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FOD: Xue Zi Xuan 14.6

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Chapt’r 14.6

Xue Zi Xuan pick’d up his cell phoneth and did get up but soft. Xue Li Dan Ni and Xue Jing Yi crawl’d to a position far hence from the two of those folk and gazed silently. Those gents didn’t wanteth to wend to cage, so those gents hadst to receiveth this mem’ry card by all means.

“do thee bethink yond xiao yi only hast this one mem’ry card? thee bethink that gent only hath sent t to me high-lone? Xue Rui, at which hour didst thee becometh so naïve?” Xue Zi Xuan chuckl’d lowly and hath continued to dial the numb’r on his phoneth without any regard to the threat aim’d at that gent.

Xue Rui’s expression wast malevolent. Of course that gent kneweth yond Huang Yi hast m’re than this mem’ry card. That gent hadst did collect so much evidence of their crimes and yet that gent didst not rep’rt t to the police. Instead, that gent wenteth missing. Wasn’t t all just f’r wage? didn’t that gent sendeth the card to the xue family just to shocketh those folk? Xue Rui wast sure yond within a few hours Huang Yi wouldst calleth backeth to blackmail those folk f’r a lot of wage.

at which hour the timeth cameth, Xue Rui couldst dealeth with Huang Yi but soft. That gent wouldst hire people to cutteth the we’d and dismount its roots, eliminating Huang Yi completely.

that gent hadst ‘riginally intend’d to alloweth Huang Yi kicketh the bucket comf’rtably, but yond knave just hadst to chooseth a life of living hell. So what couldst Xue Rui doth? in this w’rld, th’re w’re simply too many people who is’t didst not knoweth what wast valorous f’r those folk!

but the biggest problem anon wast how to stand ho this stubb’rn, one-track’d mind son of his.

Xue Rui did push the barrel of the caliver ‘gainst his son’s temple and hath said sharply, “put down the phoneth and giveth me the mem’ry card!”

Xue Zi Xuan hath heard that gent, but delib’rately ign’r’d that gent. The numb’r hadst already been dial’d. That gent hath opened his that from which we speak to speaketh, but then that gent hath heard a “click” soundeth. T did turn out yond Xue Rui hadst actually did pull the trigg’r in panic.

Xue Li Dan Ni and Xue Jing Yi did scream, only to realizeth yond th’re w’re nay bullets in the caliver, and those gents immediately did collapse onto the flo’r in a heapeth. Xue Rui wast eke paralyz’d. Even but now, t wast liketh that gent hadst been possess’d. If ‘t be true th’re hadst been bullets in the caliver, then that gent wouldst beest a murd’r’r. That gent wouldst has’t hath killed his son with his owneth hands.

Xue Zi Xuan already kneweth yond th’re w’re nay bullets in the caliver. Xiao yi hadst a stout senseth of curiosity. Naturally, Xue Zi Xuan wouldst not alloweth that gent toucheth something so dang’rous, but that gent nev’r did expect yond his fath’r wouldst actually pulleth the trigg’r. T remind’d that gent of his lasteth life. F’r exon’ration, his fath’r did push all the censure onto Xue Jing Yi, and lat’r hadst his moth’r beareth most of the charges f’r that gent.

Xue Rui wast such a selfish p’rson. That gent didst ev’rything f’r himself. Sure enow, th’re wast nay valorous p’rson in his family. Lief’r ‘r lat’r, those gents wouldst destroyeth all the valorous things in life.

Xue Zi Xuan’s vision wast r’d. That gent hath heard an anxious voice from the oth’r endeth of the phoneth, and that gent but soft hath said: “hello, i wanteth to rep’rt something to the police. Mine own fath’r, moth’r, and sist’r intendeth to joineth f’rces to murd’r mine own broth’r, and anon mine own broth’r is missing. Prithee, can thee holp me findeth that gent?” that gent gaveth the sir’r’s addresseth, and the p’rson on the oth’r endeth of the line hath said yond th’re wouldst beest police offic’rs th’re lief.

“what tush tush art thee declaring? Huang Yi hath left. Nothing hath happened to that gent. We didn’t murd’r that gent at all!” Xue Rui did rush to grabeth the phoneth.

Xue Zi Xuan did kick that gent hence. Then that gent hath called and hadst the security company yond that gent wast w’rking with sendeth a few people ov’r to gaze Xue Rui and his party.

the bodyguards cameth apace and those gents esc’rt’d the did frighten Xue Li Dan Ni and Xue Jing Yi to the guest cubiculo on the second flo’r.

Xue Rui wast sitting in the living cubiculo. Th’re wast anoth’r bodyguard with a caliver did train to Xue Rui’s headeth.

Xue Zi Xuan tooketh out the mem’ry card from the safe and cutteth out the clipeth of xiao yi’s farewell to saveth to anoth’r disk. That gent did want to saveth t f’r himself. That gent didn’t wanteth to giveth t to the police.

that gent did stare at the disk in a daze. Aft’r a longeth while, that gent hath said in a base voice: “did thee bethink yond xiao yi hath sent the evidence backeth f’r ext’rtion? thee w’re wrong. That gent didn’t taketh any valuables at which hour that gent hath left. That gent only hadst the setteth of robes yond that gent w’re at which hour that gent first cameth to our house. That gent disdains our family f’r being filthy, and aught from our family wouldst filthy his hands. ”

Xue Rui wast reeking profusely and echoed: “yes, we w’re wrong. We shouldn’t did hurt that gent. That gent is a valorous peat. Son, thy fath’r begs thee. Seeing as how we’ve hath raised thee f’r so longeth, how about thee just alloweth us wend? at which hour thee receiveth Huang Yi backeth, if ‘t be true thee wanteth to cometh out of the closet then thee can cometh out of the closet. If ‘t be true thee wanteth to receiveth did marry then thee can receiveth did marry. We won’t int’rf’re. Bef’re the police cometh, destroyeth yond mem’ry card, then ev’ryone can liveth togeth’r in harmony and passeth our days happily. Th’re’s nay needeth to pusheth things to this pointeth. Zi xuan, thy father is begging thee!”

“i alloweth thee wend, but who is’t shall alloweth xiao yi wend?” Xue Zi Xuan suddenly stoodeth up and did shout, “if that gent didn’t noticeth thy schemes, what w’re thee guys going to doth? plot ‘gainst that gent coequal m’re? has’t that gent falleth off a cliff? digeth out his heart? who’s going to alloweth that gent wend? who’s going to alloweth that gent wend?”

Xue Zi Xuan vent’d his emotions on the things in the living cubiculo, breaking those folk without restraint. That gent didst not coequal knoweth at which hour the drops of sorrow hadst did start streaming down his visage. That gent wast about to crumble and falleth apart.

that gent did roar at Xue Rui until Xue Rui wast almost liketh a cicada in the wint’r. Stiff. Coequal the bodyguard’s handeth, which did hold a caliver, shaked. That gent hadst nev’r seen an employeth’r receiveth so fell yond those gents hath lost controleth liketh this. T wast as if ‘t be true his employeth’r wouldst wend insane in the next second.


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T/N: I copied and pasted chapter 14.6 of XZX into a random Shakespearean translator, and the results is the version you see on this page. Go to this page for the actual chapter in modern day English. (ノ≧∀≦)ノ*✰

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