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FOD: Xue Zi Xuan 14.7

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Chapter 14.7

But Xue Zi Xuan was not crazy at all. He must find his beloved teenager, and he must deal with the aftermath of the car accident. These murderers also had to be dealt with. He stepped over a piece of broken debris and sat on the sofa. His eyes fell upon his wristwatch.

It only took a little over an hour for the police to drive up to the front door of the Xue manor. Taking the memory card with Xiao Yi’s good-bye edited out, Xue Zi Xuan gave it to the police officer in charge of the case and played the files for them.

Like this, the police would not know that it was Xiao Yi who had collected all this evidence. Instead, they would only think that the teenager found out about the truth, got scared, and then ran away. In this way, the teenager could completely stay out of the matter.

The police questioned the source of the audio files, and Xue Zi Xuan said that he got it from a private detective that he had hired.

“You hired a private investigator to monitor your family?” The police officer found a room to speak with Xue Zi Xuan alone. His tone was full of disapproval.

“Why is that strange? They asked me to bring Xiao Yi home to dig out his heart. After repeated persuasion, they cancelled their plans, but their attitudes were reluctant. In order to ensure Xiao Yi’s safety, I had to monitor them.” Xue Zi Xuan said with an expressionless face.

“Why didn’t you report the crime back then?” The police officer frowned.

“People say don’t air your family’s dirty laundry in public. I still had to give them a chance to change. Do you think it is easy to report your family? Do you think it is glorious to have such a family?”

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Xue Zi Xuan’s eyes were red, his hair was a scattered mess, and there were still crystalline tear tracks on his face. He cut an extremely sorry figure. He kept looking at his mobile phone, and dialing the teenager’s phone number every few seconds. His anxious mood did not seem to be faked.

The police officer sympathized with him very much. After asking him a few simple questions, he sent out a search warrant for Huang Yi.

On the other side, Xue Rui, Xue Li Dan Ni, and Xue Jing Yi repeatedly denied the authenticity of the audio, but they were still taken away and confined in jail.

Since the audio was obtained from wiretapping, its source violated normal legal channels and could not be used as evidence for filing a case. So the police must find more human testimony and material evidence before they could initiate a prosecution.

Fortunately, Fu Bo, Zhao Yin, Xue Rui’s private lawyer, and the doctor they had bribed were all people involved in the case, so the police arrested all of them for interrogation. They were finally able to find a breakthrough, and it was not difficult to close the case at all. It was just that the inside story was simply too sensational.

From listening to the audio files, it could be heard that the mastermind of the case was the twin sister of the victim. This really made the police officers handling the case want to sigh. What kind of people was in this Xue family? They were simply too frightening. Luckily, Huang Yi was smart and escaped fast.

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The next day, two heavy pieces of news went out, and both were related to the Xue family.

Article 1: The supercar that hit a person belonged to the adopted son of the Xue family, Huang Yi, who was missing.

Article 2: The president of the Xue consortium and his wife and daughter were arrested on suspicion of murdering Huang Yi.

There was an uproar in society, and the Xue consortium’s stock prices also fell all the way down. The people in the company were in a panicked mess.

Xue Zi Xuan had experienced this kind of scene many times before. He quickly convened a shareholder meeting and announced several very large cross-border mergers and acquisitions, which stabilized the company’s stock prices and soothed everyone’s anxiety. Then he went to the vehicle management office to inquire about the progress of the car accident investigation.

Companies, stocks, family properties, and even parents detained in the detention center could all be put on the backburner, but the hole that Xiao Yi stabbed open must be filled immediately. Xue Zi Xuan could not have Xiao Yi be labeled as a murderer. Yes, this was indeed a double standard. While unable to forgive his parents and Xue Jing Yi, he could tolerate everything about Xiao Yi.

Some people might think of Huang Yi as reprehensible [if they knew the truth], but Xue Zi Xuan knew that he was innocent. He was the most innocent one of them all. Without the Xue family and Hu Dong, he would still be living happily with his parents. Although they were poor, Huang Yi would still be warm, safe, and comfortable. When he came to the Xue manor, he did not enter heaven, but instead, fell into hell.

When Xue Zi Xuan stepped into the vehicle management office with a haggard face, the traffic police handling the case cast him a sympathetic look: “I heard that Huang Yi ran away from home? Because he found out that your parents and sister were going to murder him?”

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With an expressionless face, Xue Zi Xuan gave an “en” sound in response.

The traffic police officer understood his state of despair. There were not many people who would choose to report their family members for the sake of the law. If family members committed a crime and their loved ones helped them to cover up the crime, then what about the victims? Who would help them get justice? Especially since the principal culprit of this case was Xue Jing Yi, Huang Yi’s only blood-related relative.

This world was too cruel to him. He had no choice but to run away.

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