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FOD: Xue Zi Xuan 13.1

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Chapter 13.1 – A Murder

The applause lasted for a long time. Even those who did not have much appreciation for music could discern how beautiful this piece of music was. Prior to this, only Sears had ever successfully performed this piece in public occasions. However, a century later, Sears, this piano master, has long become a part of history, and his pinnacle work “Show Off” has also been silenced with his death.

Xue Zi Xuan had played it once, but not during a public performance. It was instead published on the Internet in the form of an etude. He did not have the confidence to play it on a formal stage because he was not arrogant enough, not pretentious enough.

But he knew that the teenager could definitely accomplish this. He had the smartest mind and the most flexible hands in the world. With these, he was omnipotent, thus making him extremely prideful. Perhaps, even he himself did not realize that when he observed everything around him with those bright eyes, he used a bird’s-eye view, like a complete bystander.

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He was as amazing and brilliant as Sears, and as unparalleled as Sears. This “Show Off” was almost tailored for him.

Zhou Yun Sheng stood in place, his chin tilted up, and his eyebrows raised. His attitude was extremely arrogant. He didn’t seem to care about the judges’ scoring, and merely adjusted the pinned flower on his chest. The judges gathered together. They whispered and discussed for about a minute before giving out their scores one by one. Twenty, twenty, twenty… Every time a judge revealed their scoring, the audience would let out an exclamation. So many full marks. After several years of competition, this was a new record. When it was finally Olsen’s turn, he pretended to cough, and then slowly presented his scoring.

The bright red of the number twenty popped out. Six judges. Six full marks. There was no doubt that this teenager has already won the championship in advance.

“I have to admit, you are very smart. You chose Sears’s “Show Off.” You don’t need a lot of emotions to play it. You just need enough confidence and pride. Your performance is perfect, exactly like a demon full of arrogance. If Sears were still alive, I think he would hate you very much, because you disproved his prophecy.”

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Olsen commented simply. There was no way he could suppress his conscience and give the teenager a score of zero. Even if he cheated and used clever little tricks to avoid his own flaws, it could also be a form of strength if viewed from a different angle. Because in this world, it was probably impossible to find a second person who could perform “Show Off” in such a heedless style.

Come to think of it, this teenager could treat such difficult techniques with such seriousness, so how could there be a music score in the world that could stump him? If he could put forth a bit of emotion, even just a little bit, he would definitely become a greater performer than Sean. Olsen speculated about this and lamented in silence.

Zhou Yun Sheng stepped off the stage amidst the cheers of the audience. He spotted Xue Jing Yi, who was standing behind the curtain. Her face was pale, and her eyes seemed to be breathing fire at him. With her thumb pointed up, she made a gesture meant to humiliate.

The system was still punishing him. Tearing pain lanced through his body, but his mood was extremely cheerful. From this moment on, the trajectory of destiny had begun to change, and the butterfly effect would be like a virus, violently attacking the computing core of the system. How could the system correct the world now? And if it could not be corrected, what situation would it fall into?

Zhou Yun Sheng lowered his head and stared at the flickering smartwatch, his eyes full of interest.

The name Huang Yi quickly became popular all over the world. His performance in the Golden Hall appeared on television and on the Internet, and many people sought it after madly. When he hit the crescendo in the music score, he stood up abruptly, swayed his narrow waist, perked up his butt, and his hair fluttered up and down. The image he created was extremely languid and sexy, making the viewer feel a rush of excitement.

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His appearance transcended the beauty of gender, and his arrogant expression added a bit of wild charm. His body shone naturally. He was a figure that should be looked up to and worshipped.

When he returned to China, he had already became a household name. Hundreds of reporters crammed into the airport just to take a picture of his profile.

With great difficulty, they managed to lose their pursuers and returned to the Xue manor. By then, Zhou Yun Sheng did not want to move a single finger. He was so tired.

“The kitchen has heated up some food. Hurry up and eat. After you’re done eating, don’t immediately go to bed. Go outside and walk around for a few laps to digest. I have a lot of official duties that have been delayed, so I have to go to the company to deal with them. In the evening, I’ll come pick you up for dinner.” While explaining all this, Xue Zi Xuan helped the teenager take off his sneakers and put on a pair of comfortable, soft slippers.

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