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FOD: Xue Zi Xuan 11.5

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Chapter 11.5 – Piano Competition

Three days later, Xue Li Dan Ni took Xue Jing Yi to Vienna. Xue Zi Xuan did not want to go with them, and deliberately postponed their departure by one day.

The competition was held in the Golden Hall. The judges invited were all world-class piano masters, and the most important one was naturally Xue Zi Xuan. Thus, the two contestants who were related to Xue Zi Xuan also received a lot of attention.

People within the music circle or the media were familiar with Xue Jing Yi and knew that she had a lot of spirit. Her level was in the middle of the upper tier among all the players. As for who was Huang Yi and what was his level, no one knew anything about him.

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Xue Zi Xuan’s requirements for his residential environment were very demanding. He was very dissatisfied with the hotel arranged by the competition organizer. After getting off the plane, he went directly to the hotel he had booked and asked for a presidential suite with a piano.

“Practice the piano some more before the competition. Try to find the feeling.”

He opened the suitcase, took out their clothes, and hung them up one by one.

“En, first let me rest for a while, and help me take off my shoes.”

Zhou Yun Sheng lie lazily on the bed, put his legs up on the open suitcase, and even swayed his feet arrogantly.

The grim on the soles of the shoes fell into the suitcase. If another person had done this, Xue Zi Xuan, who was seriously obsessed with cleanliness, could chop off the other’s feet, but this was his big baby, so he could only smile helplessly.

“Have you figured out what repertoire you want to play in the preliminaries?”

Xue Zi Xuan took off the boy’s shoes, tripped his clothes off, and stuffed him under the blanket. Then he kissed the tip of the boy’s nice and warm nose.

Zhou Yun Sheng pursed his lips and returned the kiss. Then he said indifferently: “I haven’t figured it out yet. Probably “Army Polonez.””

This was the repertoire that Chopin wrote to praise the Polish national struggle, and it was one of the works that embodied his national spirit most strongly. The whole piece was impressive and magnificent, requiring the performer to be one hundred percent passionate.

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Xue Zi Xuan thought it over, frowned, and cautiously warned: “I suggest you don’t choose this piece. The sound of your piano lacks emotion. I’m afraid it can’t express the patriotic passion that Chopin wants to express.”

“Then what do you think I should play?” Zhou Yun Sheng was about to fall asleep. His voice was a little foggy.

“Play pieces that require more skill than emotion. You can select difficult pieces specifically to impress the judges with superb techniques, not emotions. Xiao Yi, are you listening to me?”

The teenager snored lightly. Xue Zi Xuan stretched out his hand to pinch his cheek.

“I know already, don’t bother me, I’m really sleepy.” Zhou Yun Sheng buried his head in the blanket.

Xue Zi Xuan pulled open the blanket and smiled.

“I’m not deliberately disturbing you. The competition is tomorrow. You have to learn about the judges and other contestants. My suggestions just now are for your own good. One of the judges for the juvenile group, Olsen, is my mentor. He appreciates music not with the ears, but with the soul. I’m afraid your mechanical style of playing won’t please him. Depending on your circumstances, you are likely to face two situations after taking the stage. Either you get full marks for your superb and perfect technique, or you get zero points for playing without emotion. This is very disadvantageous for your next match.”

“Are you listening? Do you want to win first place? Xiao Yi? Little rooster?”

Xue Zi Xuan gently patted the youth’s white and tender cheek, and found that he was already asleep. He shook his head and broke into laughter.

The competition was held on schedule.

Zhou Yun Sheng and Xue Jing Yi drew the numbers twenty-three and eighteen, respectively. Both of them were playing in the middle of the program.

After a few days of separation, Xue Jing Yi was a lot more energetic. Her pale and sick cheeks were slightly flushed, and they looked no different from ordinary, healthy people.

She tucked herself into a corner, and was silently memorizing a sheet of music in her hands, not communicating with anyone.

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Zhou Yun Sheng walked over leisurely and greeted her with a smile: “Xue Jing Yi, long time no see. Where do you live?”

Xue Jing Yi raised her head and glared at him with cold eyes.

“What are you going to play?” Zhou Yun Sheng changed the topic.

“What about you?” Xue Jing Yi flipped the question back on him.

“”Army Polonez.””

“Then I wish you good luck.”

After getting the answer that she wanted, Xue Jing Yi lowered her head and continued to recite the score.

Zhou Yun Sheng arched an eyebrow and smiled happily. It would seem that the murder was almost ready to be carried out. Otherwise, Xue Jing Yi would not be so indifferent. She seemed to treat him as a dead person.

“Good luck to you too.” He nodded slightly and turned to leave.

He thought that Xue Jing Yi would not pay attention to him anymore, but she suddenly said solemnly: “Of course I will have good luck. The championship is mine.”

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