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FOD: Xue Zi Xuan 15.12

Sorry for the late update. Ended up working overtime for my evening shift, so I got home late. Anyways, hope you enjoy. We have reached the finale! ?

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Chapter 15.12 – Bellflower in Full Bloom

Xue Jing Yi knew it was useless to beg Xue Zi Xuan. He did not pity her even one bit. Every time she came, he would have the bodyguard throw her out and look at her like a piece of disgusting garbage. So she could only beg Huang Yi, hoping that he would look upon their biological relationship and give her some way to survive.

After leaving the Xue family, she finally realized how difficult life on the outside was. The hardships of survival were only second to the endless mental torture. She was now a nationally known murderer. She was despised everywhere, marginalized everywhere, and unable to survive beneath the light of the sun at all.

She finally understood what it meant to be a rat crossing the street that everyone wants to stomp on*.

[*T/N: “to be a rat crossing the street that everyone wants to stomp on” – somebody that is detested by all / a target of scorn]

“I don’t dare to live together with you. I’m afraid that one day I will fall asleep and you will dig out my heart.” Zhou Yun Sheng said in a calm tone as he waved the bouquet of bellflowers around.

Xue Zi Xuan wrapped his arms around the youth and then turned to leave. As soon as he waved to the bodyguards, several big men came to carry away the crying Xue Jing Yi. From that day forth, this person would disappear from their lives forever.

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In September of the following year, the two received their marriage certificate abroad. They did not hold a wedding ceremony, nor did they travel around the world for their honeymoon. Instead, they returned to Zhou Yun Sheng’s hometown in the far northwest.

“Whoa, when did my family’s graveyard become like this?” Zhou Yun Sheng had brought his wife [XZX] to show him to his parents and grandparents. He was surprised by the sight in front of him. The once simple mounds of overturned earth have changed into a grave of cement with a canopy. It looked very luxurious.

“I had it built. Every year, on Qingming*, I would come to pay my respects to father, mother, grandfather, and grandmother.” Xue Zi Xuan calmly arranged the incense candles and tributes.

[*T/N: Qingming is also known as Pure Brightness Festival or Tomb Sweeping Day, and it is a celebration day for the dead, usually taking place in early April.]

Zhou Yun Sheng was silent for a long time before he sighed: “That’s considerate of you. Did my parents give you a dream, scolding you for taking away their son and bringing an end to the Huang family line?”

“Isn’t my Xue family line also coming to an end?” Xue Zi Xuan smiled softly.

[T/N: As a gay couple, ZYS and XZX won’t be having any biological children with each other, so both of their family lines will end with them.]

“All right, then we’re even.” Zhou Yun Sheng shrugged.

He threw joss paper into a brazier and set it on fire. Then he poured a few cups of liquor on the ground and told his parents about the events of his life in the past few years.

The small earthen kiln was still as dilapidated as before. Xue Zi Xuan could not bear to move a single brick or tile of this place and only planted dried up flower stems in the courtyard.

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Zhou Yun Sheng picked up a small bowl that was sitting on the windowsill. There was a chip in the lip of the bowl. He sighed with feeling.

“I liked to sit here and play in the mud. I stared at the gate of the courtyard while playing, hoping that my parents would come home and see me.”

Xue Zi Xuan kissed the youth’s cheek, feeling distressed for the boy, and said, “How about I accompany you to play in the mud?”

Zhou Yun Sheng could not even conjure up the image of this lofty person playing around in the mud. He could not help laughing heartily.

“Forget it, I’m just talking casually. Come on, let’s go in and make dinner. I want to eat cabbage with dough dumpling.”

“This I know how to do.” Xue Zi Xuan rolled up his sleeves.

The two of them worked together in the kitchen. One of them stoked the fire, while the other one started on the dough. After the water boiled, they twisted the dough together.

To be honest, the resulting soup was quite unpleasant to drink, but the two of them ate it with relish.

As soon as it got dark in the evening, the two of them rolled onto the heatable brick bed and became entangled with each other.


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