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FOD: Xue Zi Xuan 12.3

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Chapter 12.3 – Eternal Love

After their passionate coupling, Xue Zi Xuan hurriedly carried the boy, whose waist was sore and legs were weak, into the bathroom to clean up. Then he bought some anti-diarrheal medicine and antipyretic, and they rushed to the Golden Hall.

Zhou Yun Sheng lazily did not want to move. Xue Zi Xuan had to half drag and half carry him to the lounge.

When Xue Jing Yi saw Zhou Yun Sheng’s moist eyes and swollen red lips, she itched to throw herself on him and tear him to shreds.

“What’s wrong with Xiao Yi?” In order to have a chance to talk to her brother, Xue Jing Yi had to pretend to be concerned.

Xue Zi Xuan ignored her, kissed the boy’s reddish cheeks, and said: “It’s all my fault. I forgot to clean you up last night. Later, if you get dizzy or if your stomach feels uncomfortable, don’t try to act tough. We’ll immediately withdraw from the competition.”

“Not withdrawing. I said that I would definitely win the championship.” Zhou Yun Sheng wanted to see what would happen to the villain system after breaking the trajectory of fate.

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“Okay. Win the championship. You’re the best.” Xue Zi Xuan agreed with a smile. He reluctantly parted from the teen when a staff member called the participants over to draw lots.

“Take the championship? You?” Xue Jing Yi showed a vicious expression as soon as her brother left.

Zhou Yun Sheng was too lazy to bother with her. He drew a number and then walked away on wobbly legs. Both of them were lucky. One drew the number five and the other drew the number six.

Most of the contestants who entered the finals were of extraordinary talent. The first few performances were very exciting, with frequent applause from the audience, and someone even shouted loudly “encore!”

When Xue Jing Yi stepped onto the stage, the audience cheered. It was evident that they had high hopes for her. Even Olsen turned his head and said to his disciple: “Your sister is good. Her performance is full of passion. She has thoroughly inherited your style.”

Xue Zi Xuan gave a noncommittal “en” sound. He clapped his hands slowly. His attitude was neither lukewarm nor cold. He only revealed a shocked expression when the host announced the piece that Xue Jing Yi wanted to play.

He never expected that her choice would turn out to be “To Palochev.” In his previous life, Xiao Yi had perfectly interpreted “To Palochev” and smoothly entered the semi-finals with this score.

Throughout the history of classical music, this score was known as the “devil’s music.” It was composed of continuous inconsistent chords, and the entire piece stayed at the climax from beginning to end, without a soothing transition. It took a lot of energy and emotion to play it perfectly. Its melody was very strange, ugly even. And the tearing emotional collision would drive the performer and the audience into madness.

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Many well-known pianists have tried to challenge this music score, and without exception, they all ended in failure, because the strong love and hatred incorporated in the piece made it possess a destructive magic.

As far as Xue Zi Xuan knew, in his previous life, the only person who could perform this piece perfectly was Xiao Yi. But right now, Xue Jing Yi was choosing this song irresponsibly. Could her fragile heart bear it?

However, Xue Jing Yi’s performance surprised Xue Zi Xuan and shocked the collective audience. She struck the piano keys frantically. She hit a few wrong notes, but the intense love and hatred of her music pierced through everyone’s heart.

She understood the true meaning of this music score. This was a song of vengeance. The composer wanted to take revenge on the death god and the profane world that took away his lover. Therefore, she fully understood the resentment of wanting to tear the world into pieces, and the madness that denoted one’s willingness to fling oneself into hell in order to retrieve one’s beloved.

She struck the piano keys one after another. Because of how forcefully she was playing the piano, her hair came loose and became a complete mess, obstructing her face from view. Through the gaps in the curtain of her hair, people could see the spite gleaming in her eyes, making her look like a devil.

When the song ended, the place was so quiet that one could hear a pin drop.

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It was Olsen who stood up and applauded first. Then the audience returned to their senses and responded with thunderous applause.

“The devil’s music should be played by the devil. You have completely assimilated with this score and won me over. I give you full marks.” Olsen commented excitedly. Then he finally looked at his disciple and teased, “Sean, what do you think? Can your sister inherit your mantle?”

[T/N: Reminder, Sean is Xue Zi Xuan’s English name.]

Xue Zi Xuan did not applaud. He spoke lightly into the microphone that was shoved towards him: “She is indeed the devil.”

The audience laughed. They thought that Sean’s words was an agreement in disguise, but only three people there knew that his words did not have any complimentary meaning. It was a statement.

Xue Jing Yi was indeed a devil.

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