a litany of apologies over and over again. Apart from these three words [“I am sorry”], he didn’t know what else to say. This one memory was even more unbearable than his previous life. At least, in the last life, he had never hurt the teenager.

How good would it be if he could have woken up earlier? If time could rewind…

Suppressing the chaotic thoughts, he said coldly: “Xue Jing Yi, if you’re done talking then get lost.”

His tolerance for her was getting lower and lower. It was getting to the point where he couldn’t even turn a blind eye on her. He wished that she would just disappear forever.

Xue Jing Yi bit her lip and said aggrieved: “I didn’t say these words. Brother, you said them yourself.”

Strong hostility flooded Xue Zi Xuan’s pitch-black eyes. He was not aware, but the gaze he used on Xue Jing Yi was the look of one faced with an enemy and not a relative.

Faced with his hateful gaze, Xue Jing Yi’s heart twisted in pain.

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She walked slowly to the piano and said with a sarcastic laugh: “Why should I leave? Brother, don’t forget, this piano belongs to me. You gave it to me on my tenth birthday. Look, my English name is printed here. Joy.”

She tapped the piano cover with her purple-painted fingernail.

“You gave it to me, so it is mine. I have the right to do with it as I wish, isn’t that right, Brother? It can’t be that you want to take it back, right?”

Xue Jing Yi felt like she had gone crazy. On one hand she wanted to rush into her brother’s arms for pity, and on the other hand she wanted to tear the teenager in her brother’s arms into little pieces. In the end, hatred prevailed and she kept spitting out harsh words.

Zhou Yun Sheng retracted his fingertips from the keyboard as if he had touched something dirty. He wiped his fingers with a paper towel a few times.

Nowadays, he couldn’t be bothered to exchange a single word with her. After all, he has already shed all pretense of cordiality with her, so there was no need to say empty words.

“I gave it to you, so naturally it is yours.”

Xue Zi Xuan also had no intention of arguing with Xue Jing Yi. Half hugging the youth to his side, he left the piano room. He thought to himself that from now on he would probably never touch that piano again, because it was engraved with a sinful name.

After the two left, Xue Jing Yi slowly lie down on the piano cover and let out a depressing wail. She didn’t want to push her brother farther and farther away, but she couldn’t control the jealous devil inside.

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Xue Zi Xuan acted quickly. He bought a piano that same day and had it sent to the Xue manor. Furthermore, he converted Xue Rui’s study into a piano room.

Zhou Yun Sheng saw the young man squatting on the floor, tuning the piano himself, and really did not know what to say. In fact, he never intended to touch the piano again after participating in the competition. What was the use of buying it?

But he touched the words “Huang Yi” printed on the cover of the piano in gilded calligraphic font, and smiled stupidly.

“This piano is a higher quality than Xue Jing Yi’s piano, right?” He raised his chin proudly.

Xue Zi Xuan stopped to glance at him and found that he was showing a rooster crowing expression again. He couldn’t help but smile. It was so cute. He never knew that Xiao Yi was so cute.

He put down his tools and nodded affirmatively: “Of course, it’s definitely better than hers.”

“That’s about right.” The corners of Zhou Yun Sheng’s lips turned up, and he snorted, light as a feather.

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