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FOD: Xue Zi Xuan 14.5

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Chapter 14.5

If he could, Xue Zi Xuan wished that he could destroy this magnificent mansion, destroy everyone present, and finally destroy himself. Then everything could be reset again. But that was just wishful thinking, so he could only pick up the phone and make the right choice.

By the time Xue Rui regained his senses and wanted to snatch the memory card, it was too late. His son had already locked the memory card in the safe. He rushed to input the password into the safe, but he forgot that Xue Manor was no longer his territory. The servants, rooms, and facilities here have all been changed anew. He had no way of removing the evidence from within the safe.

“Scram!” Xue Zi Xuan kicked him away. His eyes were red with hatred. They ruined his last life, and they ruined his present life. Just when would it all come to an end? If he could, he really wanted to return all the blood in his body to the Xue family, and use it in exchange for his teenager.

“Zi Xuan, please don’t call the police! If you call the police, our family will be ruined. I still have to go on stage to perform in the future, and your younger sister still has to attend school. She has just received the acceptance letter from the Curtis Institute of Music. She has a great future. Zi Xuan, Mother is begging you!” Xue Li Dan Ni also regained her senses and threw herself at her son’s feet to beseech him.

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She was really frightened. She never thought that Huang Yi could have compiled such a comprehensive collection of their criminal evidence. Did he wiretap them? How could he have this know how? Could it be that her son helped him? But then looking at her son’s reaction, it did not seem to be the case.

As someone who had disregarded Huang Yi from the start, she could not have known how cunning and talented he was. He only needed to implant a small software into their mobile phones to monitor their calls. And he could activate the recording function of their phones at any time, turning their phones into an undetectable monitoring device that would not disturb their phone conversations.

This little software worked twenty-four hours a day. Not only did it record their conspiratorial conversations, it also recorded the sound of their snoring at night. Even when the phone was turned off, it could still function as normal.

Xue Jing Yi realized that some of the recorded audio clips were of her phone calls with Fu Bo. She immediately opened up her phone case, but she did not detect anything that might be a monitoring device. She saw her father unable to get up after being kicked by her brother, her mother kneeling and begging, and her brother calling 110 without any hesitation. Only then did she startle and rush over with a scream.

“Brother, isn’t Xiao Yi unharmed? He left. We won’t hurt him anymore. Just forgive us! We are a family! Brother, did you forget how close we were when we were young? You said you would take care of me for a lifetime…” Xue Zi Xuan squeezed her throat before she could finish speaking.

“Xiao Yi is fine, so that means you guys can be forgiven for hurting him?”

Xue Li Dan Ni knocked his phone out of his hand. Just as he was about to bend over to pick up his phone, Xue Jing Yi gripped onto him firmly.

In an instant, his hatred shot up to the sky. He squeezed Xue Jing Yi’s neck tightly, wanting to send this woman who ruined two lifetimes for him to hell. He already knew that it was hard to change her essential nature. Since he already knew that, he should have just killed her as soon as he opened his eyes in this lifetime.

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His fingers tightened even more, and Xue Jing Yi’s face turned from pale to purple and black. She was on the brink of death.

Xue Li Dan Ni kicked the phone far away and turned back to beat against her son’s arm. Xue Rui staggered upright and went over to help out. The four of them scuffled together, knocking over cups and plates, and overturning tables. The housekeeper was so shocked that he did not dare to approach.

“I can’t forgive you. I can’t forgive a single one of you.” Xue Zi Xuan roared like a beast. He let go, a second away from crushing Xue Jing Yi’s windpipe.

He opened his hand and stared at his palm. It was whole and intact, without the hideous scar from his previous life. But the scar still remained in his heart, engraved in his soul. That scar was an honor, a medal, and a sign of his gratefulness. It was the one thing that he did right.

If he killed Xue Jing Yi, the blood of sin would stain this honor. He had said that in this life, he was willing to become a better version of himself for Xiao Yi, and he could not break his promise.

He came back to his senses from the cloud of anger. He threw Xue Jing Yi and Xue Li Dan Ni aside, and then bent over to pick up his cell phone. But then he felt the cold barrel of a gun pressed against his temple.

“Give me the memory card!” Xue Rui snapped.

Xue Rui should have remembered it sooner, but he had hidden a pistol under the coffee table of the living room, just in case.

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