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FOD: Xue Zi Xuan 12.1

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Chapter 12.1 – Eternal Love

For the semifinals, Zhou Yun Sheng accepted Xue Zi Xuan’s suggestion and chose a very difficult piano piece. On the contrary, Xue Jing Yi shocked the hearts of the judges with the song “Sorrow.”

She played very well. It could even be said that she completely exceeded her previous level. Olsen gave her a super high score of 19.5 and predicted that she would become a great pianist on par with her brother.

Xue Jing Yi was so happy that even her fingertips were shaking. This was what she wanted, to use music to prove that she was better than Huang Yi. After this competition, her brother would definitely transfer his focus back onto her again.

The semifinals ended, and a total of ten people entered the final stage. Once again, Olsen raked Zhou Yun Sheng over the coals. Fortunately, his skills were really superb, and he surprised the other three judges. Two of them awarded him full marks, and the third one gave him a score of 19.5, thus ensuring that he entered the finals at seventh place.

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Upon leaving the Golden Hall, all the contestants gathered around Xue Jing Yi to congratulate her for winning first place in the semifinals. She kissed everyone one by one, and looked at the teenager standing not too far away with provocative and contemptuous eyes.

“You’re no good!” She mouthed to him silently.

Zhou Yun Sheng glanced at her coldly, and then walked away, minding his own business.

Back at the hotel, he sat in front of the piano and played the score he had played in the competition once again. Angrily, he asked: “How can I be no good? The sound of the piano has soul? I don’t believe that. As long as there’s no mistake in the melody, isn’t it the same no matter who plays it?”

“No, you are wrong. Music with soul and music without soul will sound very different.” Xue Zi Xuan walked over to him. His eyes darkened. “How about I play a song for you?”

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Zhou Yun Sheng nodded in agreement. He had never heard Xue Zi Xuan play the piano, and he had never asked him to play. Everyone said that he was the greatest pianist of this century, and that his achievements surpassed even his instructor Olsen’s, but Zhou Yun Sheng felt that Xue Zi Xuan did not love the piano as much as the rumors said.

“What will you be playing?” He asked curiously.

“I will play a piece of my own creation, called “Forever.”” Xue Zi Xuan raised his head and stared at the boy, then he enunciated each word, “The Chinese name is called “Eternal Love.””

[T/N: In the raws, “Forever” is written in English.]

“Doesn’t forever mean eternal? Why add a superfluous word? Either you make the Chinese name “Eternal,” or change the English name to “Forever Love.” Only then would it make sense.” Zhou Yun Sheng laughed and teased.

[T/N: In the raws, “Forever Love” is written in English.]

Xue Zi Xuan gave him a deep look, and then he lifted his hands and began to play. The soothing and graceful piano sounds flowed from his white and slender fingertips.

The first part of the song was very cheerful and bright. It was like walking on a small country road, with dew-filled flowers blooming on both sides, and it made the listener mentally and physically happy.

A significant vibrato suddenly jumped out, like the sudden meeting of a destined lover at the end of the road. The extremely fast-rotating notes indicated the violent heartbeat at that moment. The “ding ding dong dong” sounds symbolized the frequency of uncontrollable heartbeats.

The soothing piano sound becamehigh-pitched and short, and Xue Zi Xuan’s expression changed from smiling to in pain.

After listening to the beginning, Zhou Yun Sheng thought that this was a love song at first, and it would be warm, suave, and refreshing. But the series of strong tremolos in the second section told him that this was not a lyrical minor. On the contrary, it was flooding, raging waves, and howling storms. The second part of the score was full of strong resistance and deep helplessness.

It was as if there was an invisible sickle, destroying the first section’s blooming, colorful world in a cruel and unstoppable way. The final strong vibrato fell, and the rapid melody gradually slowed down, relaxing little by little, and finally returned to calmness. As for that splendid, loving world, it disappeared into nothingness.

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Xue Zi Xuan told of the deepest pain and confession in his heart with the softest touch. When the last note reverberated beneath his fingertips, he couldn’t return to his senses for a long time.

This was the piano music that he had spent a lifetime composing for his beloved teenager. It was called “Forever, and it was also called “Eternal Love.” There was no need to add an extra English word, because he used his fingers and the sound of his piano to tell the teenager what is “love.”

Zhou Yun Sheng felt as if his heart was wrapped in a thick cocoon, heavy and oppressive, yet he was unable to shuck it off. Sad emotions lingered in his mind, making him feel very uncomfortable.

He bent down and stared at the young man earnestly: “Why are you crying? Whom did you write this song for?”

Zhou Yun Sheng didn’t have a high appreciation for music, but even so, he could feel the despair in this song. Eternal love? It was better to call it desperate love.

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