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FOD: Xue Zi Xuan 13.6

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Chapter 13.6 – A Murder

Zhou Yun Sheng turned his head. His expression was cold. Then he waved his hand and smiled lightly, seeming more and more ambiguous: “All right, let’s stop talking nonsense. How many villains get overthrown by the protagonist in the end because of too much talk? I won’t give you that opportunity. Of course, I am not a villain, I am a victim, and you people are murderers.”

Putting a few unread mechanical books into his backpack, he sighed with a sense of loss: “Xue Zi Xuan, you said that you love me, but I’m sorry. This love started with murderous intentions. I don’t dare to covet it. I want to know, between your family and me, how will you choose?”

He got close to the camera first, whispered “goodbye,” and then turned off the phone.

After he finished packing up, he told the butler that he would go to the company to find his brother. The butler did not doubt him and told him not to drive there by himself, but to have the chauffeur drive him. The newly hired chauffeur was wandering around his modified supercar with a strange expression on his face.

“What are you doing?” Zhou Yun Sheng arched an eyebrow.

“Young Master Huang, your supercar is so cool. I have never seen it before.” The chauffeur was a veteran in his early thirties, with thick eyebrows and big eyes. He had a good-looking appearance and his background was clean.

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But Zhou Yun Sheng knew that Xue Rui had bribed him a long time ago. After the agreement for organ donation was registered by the Red Cross and officially took effect, he was responsible for causing a car accident.

“How about giving you a chance to drive today?” He walked over, threw his backpack into the shotgun seat, and smiled. “Drive me to the company to find my brother. Recently, the traffic police are conducting stricter checks and I don’t have a driver’s license.”

The organ donation document was only signed recently, so it has no legal effect yet, therefore the driver had yet to do anything to the supercar. He was really just taking a look just then. It was a pity that such a good supercar would be crashed. To be able to drive a few laps in such a supercar before it gets destroyed would be fun, of course he couldn’t wait to drive it, so he got in immediately.

“Did you drive in the army?” Zhou Yun Sheng asked casually.

“Yes, our army also have good cars, but the top of the bunch is the Hummer. It can’t be compared with your modified supercar though. Look, it drives as soon as you touch the gas pedal. So awesome!” The chauffeur started the engine and drove out of the villa in the blink of an eye.

Zhou Yun Sheng laughed but did not speak. When they arrived in the city, he asked the chauffeur to stop by the side of the road: “I’m going to buy a bottle of water. Do you want one?”

“No, thank you, Young Master Huang.” The chauffeur waved his hand politely.

Zhou Yun Sheng entered a small supermarket, took out the PSP from his backpack, and fiddled with a few keys casually. At the same time, the chauffeur sitting in the driver’s seat felt that the seat belt was tightened abruptly and the steering wheel turned automatically. The engine roared to life as if there was a pair of invisible hands manipulating the car.

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“What’s going on?” The chauffeur panicked. While shifting the joystick to the parking gear, he unfastened the seat belt, but all of his actions were in vain. The seat belt tightened and the joystick automatically shifted to forward gear. The big red supercar roared twice and sprang forward like lightning.

The chauffeur heard a cry of alarm from behind him and turned back hurriedly only to see the teenager in a white sweatshirt running out of the store. He was jumping and yelling, as if he was very angry at this car theft. A few young people gathered around and shook their phones as if to remind him to call the police.

The red supercar rushed around the city at a speed of 160 kilometers per hour. It automatically avoided obstacles in front of it at a critical moment, but it never slowed down or waited for traffic lights.

After rushing through several intersections without being able to intercept it, the traffic police had to use radio to notify colleagues in the city to besiege the red supercar. Most of the people who could afford such a luxury supercar were the upper-class people in the capital.

Recently, the new leader has taken office and he has extremely strict management of the social atmosphere. At this moment, carelessly racing through the streets was tantamount to committing a crime against the law. No matter how powerful or influential the driver’s family was, even they would not be able to suppress this incident.

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If the traffic police could flag down this supercar without a hitch then they wouldn’t have to escalate the matter. Slapping a fine on the person, seizing the supercar, and confiscating their license would be enough. But if a traffic accident occurred because of such reckless driving, then they could not bear this responsibility nor did they dare to.

The traffic police was just preparing to strangle the danger in its cradle, when a mishap really did happen. The red supercar, which has been driving many loops around the urban district, ran into a Mercedes-Benz. The front of the car was completely wrecked, the driver’s side was twisted, and the driver’s condition was precariously unknown.

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  1. Thank you for the update. I kinda feel sad for XZX sometimes, even in the 1st life he is in cahoots with his family to take his heart, but in the second life he tried to redeem and “love “ ZYS. But is it love he feels or and obsession that previously not fulfilled? I still dunno if XZX still deserves to be with ZYS ,even though his bg story really touching that time. Tq

    1. YES to everything you said. To me there’s always been a big under current of obsession to XZX’s love for ZYS. The author herself tried to say that it’s really love in one of her author notes. She said that XZX will still love ZYS even if he doesn’t play the piano. But I’m a little skeptical because up until the point that XZX died in his last life, he was still obsessed with ZYS’s music. But I’m also a sucker for plots where one of the characters repent and try their best to pamper another character when given a second chance, à la “Wife is First” and “Didn’t Love You Enough.”

  2. Wow ZYS, you’re really going to slip away in a really dramatic way. I know XZX will choose ZYS. the problem of the murder and the lies have always been something that was stopping them from having a true loving relationship. I can’t wait to see how it’ll all turn out.
    thank you for your hard work and dedication to translate this. without you I wouldn’t be able to read this at all. I think you’re doing a wonderful job!

      1. I have to agree with the above comment. You are going and amazing. I look forward to each new chapter ty so much.

  3. I also have a lot of the same thoughts as Sl above. he is obsessed. even now he still remembers too much of the last life.
    but at the same time I think that XZX really does love ZYS. they’ve been together long enough for XZX to realize that ZYS is very different in some aspects from his former self. I think he’s truly fallen in love after all this time. no matter if he played the piano well or not and even after noticing the differences between the present and last ZYS, XZX still loves and stays with him. he still chooses him over his family. I honestly think that if XZX was only obsessed with the past ZYS he wouldn’t love him so much now after noticing the differences.
    either way I want a HE for XZX. no matter the past or present life they both deserve happiness.

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