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FOD: Xue Zi Xuan 15.9

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Chapter 15.9 – Bellflower in Full Bloom

When a person’s consciousness was fuzzy, they would always express their heart’s deepest desires. Even Zhou Yun Sheng could not avoid this common occurrence. He didn’t know how powerful his words were. They saved Xue Zi Xuan from the abyss of despair.

Xue Zi Xuan nearly broke his phone with how hard he was squeezing it. He had to try really hard to restrain the impulse to fly to his teenager’s side right away, to hug him, and to kiss him.

He was so worried that it felt like his internal organs were on fire. At the same time, he was so happy that his head was spinning with joy.

“Xiao Yi, Big Brother misses you, too.”

He was reluctant to hang up, but he had to contact a private jet and also contact his subordinates in the UK ot quickly send the boy to the hospital.

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At this moment in time, he was so grateful that he had decided to expand his career into Europe. Otherwise, he would not have the ability to protect him when Xiao Yi was isolated and helpless.

While coaxing the teen to speak slowly, Xue Zi Xuan ran into the study and used another mobile phone to contact his assistant.

On the other end of the line, Xiao Yi seemed to have fallen asleep. His breathing sounds seem to be a little stuffy, ringing across the line in heavy and distinct breaths. Xue Zi Xuan could not bear to hang up the phone. Instead, he pressed the phone against his chest.

“Okay, Mr. Xue, I will contact the airport immediately.”

Xue Zi Xuan woke his assistant up at 2 a.m. deep into the night, but the assistant did not dare to complain. This was the treasured person that the chairman has been looking for for more than two years. If he missed this opportunity, the chairman might skin him alive.

“I will contact Vincent in the UK and have him rush over.”

The assistant heard that the teenager had a serious fever and might not even have the strength to open the door, so he also contacted the security personnel that often worked with them to be there to open the lock, just in case.

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“Okay, tell him to hurry up!” Xue Zi Xuan hung up one phone and brought another phone up to his ear to listen to the boy’s breathing. Then he ran back into his bedroom to change into a suit, grab his passport, and drove out.

On this day, the male god did not update his Weibo. Some people were saying that he finally got tired of pretending. Some people were saying that he was too busy with official business. And some people were speculating that Huang Yi has already been found. However, Xue Zi Xuan, who was high up in the clouds, did not have the time to bother with them.

On the way over to the airport, Xue Zi Xuan never hung up the phone. He connected his phone to an earpiece and listened greedily to the boy’s breathing.

About twenty minutes later, there was an anxious cry from the other end of the line. Vincent had arrived. The other party noticed that the boy was holding his mobile phone firmly, and his boss’s phone number was displayed on the screen. He tried to pry the phone out of the boy’s hand, but couldn’t do it. In the end, he could only hold the boy’s hand to talk into the phone.

“Boss, he’s holding the phone and refusing to let go. It looks like he misses you very much.”

“Stop wasting words. Send him to the hospital quickly. It’s cold. Remember to help him wear a scarf and coat. Also, wrap him in a thick blanket.” Xue Zi Xuan felt anxious yet happy. Only after Vincent made a sound of affirmation did he reluctantly hang up the phone.

It turned out that when the Chinese bellflower bloomed, happiness really would come again.

If a person doesn’t get ill for many years in a row, when they do get sick once in a while, even if it’s just a small cold, it will appear especially serious. When Zhou Yun Sheng was sent to the hospital, he had a high fever of forty degrees. Although he had fallen asleep, his mouth kept muttering nonsense.

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Xue Zi Xuan used the fastest speed possible to get to London. By then, more than nine hours have passed, but the boy was still fast asleep. His cheeks were abnormally flushed, and his brows were knitted together tightly. His lips were dry and chapped, and he looked extremely haggard.

“Boss…” Vincent stood by the hospital bed.

“Shh, don’t wake him. Go out and then talk,” Xue Zi Xuan said in a low voice.

The two men went out to the corridor and talked in soft voices.

“What did the doctor say?”

“It’s just a common cold and fever. He can be discharged once the IV drip is done.”

“En. You worked hard last night. Thank you.” Xue Zi Xuan was truly thankful to Vincent for being able to get to the teenager’s side at the shortest time possible.

“No need [for thanks]. Just remember to send me my reward.” Vincent gave Xue Zi Xuan a mock punch on the shoulder, and then left the hospital so as to not be a third wheel.

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