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FOD: Xue Zi Xuan 13.8

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Chapter 13.8 – A Murder

Xue Zi Xuan has been feeling rattled for some reason. In the middle of the meeting, his special assistant suddenly barged into the conference room and handed him a document. This special assistant was responsible or monitoring the Xue family, and would notify him immediately if he found any abnormalities.

After reading only two pages, Xue Zi Xuan’s expression changed drastically, and he said coldly: “The meeting is postponed. I have important matters to handle.”

One after another, everyone filed out of the room with expressions of awe on their faces. Although their newly appointed boss was once an artist*, he did not have the gentle elegance of an artist at all. On the contrary, he was extremely cold.

[*T/N: 艺术家 – literally means “artist” and encompasses all of the arts, from music to painting.]

Except when facing the adopted son of the Xue family, other people have never seen him smile. It seemed like only when he was with the other person would he become a real human being, with blood and flesh, and feelings of sorrow and joy. And when he parted from the other, he would be an empty shell of a person, without a heart and without emotions. Working under this kind of boss was actually quite horrifying.

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Right now, Xue Zi Xuan’s face revealed a rare expression of anger. With a twisted face, he asked, “Where did this document come from?”

“It was stolen from the computer of Mr. Xue’s personal lawyer. I found out that the two of them have been in contact too frequently recently, so I paid attention. Later, the lawyer went to the Red Cross several times to consult about organ donation, so I had someone hack into his computer, but I didn’t expect to see this file.” This special assistant was a private detective that Xue Zi Xuan had often cooperated with in his previous life. He bought many photos of Xiao Yi from him, so he was naturally convinced of his abilities.

Looking at the date of the document, Xue Zi Xuan’s expression stuttered. He waved his hand and said, “I see, continue to keep an eye out.” The document was only drafted yesterday. They shouldn’t have found the time to get Xiao Yi to sign it yet, so they wouldn’t make a move for the time being.

The special assistant was about ot leave, but then he turned back and whispered: “I also found out that this lawyer has been in contact with your driver, so I checked the driver’s financial situation along the way and found out that he owed millions in foreign debts.”

Xue Zi Xuan’s eyes darkened. He gritted his teeth and said, “Didn’t you say that there was no problem with him when he was first hired?”

The assistant was ashamed. He bowed his head and said, “Those debts are under his younger brother’s name. So I didn’t pay attention. Either way, I was negligent. I will focus on monitoring him.”

“En, I will dismiss the gardener, you will go to my house and replace this position.” After a pause, Xue Zi Xuan added cautiously, “Don’t let Xiao Yi notice. He will be afraid.”

The assistant promised in a low voice and hurried out. Neither of them expected Xue Rui would be so anxious. As soon as they drafted up the organ donation document, they rushed to have the teenager sign it.

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Driven to a desperate situation by his son, Xue Rui thought that Huang Yi’s death could ruin his son at a stroke* and make him understand that no matter how hard he fought he was still not this old man’s opponent. Besides, killing Huang Yi could also conveniently save his daughter along the way, so why not do so? Didn’t he bring the boy back just to dig out his heart?

[*T/N: 一蹶不振 yi jue bu zhen – Chinese idiom meaning “one stumble, unable to rise,” or “unable to recover after a minor hitch.”]

In the Municipal People’s Hospital, the red light to the operating room was still on. The two wounded drivers were still in the middle of treatment, and the situation was not optimistic.

“Boss, I’ve identified them. The owner of the Mercedes-Benz Maybach is Hu Dong, the president of the Dongrun Group, and the owner of the Lamforghini Egoista is Huang Yi, the adopted son of Xue Rui, the president of the Xue Consortium.” A young traffic police officer ran up to the doorway of the operating room and handed a stack of documents to the captain who was waiting outside. He continued to speak, “But the driver was not him. The driver is a chauffeur hired by the Xue family, named Zhao Yin.”

In this accident, the red supercar was mainly responsible. The captain thought that someone who dared to speed up to 160 kilometers in the city was either a rich man or some second-generation dude, but the culprit turned out to be a small time chauffeur.

“Dumbass. I say this Zhao Yin really has a lot of f*cking nerves. Did he see that his employer’s car is good and wanted to drive it out secretly for some fun? No wonder it was driving around like a whirlwind. Damn thief*! If he dies then good for him, if he doesn’t then he’s really going to get it!” The captain cursed angrily.

[*T/N: 手贱 shou jian – colloquial saying for someone prone to touch things one should keep one’s hands off of]

Translations by Vanilla Muse.

“If he doesn’t die that he would be half-handicapped.” The young police officer flipped around the evidence bag. Inside were two mobile phones that have been shattered into little pieces. “These things are broken so badly, it can’t even be turned on. Otherwise, we would’ve contacted their family members already. Boss, are you making the call or am I making the call? I am most afraid of these kinds of moments. I don’t even know where to begin talking.”

“Of course you’re making the call! Speak well, pay attention to calming the emotions of the family members, and have them come as soon as possible.” The captain was a little annoyed. He went to the stairwell for a smoke. When he saw his deputy preparing to dial, he reminded, “Don’t forget to notify Huang Yi and Xue Rui, they are the owner and guardian of the vehicle that caused the accident. They also have to bear the responsibility.”

“I won’t forget.” The young traffic police officer took his cell phone out to a quiet place to make the calls.

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