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FOD: Xue Zi Xuan 15.5

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Chapter 15.5 – Bellflower in Full Bloom

Due to all the scandals the Xue family has been caught up in lately, Xue Zi Xuan’s weibo followers exploded to beyond one million. Of course, he had quite a lot of followers before too, and they were even from all parts of the globe.

As soon as he posted this Weibo message, everyone guessed right away that the person he was waiting for was Huang Yi. There were Internet trolls spreading hate, but the overwhelming majority liked his post, and they even prayed for the youth who was forced to escape far away.

There were also people interested in the villain system that Zhou Yun Sheng had cobbled together, and kept asking where could it be purchased.

Xue Zi Xuan did not reply. He just stared at each ID, hoping that one of them was his beloved teenager.

Zhou Yun Sheng brought his finger over to the mouse to click like, but in the end he failed to press it. He turned off the computer, and rolled up the quilt to crawl into bed. After sleeping for a few minutes, he suddenly jumped up again. First, he pulled at his hair irritably, and then he reluctantly took off his clothes and pants.

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Back then; when he returned home, he didn’t have to worry about anything. As soon as he sat on the sofa or lied on the bed, someone would automatically come up to help him change his shoes, undress, wipe his face, and soak his feet. His days were quite comfortable.

Home? Did he just call a place like the Xue manor his home?

Zhou Yun Sheng beat the bed violently, threw his clothes and pants on the floor, and rolled up in the quilt like a burrito. He was annoyed from the bottom of his heart.

Zhou Yun Sheng wandered idly in the UK for several months, and spent the money on the card until there was not much left. Only then did he rented a house and bought several advanced computers, planning to write a few small software programs and sell them for money.

Xue Zi Xuan never gave up searching.

He lived a life similar to his previous life, constantly hiring private investigators to pursue Zhou Yun Sheng vigorously.

As long as a picture that looked like the teenager was sent to him, he would leave behind all his important official duties and rush over a long distance to seek him out, but the results were always disappointing.

Time flew by and slipped away, and two years passed away just like that.

Zhou Yun Sheng had already set down roots in the UK. He did not have a fixed job. Sometimes he would sell small software programs, and sometimes he would help certain companies set up a network defense system. With customers all over the world, he had gradually accumulated a huge amount of wealth.

Occasionally he would buy a few stocks for financial management, but most of the money in his bank account was squandered on things like advanced scientific and technological goods, luxury cars, mansions, and even ancient castle manors.

For Zhou Yun Sheng, money was just a symbol. If he spent all of it, he could easily earn it back. Over time, life became dull.

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It was Christmas Eve, and he decided to go out on a date after staying at home for nearly two months.

This was his first date since he came to the UK. The other person was a friend that he had met online. They had never met face to face before, but based on that person’s charming and humorous words, Zhou Yun Sheng could tell that he was a highly educated gentleman.

Zhou Yun Sheng liked gentlemen. It was best if the man was like Xue Zi Xuan, gentle and considerate outside of the bedroom, but strong and wild in bed, and to also have an artist’s romance and purity.

While arranging his hair, Zhou Yun Sheng had unknowingly applied his criteria for mate selection based on Xue Zi Xuan. He couldn’t help but curse lowly upon realization.

“Why is his influence still lingering on? I have already left. Why the f*ck am I still thinking of him?” He murmured, but unconsciously he turned on the computer and logged on Weibo to check the latest developments of that person.

When that person was still a pianist, he never posted on Weibo even once for an entire year. After changing his career, he became a Weibo enthusiast. Everyday he would post on Weibo three times a day like clockwork, morning, afternoon, and night. Occasionally, he would even add a picture or photograph, and share his own feelings and experiences.

There were three posts on Weibo today.

At 7:30 am on the dot he posted: “Good morning, remember to eat breakfast.” Fans who were accustomed to this pattern have responded to the post with “good morning” one after another.

At noon, a picture of his lunch was added to Weibo. The meal consisted of simple white rice, pig trotters marinated in soy paste, assorted vegetables, and fried green peppers. The text was also very concise—Don’t nap after you have eaten lunch.

The one in the evening was a blessing to wish someone well: Have a safe Christmas Eve. The accompanying picture was of the villain system wearing a Christmas hat.

From the fans there were likes, there were blessing, some praised the cute villain system, and some were calling for Huang Yi to go home quickly. They all knew whom the male god was thinking about everyday for three hundred and sixty-five days a year. Xue Zi Xuan could rely on this method to convey his thoughts.

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