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FOD: Xue Zi Xuan 13.3

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Chapter 13.3 – A Murder

Xue Zi Xuan obviously did not remember what he had promised his mother, but he did not answer. He merely changed his shoes and exited out the door.

Xue Li Dan Ni yelled at his retreating back: “You said that you would pay attention to your reputation and the Xue family’s reputation, but you broke your promise! You ran around with Huang Yi, hugging him, and kissing him. Are you not afraid of other people knowing about your ugly scandal? Do you have any brains? Do you know what affect this will have on the Xue family?”

Xue Zi Xuan turned his head around and said coldly: “Mother, I advise you not to disturb my life with Xiao Yi. Otherwise, it may be difficult for you to lvie the stable life that you are living right now.” If, like him, they retained the memories of their previous life, then they would know what it was like to live while wanting to die.

Xue Li Dan Ni’s delicately made up face became distorted. Her son was threatening her. She stormed back into the house in a fit of anger and saw the teenager sitting in the dining room. He was gnawing on a pig trotter without a care in the world. Oh how she wanted to tear him into shreds.

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Xue Zi Xuan came over and said quietly, “Leave immediately after you’re done packing your things. There are no guest rooms in this house.”

Xue Li Dan Ni sneered: “Why would there be no guest rooms? Are you driving me away right now?”

“I had the servants remove the beds from all of the guest rooms. If you are willing to sleep on the floor, then please feel free to do so.” Xue Zi Xuan made a gesture of invitation with his hand.

Xue Li Dan Ni’s face turned purple from the feeling of suffocation. She had to take several deep breaths before she could recover her calm. “Fine, we will leave as soon as we finish packing. If you have to go out to handle affairs, then go ahead. There’s no need to stay behind to watch us. Do you think we are thieves?”

Zhou Yun Sheng came out to watch the show.

Xue Zi Xuan took the boy into his arms and stroked him. He didn’t plan to leave. How could he possibly leave the teenager alone with them? Naturally, he must guard the boy until these idlers left the premise.

Xue Li Dan Ni wanted to persuade her son to leave first, but was worried that it might cause him to become suspicious, so she had to go upstairs with Xue Jing Yi and pack their things. The two could not find a chance to talk to Huang Yi alone, so they could only pack a few pieces of jewelry and leave in a hurry.

On the way back to the city, Xue Li Dan Ni received a call.

“How is it? Is the matter finished?” Xue Rui said in a bad tone. His son had taken all of his power. He had no place in the company and could not even put in a word of input for any decision-making. Even his assistants handed in important documents directly to Xue Zi Xuan for signing.

He used to worry that no one would inherit the family business, but that kind of worry was only for when he was already old and unable to walk. He originally thought that it would take at least ten years to groom his son into a person worthy of respect. At that time, it would be just right for him to retire and enjoy his remaining years in retirement. But right now he was in the prime of his life. He still had many aspirations and ambitions that have not been fulfilled. To be forced into this situation by his son, he was really unwilling, absolutely unwilling.

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A few days ago, his son had vetoed the merger plan that he had proposed. He spent three years researching for that plan. Once successful, he would lead the Xue consortium to a higher level. Even the CITIC Enterprise, which was completely loyal to Xue Yan, had no problem at all. But at the moment of the final vote, his son voted against it, and all the shareholders also followed him and voted against it.

The magnificent blueprint he drew up was worthless. He had never found his son to be so repulsive. After the meeting, he flung a teacup and bellowed for his son to get out of the company.

His son did not say a word. He only gave him a contemptuous, pitying look. Xue Rui did not have any heart problems, but he felt that sooner or later he would develop a heart problem from excessive anger. The change in his son started when Huang Yi came to the Xue house. His son likes that kid? Then he will ruin him! Huang Yi’s death will make his son understand that there are always things that he can’t control in this world.

Xue Li Dan Ni’s eyes dimmed slightly. She shook her head and said, “No, I ran into Zi Xuan when I walked in. He was watching me, so it was not convenient to make a move.”

“Then finish it quickly, Jing Yi can’t wait!” Xue Rui urged sharply.

“Okay, right away.”

Hanging up the phone, Xue Li Dan Ni instructed the driver to go around the city a few times and then turn back around to the Xue manor.

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Seeing the two people who had left the house already only to return, the butler was surprised and stepped forward to ask, “Mistress, Young Miss, why are you back?” The teenager was sitting in the living room and playing with a PSP. He feared that these two would cause trouble for him.

Xue Li Dan Ni pursed her lips and said, “Jing Yi forgot to take her sheet music, so we came back. There are a dozen books of sheet music, so they’re very heavy. Go up and help her carry them.” At the end, she patted her daughter on the shoulder and hinted, “You go up with the butler. Mom is tired and wants to rest for a while.”

Xue Jing Yi nodded and pulled the hesitant butler up to the second floor.

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