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FOD: Xue Zi Xuan 14.4

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Chapter 14.4

Only at this moment did the intermittent piano notes link together to form a short and exciting melody. It was “Assassin in the Wind”, a track composed by Sears for the legendary heroic assassin Mandela. He lurked beside the enemies for revenge, cutting their throats one by one with a sharp dagger. This was a song full of hatred, mockery, and murder. The teenager used his slender fingertips to strike the accents [of the song]. The sharp notes pierced into Xue Zi Xuan’s chest like a short blade, whipping his heart into a mass of ground meat.

His guess was correct. The reason why the teenager could not play emotional music was not because he had no talent, but because he had never opened his heart to them. On this earth, who in his right mind would open up his heart to a group of people who intended to murder him?

When the teenager played this song of revenge, the intense desire to commit murder and cold loathing were enough to paralyze the hearts of the audience. He didn’t lack emotion at all. It was just that he would not waste emotions on irrelevant people.

It started with murder, these four words destroyed Xue Zi Xuan’s will and soul. Amidst the heart-piercing pain, he suddenly realized that the teenager had never loved him in both lifetimes.

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Whether it was in the previous life or in this life, the teenager knew that their relationship began with murderous intentions. From start to finish, everything was a mistake.

From the moment he first saw Xue Jing Yi, he had already seen through everything. Then what place did he have in his heart? A tool that could be exploited? Or perhaps a murderer?

Thinking up to here, the taste of fishy sweetness bubbled up in Xue Zi Xuan’s throat, and then he chuckled lowly. His laughter was full of bitterness. That’s right, no matter whom he fell in love with he absolutely could not fall in love with a murderer. This love made him feel fear and dread, so he did not dare to accept it.

The fact that the teenager once exploited him could never compare to [the pain of] the teenager fearing him. This made Xue Zi Xuan despair even more. This was despair deeper than the one he felt in his previous life. The more he understood how the teenager must have been feeling uneasy and tiptoeing around extremely cautiously while living in the Xue manor, the more he could not let go [of his negative feelings].

Xue Zi Xuan thought that being reborn would change everything, but it turned out that they were doomed from the beginning. How could he ignore Xiao Yi’s brilliant intelligence? How could he think that with his wit he would not even be able to see through the plotting of the Xue family? Was he, Xue Zi Xuan, too stupid, or was he simply too afraid to entertain the thought?

Xue Zi Xuan slowly covered his face that was twisted by despair, and cried silently.

However, after the video was over, the computer was still running and automatically played one audio clip after another. Xue Zi Xuan had to suppress the endless fear in his heart and listen carefully.

After the audio clips came to an end, he quickly took out the memory card and put it into the safe that he had already changed the password for. Then he turned around to look at the three people who were sitting in a daze.

He knew that they were planning to murder Xiao Yi, but he didn’t know that they were so ruthless. They planned to hide drugs in Xiao Yi’s bag, call the police to catch, and then bring in the media to publicize the matter, thus completely stigmatizing Xiao Yi as an addict. After Xiao Yi’s reputation deteriorated and his credibility hit rock bottom, they would conceal drugs in Xiao Yi’s car, and have him drive off a cliff and die on the spot.

What a good scheme. With the public believing Xiao Yi to be a drug addict and then planting drugs in his car, no one would think that it was premeditated murder. Blinded by preconceived notions, the police would think that it was a car accident caused by Xiao Yi overdosing on drugs.

So cruel, so poisonous! Such a poisonous strategy was actually planned by a seventeen-year-old girl. From listening to the audio files, the truth came to light. Xue Jing Yi not only proposed a general idea, but she also personally perfected every detail.

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If it weren’t for concern about damaging the health of the heart, Xue Jing Yi originally planned to lure Xiao Yi into taking drugs, but after pondering it a bit more, she changed it to having him consume a drugged beverage before the accident.

This was a double insurance. Even if the car wasn’t tampered with, Xiao yi, with his brain muddled by drugs, would still drive off a cliff and die on the spot.

Xue Zi Xuan could hardly imagine how Xiao Yi must have felt when he heard these audios. No wonder he walked away so straightforwardly. No wonder he showed no quarter to Zhao Yin.

He might never come back [to Xue Zi Xuan] in this lifetime. He hated everyone in the Xue family, including Xue Zi Xuan. Like an assassin in the wind, he would cut through the enemies’ throats one by one with a dagger that shone with cold light, and then disappear into the wind without a trace.

Thinking of this, Xue Zi Xuan suddenly shed two lines of tears. Right now, he was in deep despair. It was so painful that he did not want to live. He felt so helpless. It was an unprecedented feeling of helplessness.

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  1. XZX, I kinda hate to say it but you do deserve this. you have tried to make up for everything but you have never acknowledged your wrongs and apologized to ZYS. so hurry up and deal with that family of yours ruthlessly. then go get ZYS.
    thank you for the chapter!

  2. I agree that he kinds of deserves it, but he has apologized and admitted that he was wrong and also live with the dire consequences for years. But I guess it doesn’t count or wouldn’t help since that was to the previous ZYS not this one.

    Its not that he wouldn’t apologize to this one but he probably thought this ZYS didn’t know and so he didn’t want to tell him and have this ZYS hate him again like in the last life.

    Personally, I think he’s had enough and deserves happiness, seeing as how he tried to save the original ZYS, turned in his own family (admitted their(including his) wrong doings to help ZYS win the attempted murder case) and made the killer of ZYS’s parents pay in his last life.

  3. yeah… I feel bad for XZX but I also 100% feel where ZYS is coming from… in the past life ZYS gave evidence to XJY to see if she would tell him about it so I think ZYS would believe and trust XZX if he just confessed about the organ donation and apologized but he never did… in either life he just tried to cover it up which obviously from ZYSs perspective is untrustworthy.

  4. I thought in this arc I would not cry
    I personally believe he suffered enough from his past life to the thousands of years when his soul was trapped in space ????????????

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