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FOD: Xue Zi Xuan 14.1

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Chapter 14.1

When he received the call from the traffic police, Xue Rui couldn’t recover for a long time.

“Are you saying Zhao Yin drove my adopted son’s car and hit someone, and he is now in the hospital? What about my adopted son?”

“We are also looking for him at the moment, but his phone has been turned off all this time.” The young traffic police officer said in a harsh tone, “Please take him to the bureau as soon as possible to assist in the investigation. You must know that even though the driver is not him, his car has hit someone, so he has to bear joint responsibility.”

Just as he finished talking, another traffic police officer rushed over and said, “We have thoroughly verified it, Huang Yi did not lend this car to Zhao Yin. It is Zhao Yin who stole the car while Huang Yi entered a store to buy things. 110 received a call from Huang Yi reporting the theft. The call was made just four hours prior. That store has also provided their security footage. It recorded the entire process of Zhao Yin stealing the car.”

[T/N: 110 is the police number in China.]

Hearing this, the young traffic police officer looked a little embarrassed, and said into the receiver: “Mr. Xue, I’m really sorry about just now. After investigating, we found out that your adopted son, Huang Yi, has nothing to do with this matter, but please still bring him over to the bureau. After all, he is the owner of the car.”

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“Okay, I will contact [him].” Xue Rui hung up and immediately dialed the teenager’s mobile phone number. As soon as the document was signed, the planned car accident was moved forward, and the person he had bribed in advance was injured. No matter how you looked at it, this matter was quite extraordinary. Xue Rui called several times but the call never went through. An ominous premonition rose in his heart.

At the same time, Xue Zi Xuan was also calling the teenager. The pre-recorded message of “the phone number you dialed is turned off” made him more distraught. He picked up his car key on the table and planned to go home, but he didn’t expect the assistant to push open the door and come in to hand him an envelope. “President Xue, this document specified that it should be delivered to you. Do you want to take a look?”

“I’m don’t have time.” Xue Zi Xuan waved his hand and rejected it, but as he passed by, he caught a glimpse of the words on the envelope, and suddenly stopped.

“Where is the person who delivered this letter?” He took the envelope and anxiously asked about the bold cursive calligraphy on the letter. It was a hundred percent Xiao Yi’s handwriting.

“They already left. It’s from Zhongtong Express. The guard has their registration. I will check it for you.” Before the assistant had finished speaking, the vice president had already run out in pursuit.

Of course Xue Zi Xuan knew that he could not catch up to the person at this time. He was flustered and at the same time very confused. What can Xiao Yi not say [to him]? Why must he send him a letter? And his phone was turned off too. What did he plan to do?

Xue Zi Xuan’s scalp was numb. He hardly dared to think too deeply about the cause. While waiting for the elevator, he opened the envelope and found that there was a memory card and a sheet of paper inside. There were not many words written on the sheet of paper, only a simple sentence — All members of the Xue family are sincerely invited to watch the contents of the memory card, respectfully Huang Yi.

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What content? Why invite the while family to watch? Xue Zi Xuan paced back and forth in the cramped elevator like a trapped beast. His handsome face was completely distorted because of his anxiety, and he looked scary and anxious.

The elevator arrived at the first floor. He made a few more calls, but got the same pre-recorded message, so he could only contact Xue Rui.

“Where did you send Xiao Yi off to?” His voice was low and full of viciousness.

“What are you talking about? How would I know where he went? Aren’t you and him attached at the hip?” Xue Rui was still pretending to be stupid. He did not plan to go to the Transportation Bureau. He only sent his assistant to assess the situation. Right now, he also really wanted to know where did Huang Yi that little bastard go.

Xue Zi Xuan was about to ask, but he carelessly glanced over at the LED screen in the lobby, which was playing the scene of the car accident. He was all too familiar with the dilapidated red supercar.

For an instant, his blood froze and his body was unstable. If it were not for a staff member who saw that he was about to faint and kindly supported him, he might have collapsed to the floor on the spot.

“President Xue, is your situation serious? How about I take you to the hospital?”

“Yes, go to the hospital, I want to go to the hospital.” He brushed off the staff member, staggered a few steps, and then ran towards the parking lot like crazy.

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While he started up the engine of the car, he called the traffic control department and asked about the accident. The operator didn’t know the situation either. He heard that he was the brother of the car owner and immediately asked him to go to the hospital to look for the [injured] person.

Xue Zi Xuan rushed to the hospital as quickly as possible, and happened to run into Xue Rui’s assistant at the gate. The assistant saw him, and like a mouse that saw a cat, he went up the stairs and did not even dare to take the elevator.

Xue Zi Xuan gave him a cold look, ignored him, and went straight to the operating room on the top floor.

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