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FOD: Xue Zi Xuan 14.2

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Chapter 14.2

The police officer in charge of the traffic accident naturally knew the famous pianist. When he saw the pale-faced man coming in with large strides, he hurriedly took him to a vacant ward to talk.

“Where is Xiao Yi? How is he?” Xue Zi Xuan’s voice trembled. He dared not think about anything on the way [to the hospital], because the more he thought about it, the more afraid he would be. He could not bear to lose the teenager again.

“What? Didn’t your father tell you? The person who drove the car was not Huang Yi. Four hours ago, your driver Zhao Yin stole his car. After driving around the city for two hours, he collided with a Maybach. Right now, both of them are in the operating room.”

“The one driving was not Xiao Yi?” Xue Zi Xuan slowly sat down on a hospital bed and asked in a muted voice, “Then where did he go?”

The traffic police officer waved his hand helplessly: “We have to ask you guys that question. We have no way of knowing. Or you can swing by the police station to have a look? Maybe he went there to report [the theft] to the police.”

“Okay, I’ll go right away, thank you.” Xue Zi Xuan stood up to leave, but the traffic police officer stopped him.

“Hey, don’t leave yet. The car belongs to Huang Yi. As one of his guardians, you have to stay and assist in the investigation. When the family members of the owner of the Maybach arrive, you have to negotiate with them. Zhao Yin’s family members are all out of town and will not be here until tomorrow. You guys are the vehicle owner and the employer, you must show your face [in the negotiations].”

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Seeing the man’s irascible expression, the traffic police officer placated: “Don’t worry. You* won’t be held responsible if the stolen car hits someone. Just talk to the victim’s family, otherwise they will clamor to talk to you, and we would still have to go look for you [and bring you back]. Why waste time?”

[*T/N: The plural “you” is being used here to refer to the Xue family and Huang Yi.]

Just as the traffic police officer finished talking, there was a loud noise outside. Another police officer came in and urged: “Team Liu, the victim’s family is here and they are crying outside. Quickly, go and see [them].”

Before the traffic police officer could open his mouth to respond, Xue Zi Xuan pushed open the door and went out. He saw the middle-aged woman in a luxurious dress, but her hair was in a mess. He froze on the spot.

“Who is the owner of the Maybach?” His eyes gradually became bloodshot. Only at this moment did he realize that this was probably not a genuine accident, but a man-made car accident. He recognized this woman, and her husband was the culprit who killed Xiao Yi’s parents.

In the last life, Xue Yan had ruined them. In this life, he originally planned to avenge Xiao Yi, but he hadn’t had time yet.

Of all the people that Zhao Yin could have crashed into, he specifically rammed into Xiao Yi’s enemy? Was there such a coincidence in this world? He couldn’t help but recall the scene of Xiao Yi using the PSP to control the car on the winding highway after he remodeled it. He vaguely inferred the truth in his heart. The police officer’s answer made him even more certain that this accident was Xiao Yi’s doing.

Xue Zi Xuan had planned to immediately rush to the police station, but he ended up staying. He sat down on the cold bench and waited. He had to deal with the aftermath of Xiao Yi’s actions. Whether Xiao Yi had planned the car accident or not, he had to make it into a pure accident.

The assistant who climbed up to the top floor saw that the vice president was still there, so he didn’t dare to step forward.

“Go back and tell Xue Rui that at eight o’ clock this evening, I will wait for him at home. If he wants the Xue consortium to go bankrupt, then he can refuse to come.” Xue Zi Xuan touched the memory card in his pocket. His expression was a cold front, a portent of the storm to come.

The assistant nodded repeatedly, not daring to ask more.

Xue Zi Xuan took out his cell phone again and texted Xue Li Dan Ni and Xue Jing Yi. He never went against Xiao Yi’s wishes, even if he wanted to hang a knife above his head, he would not avoid it. He wanted everyone in the Xue family to see the contents of this memory card. Then let’s see it.

Thinking about this, he pressed his hand above his heart, only to feel a sudden pain in his chest.

Mrs. Hu learned that the red supercar belonged to the adopted son of the Xue family. She came over aggressively ready to unleash a wave of criticism, but before she could open her mouth, the young man’s reddened and extremely hostile eyes gave her a fright.

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“Before trying to interrogate others, you better ask yourself if your husband is completely innocent? Maybe his suffering right now is all due to retribution.” Xue Zi Xuan said in a low voice. Then he got up and went to the stairwell for a smoke.

His hands trembled as he lit the cigarette. He took a firm drag of the cigarette. Then, without a care for his image, he sat down at the top of the stairs and fished out his phone to give the teenager a call.

After the call automatically hung up, he called again and again. The mechanical beeping [of the ended call] echoed again and again. It made him flustered for no reason.

If he didn’t have to be here to deal with the aftermath of the teenager’s actions, he would have desperately rushed out to look for him. His nerves have been pushed to the limit and were about to collapse.

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