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FOD: Xue Zi Xuan 13.5

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Chapter 13.5 – A Murder

Using his spiritual energy, Zhou Yun Sheng implanted a new program into the smartwatch and booted up 007. He stretched his wrist and spoke to himself: “Looks like it is time to leave the Xue family.”

It was not Zhou Yun Sheng’s style to sit and wait for death. He has been monitoring everyone in the Xue family. He knew their every move, including whom they had bribed and how they were going to execute the murder plan. After signing the document, he didn’t intend to stay in the Xue family, so he went upstairs to pack and tidy up.

His luggage was sparse, just some clothes, a few certificates, and a bankcard. He could pack everything away into a backpack that was neither too big nor too small when everything was folded up. The money in the card came from selling small software, as well as the prize money from the piano competition. As for the authorized user credit card that Xue Zi Xuan gave him, he placed it upright on the desk. He did not take anything that belonged to the Xue family.

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It’s been more than a year since he came to the capital, and seeing that he would be eighteen years old in a few months, he really felt a bit emotional. At fist, he thought it would be a hopeless journey, but unexpectedly it was full of joy and hope. Yes. He had to admit it. After the initial cold treatment passed, Xue Zi Xuan gave him warmth that he never had before. Whenever he stayed by Xue Zi Xuan’s side, he would always unwittingly forget about the ulterior motives behind their encounter.

If Xue Jing Yi and Xue Li Dan Ni had not brought that document for him to sign, then he would have continued to stay by Xue Zi Xuan’s side, acting as if he didn’t know anything. But was that possible? Obviously, it was impossible. All evil causes would bear evil results, and he would have to face this day sooner or later.

Of course, Xue Zi Xuan must also face it. He thought that completely isolating himself from the Xue family would solve everything, but such an idea was too naïve.

Once a person breeds evil thoughts, the corroded heart can no longer remain intact. It will continue to fester until it rots completely.

Zhou Yun Sheng took a bath and changed into the casual clothes that he wore when he first came to the Xue manor. Then he slowly walked up to the third floor and pushed open the door to the piano room that Xue Zi Xuan had arranged for him. These days, he has grown a lot taller, and when he reached out his hand to stroke the words engraved on the piano cover, his sleeves were obviously shorter. But if a person were good looking, then naturally they would look good in everything. With him dressed like this, he gave off the flavor of one who despised worldly conventions.

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He placed the phone on the music stand and turned on the camera function. He pressed the keys in an orderly manner, playing notes that were out of tune, and said slowly, “I’m leaving.”

The jumping speed of his fingertips gradually increased, and the notes that were out of tuned also converged into a short and exciting melody. He said leisurely: “You people always say that I have no emotions when I play the piano. Do you know the reason?”

Pressing the keys hard, a string of creepy high notes popped up, and he suddenly pulled his lips into a smile: “Because I knew from the beginning, the reason you people brought me back for. This song “The Assassin in the Wind” is a gift to everyone in the Xue family. Thank you for taking care of me.”

The short and dangerous melody changed into a wide-open accent. The teenager pressed the last note fiercely, and then he raised his frosty face: “How about this song? Did it touch you?” He smiled sarcastically, picked up the phone, walked back to his bedroom, and pointed the camera at the bookcase full of books.

His white fingertips flicked from one foreign language book to another. There was English, French, German, Russian… dozens of different languages, enough to dazzle the eyes. He pulled out one of the books, opened it up to a random page, read aloud fluently, and smiled when he finished: “Aunt Xue, are you pleasantly surprised? You didn’t expect a country bumpkin from the outskirts to be able to understand foreign languages did you? I carry these books around and read them all day, but you didn’t even realize. You can only blame yourself for not caring about me. However, there is nothing wrong with this. Who cares about a container? A dead person who is about to be buried soon? If it were I, I wouldn’t care either. Now, are you thinking that it is a very stupid move to hand over the English version of the organ donation agreement to me for my signature?”

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His bright peach blossom eyes were slightly curved, and his handsome face was also a little cute: “Don’t worry, I won’t laugh at you, because there are really not that many people who are smarter than me in the world.”

He fixed his mobile phone upright and placed it on the table opposite of him. Then he began to pack the mechanical books on the bookshelf and continued to speak: “From the first day I entered this house, I knew what you people were thinking about. Do you know how sickening it was whenever you people put on airs in front of me? At that time I swore that I would definitely make you pay!”

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  1. what? what!? ZYS, you’re leaving? just like that? but what about XZX? I know you both need to talk it over but don’t you love him? he loves you more than anything or anyone.
    XZX, hurry and go get your man back! so nervous. I know it’s HE but I can’t help it.
    Thank you so much for translating this! you’re awesome! ?

  2. am I the only one who didn’t really like this version of zys? I don’t know, maybe because it’s kind of an alternate universe, his personality is different from how zys usually behave. this zys is too arrogant, too untrusting, too conceited in a not endearing way

    1. I get what you mean, this really is a different flavor of ZYS. But he is supposed to be a younger version of ZYS, who has less life experience, not to mention, he’s still under the System’s control, so that would make him more paranoid and bitter.

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