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FOD: Xue Zi Xuan 12.4

T/N: I’m anticipating a busy week for the upcoming week, so I’m posting XZX and LMSTB early. Hopefully things will have calmed down somewhat by Thursday, and TAPAE will be up on time, but if I’m a day late, then please be understanding.

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Chapter 12.4 – Eternal Love

In the end, of the judges in Olsen’s faction, one gave her full scores, and two gave her a score of 19.5, but unfortunately for her, the judges of the other faction were more partial towards technique. She played several wrong notes, which was unforgivable, so the score they gave was not high, but not low. On average, she got a total of 19.2 points, and was currently ranked in first place.

Xue Jing Yi slowly stepped off the stage amidst the cheers of the crowd. When she saw the teenager waiting beside the curtain, she revealed a smug smile.

Zhou Yun Sheng was not nervous at all. He looked down at the smartwatch, and a line of words appeared on it. The system had released a new task, which was to lose to Xue Jing Yi in the piano competition.

“Haha, you’re telling me to lose, but I want to win. Let’s wait and see who prevails,” he muttered silently, and was not surprised by the pain that spasms through his body. This was a punishment imposed by the system. He didn’t want to lose, so the system planned to hurt him so much that he would be unable to play.

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But the system never expected that the unrestrained punishments it used to mete out would make the youngster resistant to pain.

Zhou Yun Sheng walked onto the stage step by step. He did not bow to the audience and judges. Instead, he held his jaw high and pasted on an arrogant expression. Not only did the pain fail to destroy his will, it made him even more excited.

At the same time, the host announced the score that he would be playing: “Show Off.”

An uproar went through the audience. There was no doubt that in terms of technical difficulty, this music piece occupied the pinnacle of piano history. Sears, the piano emperor of the previous century, had created this score as a challenge to the fellow piano masters of that time period. He flaunted his status as the piano emperor of that time. For this piece, he had used the most fancy score arrangements and highest fignering techniques. The most jumping notes were integrated into this song. It was believed that the only person in the world who could play this complete score perfectly was the composer himself.

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Until now, no one has been able to shake this belief. The performers of the new century challenged the score one after another, but they all failed to rise up to the challenge. And this score became an unclimbable mountain.

Sears had composed this score with arrogance. This was a score made purely to show off one’s technique, and not one of emotional catharsis. As long as the player was arrogant enough and possessed the same superb technique as Sears, then the piece could be performed perfectly.

On the way to the venue, Zhou Yun Sheng and Xue Zi Xuan unanimously chose this song, because only this piece could make up for Zhou Yun Sheng’s lack of emotions.

“Show Off.” It turned out he had chosen this damn show off piece! Xue Jing Yi felt extreme unease.

Sitting at the judges’ bench, Olsen’s beard was trembling as he shook his head. In a low, muffled voice he said, “Even Sean couldn’t finish piece smoothly. I can’t believe anyone would choose it. This contestant has a lot of courage. He is challenging two piano emperors at the same time, the one of last century and the one of this century. I am looking forward to it.” He said he was looking forward to it, but his expression of waning interest told everyone that he thought this contestant was desperate and staking everything in one throw.

The audience gave encouraging applause.

Xue Zi Xuan looked at the teenager sitting in front of the piano with his held high, and said silently, “Come on, my little rooster.”

Zhou Yun Sheng could read lips, and he saw the young man’s close-up face on the big screen. His arrogant expression stiffened for a moment, and he thought: Little rooster? What the hell? You must explain that to me clearly after this contest!

When it comes to playing the piano, this master is number one in the world, so Sears, Xue Zi Xuan, and Olsen, you can all take a back seat! Zhou Yun Sheng silently hypnotized himself. His already arrogant expression became even more insufferable as he raised his hands and quickly entered the first section of the score. Almost every time he finished playing a bar, he changed his technique, and his slender fingers looked like a blooming flower under the shining spotlight.

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He was able to show off his adroit skills with ease. His expression became more and more arrogant, and his attitude became increasingly unrestrained. When he hit the third section of the score, which contained the fastest rhythm, he even stood up and made a swing motion, showing his obvious enjoyment. He was not playing the piano, but rather, playing with the piano. While everyone else worshiped the piano as a sacred object, he was treating it as a plaything, and he was the master.

This was a kind of contempt, and also extremely goddamn arrogant. But it was precisely because of his arrogance, his negligence, his brazenness, and his unbridled attitude that the sound of his piano has an unparalleled charm.

The song came to an end.

He did not nod. He did not bow. He merely lifted up the sweaty hair on his forehead with an extremely haughty attitude, just like a real king.

The audience all stood up and applauded, shouting “encore” frantically. He had completely conquered them with his music. Xue Zi Xuan was particularly excited. He clapped until the palms of his hands turned bright red, and blew the boy endless air kisses.

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