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FOD: Xue Zi Xuan 14.3

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Chapter 14.3

Two hours later, both Zhao Yin and Hu Dong were out of danger. However, it was like an unspoken pact was made, the former had to amputate his left leg, and the latter had to amputate his right leg, resulting in a life-long disability for both men.

Mrs. Hu cried bitterly. While crying she heaped verbal abuse upon Zhao, and would stare at Xue Zi Xuan with hatred from time to time. After hearing that the two men would wake up tomorrow, Xue Zi Xuan left without saying a word. When he passed by Mrs. Hu, he didn’t even bother to look at her directly, never mind offering any words of comfort.

When Xiao Yi’s parents were crushed under Hu Dong’s wheels over and over again, he should have known that such a day would come sooner or later. Moreover, it was just an amputated leg. Compared with his previous life, he was considered lucky, better than being jailed. In the end, he was beaten to death by the other convicts. When Xue Yan did things, he would never leave the other person any leeway.

Xue Zi Xuan stopped the traffic police officer and inquired softly, “Can I see the video of when the car was stolen?”

“No problem, you can go to the bureau with me,” the traffic police officer nodded in agreement.

The group of people went to the Transportation Bureau and pulled up the video provided by the shopkeeper and the public video on the roadside for viewing. The picture was not clear, but the juvenile’s delicate and extraordinary looks were highly recognizable. He was wearing a set of leisurewear that didn’t fit very well, and carrying a black backpack. He walked slowly into the shop.

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With a psp in his hand, he casually fiddled with it while looking at the shelves. When he reached the beverage area, he took a bottle of mineral water and walked to the counter to pay the bill. He glanced outside when he paid, and then dropped the mineral water and rushed out quickly.

The video from the shop only recorded the incident up to here. The traffic police then put on the video from the road and continued to broadcast. A red supercar whizzed away at high speed. The teenager jumped angrily. Under the urging of the people nearby, he picked up his phone and called the police.

Everything matched up with the information sent back by 110. The youth really had nothing to do with the car accident. As for his whereabouts, it was probable that he was angry and afraid after losing the car and didn’t want to go home.

“That is all of the recorded footage.” The traffic police officer closed the web page and comforted, “These are enough to prove Huang Yi’s innocence. You should find him as soon as possible and make it clear to him that he is not responsible for this matter, and that there is no need to be afraid.”

“Okay, thank you.” Xue Zi Xuan said goodbye to the police officers. Only when he returned to his car did he reveal an anxious expression.

Others didn’t know the inside story, but he knew clearly that the psp in Xiao Yi’s hand was used to control the sports car. It could control the sports car on the rugged winding mountain road for over hundreds of kilometers, so naturally it could also make the car crash into Hu Dong.

The question now was if the police dismantled and inspected the vehicle, would they find some clue? Would they find out about the old grudges between Hu Dong and Huang Yi, and then doubt him?

Xue Zi Xuan took out a cigarette and lit it. He smoked fiercely while thinking about how to deal with this matter. He must not let Xiao Yi go to jail. Even if Xiao Yi punched a hole into the sky, he still had to find a way to fill the hole at all costs.

He finished up the cigarette in a short time and extinguished the cigarette butt. He drove quickly away from the Transportation Bureau. On the road, he made calls non-stop. He was going to use all of his connections [to cover this up]. He also did not forget to tell the bodyguards to look for Xiao Yi everywhere.

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By eight o’ clock in the evening, Xiao Yi was still not found. Xue Zi Xuan dragged his tired body back to the Xue manor, and found Xue Rui, Xue Li Dan Ni, and Xue Jing Yi sitting in the living room.

“What do you need us for? Don’t always threaten to destroy the company. My patience is limited.” Xue Rui’s face was ashen.

“Brother, I heard from the housekeeper that Xiao Yi is missing? Did you find him?” The thing that Xue Jing Yi cared the most about was her heart.

Xue Li Dan Ni sipped her coffee. Her elegant but slightly trembling fingertips revealed her inner tension. Zhao Yin crashed into someone. She was worried that the police would find evidence of murder in the Xue family if they followed the trail. Thinking about this, it looked like she was going to suffer from insomnia tonight. However, she didn’t know that she might not have the chance to return to that magnificent home tonight.

Xue Zi Xuan turned on the computer without saying a word, inserted the memory card into the port, and slowly said, “This is something Xiao Yi sent, and it is for the whole family to watch.”

At this point, he felt his heart squeezing again. He sat as far away from the rest of the Xue family as possible and watched quietly.

The boy was playing the piano on and off. The tune was indiscernible. Then he approached the camera and said goodbye to everyone. His one sentence, “I’m leaving,” made Xue Zi Xuan’s breathing stop.

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