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FOD: Xue Zi Xuan 11.6

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Chapter 11.6 – Piano Competition

“You want to win the championship?” Zhou Yun Sheng turned around and nastily provoked, “Originally I just came to have some fun. It doesn’t matter if I can win the championship or not. But since you want that trophy, then too bad, I will take it. Know this, I really don’t like it when you snatch things from me.”

“Who are you saying snatched your things?” Xue Jing Yi finally couldn’t help herself. She grabbed him by an arm, and snarled in a low voice, “You’re the robber! You robbed me of my family, and you robbed me of my lover! You’re a stealer!”

“Your lover? Who is your lover? Xue Zi Xuan? Did he say so? How about we go ask him, exactly who is his lover?” Zhou Yun Sheng leaned in towards her ear and spoke with a smile.

Hot blood rushed towards Xue Jing Yi’s eyes and her complexion turned pale. Only by taking in deep breaths could she keep herself from fainting.

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The competition had only just started. Zhou Yun Sheng couldn’t let her die just like that. With familiar movements, he opened the small bag that she carried with her, took out a pill, and pressed it under her tongue.

“Keep living.” He patted her on the cheek, and then he walked away. He came to an empty corner with no one around and spat [at himself], “Pei*, you actually got jealous of a little girl. Wake up!” The words fell from his lips and echoed off the wall.

[*T/N: pei 呸 = an expression of contempt]

“Why are you jealous?” As soon as Xue Zi Xuan opened the door, he saw the teenager talking to the wall, and smiled.

“It’s nothing.” Zhou Yun Sheng’s cheeks flushed, and his eyes darted left and right.

Xue Zi Xuan loved the teenager’s watery eyes as he tried to evade. He brought the youth into his arms and rained continuous kisses on the boy.

There was no doubt that Xue Zi Xuan was a recognized idol among the young competitors. When they saw him, many people pointed and whispered, especially when he kissed the boy on the cheek, forehead, nose, and even neck, many people could not help but gasp at the sight.

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“Brother, I feel a little unwell, can I go to your lounge for a while?” Xue Jing Yi stepped forward, clutching her chest. No matter how much her brother rejected her, she could not restrain the urge to approach him.

“No.” Xue Zi Xuan refused simply.

Then he took the boy into his arms and walked away, leaving Xue Jing Yi behind to be scrutinized and mocked by the other competitors in the vicinity.

The competitors took the stage one after another, and soon it reached number eighteen.

Zhou Yun Sheng left Xue Zi Xuan’s lounge, and stood behind the curtain to watch.

Xue Jing Yi was very calm and began to play after bowing to the audience and judges. The repertoire she chose was “Despair.” It was the work of a piano master from the last century, Bordeaux, and it was known for its intense emotional collision and difficult techniques.

She performed very well, far beyond her previous level. The audience applauded enthusiastically and the judges successively gave high marks. After some calculations, she was currently ranked first among the competitors who have already performed, thus, firmly securing her place in the semi-finals.

When she stepped off the stage and passed the teenager, she stopped, and whispered: “Do you know who the judge sitting in the center is? That’s Olsen, my brother’s mentor, and he has a nickname in the [music] circle.”

“What nickname?” Zhou Yun Sheng raised his eyebrows, thinking that the name Olsen seemed familiar.

“Master of Soul.”

Xue Jing Yi took off the fresh flowers pinned to her chest and explained slowly and clearly.

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“The sound of his piano is full of heart-pounding power, and he is hailed as ‘a musician whose sound strikes at the soul’ by the world at large. His aesthetics are the same as the sound of his piano, based on emotional expression rather than technique. Brother was the only disciple he took, and is deeply influenced by him. My brother crushed your fingers after listening to the mechanical sound of your piano. If it were Olsen, he would drive you off the stage and make it so that you give up playing the piano for life. So, good luck to you!”

She was already leaving before she had finished talking.

Zhou Yun Sheng curled his lips in objection.

The next few competitors failed to surpass Xue Jing Yi.

Finally, it was number twenty-three.

Zhou Yun Sheng stepped onto the stage and bowed to the audience. As he straightened up, he took a quick look at the evaluation committee. The main focus was the famous Olsen Jerome’s huge beard. His facial hair was extraordinarily thick, to the extent that his facial features were nearly completely obscured, but his harsh and sharp blue-gray eyes were daunting.

Zhou Yun Sheng, who was planning to look away quickly, took a second look, because Xue Zi Xuan happened to be sitting behind the [man with a] big beard, and was giving Zhou Yun Sheng a thumbs up to cheer him on. He immediately smiled. His peach blossom eyes gleamed in the spotlight.

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