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FOD: Xue Zi Xuan 15.2

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Chapter 15.2 – Bellflower in Full Bloom

On the laptop screen, Xue Zi Xuan’s face was very pale. He stood up and bowed in apology. He even swayed twice and almost fainted. He held his forehead and waved his hands repeatedly. Then he squeezed out the door while being chased by reporters.

When Xue Zi Xuan swayed on his feet, Zhou Yun Sheng’s hands also shook, wanting to reach out to support him, but then he suddenly remembered that they were not only separated by a thin screen, but they were also worlds apart.

A reporter held the microphone to Xue Zi Xuan’s mouth and asked aggressively: “Excuse me, Mr. Xue. For the sake of an unrelated person you reported your biological parents and adopted sisters who grew up together with you. What were you thinking in your heart? How could you do it? Tell us about your mental journey.”

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“Are you saying that what I did was wrong?” Xue Zi Xuan stopped abruptly, and turned around to look at the reporter, “Then what did you think I should have done? Pretend that I know nothing? Cover up the truth? Just sit on my hands and watch as my parents and sister join hands together to murder Xiao Yi and dig out his heart? Should I have also participated in their plans, help them destroy all evidence, and clean up their mess? Is that the correct way to do things? Some people say that I have no conscience to even report on my parents. Then let me ask you, is helping them break the law and helping them commit murder considered conscientious? Then the thing that you call a ‘conscience’ is really too frightening.”

The reporter was questioned like this until he was left speechless. No matter how stupid he was he would still understand that Xue Zi Xuan had done nothing wrong in this case.

Those who criticized Xue Zi Xuan for his ruthlessness did not dare to speak up. The new leader took office during the most severe period of rectification of social ethos. No one had the guts to openly say that Xue Zi Xuan’s actions to uphold the law and uphold justice were against human ethics.

He stood on the commanding heights of law and morality, and that made him blameless.

“Rumor has it that you have an improper male-male relationship with Huang Yi. This is the main reason that prompted you to report your parents, isn’t it?” The reporter was determined to enter a confrontation with Xue Zi Xuan.

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The young man who had been expressionless all along unexpectedly got very angry. He bit out each word in a deep rumbling voice: “Don’t tarnish our relationship with your filthy thoughts. If someone spreads rumors or slanders our reputation on this matter, I will take the necessary legal measures.”

After saying this, Xue Zi Xuan quickly left under the protection of his bodyguards. Oh, how he wanted to speak of his love for the teenager loudly to the whole world, but no, he could not push the boy into the heart of the struggle, where the wind and the waves were the fiercest.

Zhou Yun Sheng continued to stare at the screen long after the broadcast was finished and advertisements started playing.

After a long while, he went and looked up the share price of the Xue consortium and found that there was a drop, but not by much. Several cross-border mergers and acquisitions were announced in a timely manner. Investors were confident in the prospects of the Xue consortium, and maybe the stock price will rise back in a while and become even higher than before.

Zhou Yun Sheng breathed out a suffocating breath. He never expected that Xue Zi Xuan would choose to call the police. He thought that the other man would secretly smooth over the incident, and minimize the losses and negative effects of the Xue family, but he didn’t. He actually personally reported Xue Rui and them, and opened a press conference to announce the truth of the case.

Everything he did was to protect Zhou Yun Sheng, and he took Zhou Yun Sheng out of the spotlight to avoid random speculation by the media. Zhou Yun Sheng couldn’t tell what he felt inside. His eyes were a bit sore, and his nose was a bit congested. He carelessly rubbed his face all over. Then he went to look at other news.

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Zhao Yin and Hu Dong did not die in the car accident, which he had expected. Not only did Zhou Yun Sheng raise the safety factor of that sports car again, but also Hu Dong’s Maybach was bulletproof and shockproof, which offered the vehicle owner the greatest level of protection and safety.

Between Zhao Yin and Hu Dong, one had to amputate his left leg and the other had to amputate his right leg. This could be considered retribution.

Zhou Yun Sheng sent the video of Hu Dong running his parents over back to China. And this matter was now cleared.

As for the autopilot system left in the car, the forensic department would not be able to decipher it for another hundred years, based upon current technological advancements. They would just think it was an ordinary entertainment facility.

Now that the police have arrested a series of people involved in the case, sooner or later they would unearth the complete chain of evidence based on the audio clips.

Xue Rui was currently recruiting lawyers to defend himself. The charge of murder was already in the middle of being processed, but the victim was not dead after all. The crime of an unsuccessful murder attempt would result in a sentence of three to five years of jail time at most.

And if Xue Rui played his cards right, the jail sentence could be suspended for two years. Except for a lost of reputation, Xue Rui would basically get off scot-free.

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  2. Zhou Yun Sheng breathed out a suffocating breath. He never expected that Xue Zi Xuan would choose to call the police.

    Anyone still remember the ancient China arc? Where MC is a concubine and ML is the son that he adopted?

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