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FOD: Xue Zi Xuan 13.7

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Chapter 13.7 – A Murder

The owner of the Mercedes-Benz was also all bloody and battered, sprawled atop the airbag and completely unresponsive. The ambulance arrived. The traffic police and the fire brigade combined together took more than an hour to saw open the distorted doors of the two cars in order to get the wounded people out.

The onlookers stood not far away, pointing and murmuring. Many people picked up their phones to shoot videos and then posted them on the Internet. Car accidents at the beginning of the year were not uncommon, but it was rare that the two cars involved in the accident were luxury cars worth at least five million each.

The Mercedes-Benz Maybach had an extended bulletproof top and priced at over six million yuan. Then there was that supercar. It wasn’t even sold on the market. It had to be a customized car and must cost a minimum of seven or eight million.

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Calculated in this way, today’s car accident totaled more than ten million. My god! The busybodies were all fired up. They wrote up a terrifying headline and posted it online, which immediately attracted the attention of countless netizens. From the start, they bitterly detested the behavior of the driver behind the wheel of the red supercar. That driver was racing recklessly all around the city. The people have repeatedly asked the traffic police to investigate them thoroughly.

This issue blew up in a big way, and it was futile to try to cover it up. The traffic police immediately investigated the identities of the two car owners.

When the chauffeur and the Mercedes-Benz owner were taken to the hospital, Zhou Yun Sheng had already bought a ticket to the UK and was playing games in the waiting room. He doctored up a few documents, and they were good enough to pass off as genuine articles. No one would be able to trace his whereabouts.

The big LED screen hanging in the lobby was broadcasting news about the car accident. Reporters interviewed people passing by. Everyone unanimously called on the officials to disclose the results of the investigation. Don’t forget justice because the perpetrators are powerful people. Immeidately, the leaders of the Transportation Bureau steppe dup and said that they would conduct a thorough investigation, which drew a wave of praise.

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Seeing this, Zhou Yun Sheng smiled playfully. He had successfully left the Xue family and also threw them into the pits at the same time. Now this was his modus operandi. How could someone like him depart quietly and boringly?

But he would not play with the lives of innocent people. After learning all about Xue Jing Yi’s plan, he set up the accident. The owner of the Mercedes-Benz was coincidentally the culprit who killed his parents.

Through his investigations, he gradually uncovered the truth behind the past drunk driving incident of the Mercedes-Benz owner. That year, the Mercedes-Benz owner drove into the pedicab of Huang Yi’s father and mother. The two of them lied on the road, straddling the line between life and death. The vehicle owner got out of the car, took a look at them, saw that they were still breathing, and got back in the car to run them over again and again, until the two were thoroughly crushed beneath the wheels. Then and only then did the driver left the scene of the crime in a calm and unhurried manner.

While reconstructing the surveillance video that was destroyed by the internal personnel of the Transportation Bureau, Zhou Yun Sheng’s eyes were bloodshot and hatred overwhelmed his heart.

Of course he knew why the owner of the Mercedes-Benz car would do this. If he injured someone, then he needed to pay a high amount in medical fees, moreover, there was no cap to this amount. But if he killed someone, then he only needed to pay two hundred thousand yuan for a life, and the total amount for two lives was only four hundred thousand.

Zhou Yun Sheng found out that the owner of thecar was the boss of a multinational company with a net worth of at least tens of billions, which was almost the same as Xue Rui’s status. He was fully able to bear the treatment fees for two people, but he chose murder because he said he was afraid of trouble.

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Afraid of trouble? It was these simple words that took away the lives of Zhou Yun Sheng’s parents in this lifetime. In the end, the Mercedes-Benz owner didn’t even want to pay four hundred thousand yuan, and he found a few gangsters to threaten the Huang family. In the end, it only cost him seventy thousand yuan to settle the matter.

Zhou Yun Sheng wondered if he ever had nightmares over these past years. Probably not, because people like him and Xue Rui didn’t treat other people as humans at all.

Thinking up to here, Zhou Yun Sheng sneered. That’s right, he did not have any power or influence, so he could not ruin the opponent’s reputation and status. But it was not difficult to take his life in the same way that he had robbed Huang Yi’s parents of theirs. Since finding out the identity of the car owner, Zhou Yun Sheng has been monitoring him, and he knew when and where the other person would be. Today, he controlled the supercar to drive in big circles around the city, just waiting for the moment when the two cars met.

The LED screen was still playing the video of the car accident. It was evident in the video that when the supercar passed by the traffic light, it not only did not slow down, but also slammed on the accelerator. It shot forward like a bullet and smashed into the Mercedes Benz hard.

The passengers waiting for the flight exclaimed, saying that the driver of the supercar did it deliberately. Zhou Yun Sheng nodded in secret. He heard the director’s announcement that passengers heading to the UK should board the plane from gate 13, so he stood up and ambled along with the crowd.

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