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FOD: Xue Zi Xuan 14.8

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Chapter 14.8

“I want to ask, when can I get the car back?” Xue Zi Xuan tentatively asked.

“It’s so wrecked. You still want it?” The traffic police officer was a little surprised, but he thought that it was a pity that there were only five of these cars in the world and now one of them was destroyed, so he responded, “After the person in the forensic department has completed the inspection and identified the person responsible for the accident, it can be returned to you. At the fastest, one or two months, and at the slowest, it could be more than half a year.”

Xue Zi Xuan didn’t ask more. He could just directly find the person from the forensic department to understand the situation. When he lef the vehicle management office, he asked: “Is Zhao Yin awake yet?”

“He’s awake. Right now, our colleagues and the people from the police station are recording his oral confession. This man has a black heart, and he has a finger in every pie.” The traffic police officer shook his head contemptuously.

“Can I go to the hospital and take a look?” Xue Zi Xuan asked politely.

“Yes, it’s fine. I was just thinking of going myself, let’s go together.”

The two of them arrived at the hospital.

Before Zhao Yin could break free of the looming shadow of his new disability he was charged with murder, and he pleaded hoarsely: “I had a car accident before I could do it. It’s not a murder, right? Police officer comrade, this shouldn’t count as a murder, right? Look at me. I am also a victim. I didn’t steal the car, it was the car that drove on its own and ran around in the streets. I’m telling you, it [the car] suddenly tightened the seat belt and trapped me in the car, then it stepped on the accelerator, turned the steering wheel, and it drove through the streets. There was a ghost. It was a ghost that was driving. You guys have to believe me.”

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The more he talked, the more agitated he got, and the more incoherent his words became. The nurse standing to the side thought it was prudent to give him a sedative, and asked the police to wait for him to calm down before coming back to get his confession.

“There was a ghost driving?” Xue Zi Xuan said, pretending to be doubtful.

“You believe that kind of drivel? How can there be ghosts in this world! Unless someone was remotely controlling that car.” After saying that, the traffic police officer waved his hand. “[I’m such a] dumbass, look at me imagining such wild things. A remote control car can only drive up to thirty miles per an hour, which is slower than a person walking, and the car must be within a five hundred to eight hundred meter radius of the person holding the remote control. Driving like Zhao Yin, with speeds of up to one hundred and sixty kilometers per hour, and circling the city with a range of three hundred and twenty kilometers, while perfectly dodging all sorts of obstacles. This is not something that modern technology can accomplish. Maybe in fifty or a hundred years, we can reach this stage.”

[T/N: The author really did mix the imperial system with the metric system in the above paragraph… It threw me off for a beat, but it doesn’t affect the main point she’s trying to make, so just overlook it, I guess.]

Xue Zi Xuan nodded and did not comment on these remarks. After he left the hospital, he called an acquaintance related to the case and asked how the inspection for the sports car was going.

“You can take it back if you want. I’ll have the staff do things a bit faster, but I have to tell you that the car was completely demolished and it can’t be repaired.” That person thought Xue Zi Xuan was distressed over the car [because he liked the car a lot]. When he spoke, his tone was full of regret for Xue Zi Xuan.

“Is there anything unusual about the car?” Xue Zi Xuan asked solemnly.

“There’s nothing unusual. Zhao Yin didn’t have time to do anything to it yet.” Evidently, the other party also knew about the inside story of Xue Rui bribing Zhao Yin to doing something to the car. This matter blew up greatly. Probably everyone in the capital has heard about it already.

“When can I get the car back? Is tomorrow okay?”

“You still want a pile of broken copper and iron?”

“Yes,” Xue Zi Xuan did not want to say any more.

“Okay, you can come pick it up tomorrow morning.”

After hanging up the phone, Xue Zi Xuan supported his forehead with his hand. He felt very tired. He wanted to know where Xiao Yi was, whether the teenager was doing well or not, how he was feeling, and whether he would come back [to him] in this lifetime. And would he forgive Xue Zi Xuan?

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He didn’t want to come to this step. But from the moment when he went to find Xiao Yi with the purpose of digging out his healthy heart, they were already doomed to break off relations with each other.

He thought that his rebirth in this life was a gift from God, and he thought that he didn’t wake up too late, but in fact, it was already too late from the moment Xiao Yi saw Xue Jing Yi that very first time.

This was not a gift, but a punishment.

The previous life was not enough to repay the debt. So in this life, God was having him continue to repay that debt.

Xue Zi Xuan could not imagine how Xiao Yi endured this span of over a year’s worth of time. Xiao Yi was so smart. He must have realized Xue Jing Yi’s condition and understood the truth almost immediately. He was trapped in a cage every day, surrounded by a group of murderers. How was he able to fall asleep? How was he able to come to terms with the evil thoughts of his own twin sister?

No wonder he always liked to curl up into a small ball after he fell asleep. It was because he was afraid. He was afraid all this time. And then all his fears and worries eventually condensed into hatred so strong that he could never love Xue Zi Xuan. That’s why he chose to disappear into the wind…

Preventing himself from thinking about it anymore, Xue Zi Xuan held the steering wheel tightly and let out a painful cry.

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