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FOD: Xue Zi Xuan 12.2

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Chapter 12.2 – Eternal Love

Only after Zhou Yun Sheng questioned him did Xue Zi Xuan feel the dampness on his cheeks. He touched his face and his hand came away wet with tears. He spent his entire life composing this piece, but he didn’t play it until today, because the owner of this piece was now in front of him.

“This is the tune that I wrote for you.”

Xue Zi Xuan quickly wiped away his tears, stood up, and sat the boy down on the piano bench.

He demanded, “Xiao Yi, can you play it for me? I want to hear you play it for me once.” In his last life, this was a wish that he could not obtain even until his dying breath.

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Zhou Yun Sheng placed his hands on the piano keys, but he could not press a single key for the longest time. Although there was no music score, he could reproduce any song from start to finish just by listening to it once. However, this song was different from any song that he had ever heard before. It was alive. It was so sad, and so desperate; as if it were covered all over with cuts and bruises.

He couldn’t play it.

He really couldn’t.

Maybe he could copy the melody, but not its shattered hurt and beauty. He finally understood what Olsen was saying. It turned out that music with a soul was really different from music without a soul. Music with a soul lived in people’s hearts, and not in their ears.

“No, I can’t play.” He dropped his hands and shook his head, ashamed.

Xue Zi Xuan felt like he had fallen into an ice cellar. He bent down, hugged the boy tightly, and muttered: “You can’t play it because you don’t love me.”

Yes, he finally understood that whether it was in his previous life or in this life, the teenager had never loved him. Even if the youth and him had the closest physical relationship, his heart was still far away.

The desperation only appeared for a moment before Xue Zi Xuan drove it out of his mind. Not loving now did not mean not loving in the future. At this very moment, the youth was within his embrace, filling the empty space between his arms, and pouring warmth into him. What was he not satisfied with? He had a lifetime to get his heart.

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Zhou Yun Sheng heard Xue Zi Xuan’s whispered words, but he pretended not to hear it. He didn’t know how to respond to this love. It was too heavy, too sad, and too desperate. It seemed that Xue Zi Xuan himself knew that their feelings were actually built on a castle in the sky that would collapse at any moment.

The young man had brought him from the village to the city for his heart. And their intimacy was used as a means to take advantage of him. How could two people who each have their own ulterior motives love each other candidly? Unless everything could go back to the very beginning.

The two embraced quietly for a while. Then, while gazing deeply at each other, they kissed. Xue Zi Xuan threw the boy onto the big bed.


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  1. Thank you so much for translating? I still feel bad for Xue Zi Yuan? I wish he could get a happy ending on this.

  2. I like Xue Zi Xuan but the og ML will always have a special place in my heart. The og ML loves the MC for who he is and understands him best. Reading this extra makes me miss the times the MC and og ml had in this arc

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