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FOD: Xue Zi Xuan 2.1

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Standard Info: Abbreviation for “Quickly Wear the Face of the Devil” is FOD. This is “Xue Zi Xuan’s Side Story” abbreviated to XZX. Together it is FOD:XZX. Go to the translations page for the updating schedule (which might be subject to change). Go to the title page for info on this story along with the table of contents.

Translated by: Vanilla Muse

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Chapter 2.1 – Breeding Hate

The atmosphere in the living room was not good. Only Xue Rui tried to talk to Zhou Yun Sheng, while the other three remained silent. The way they dined was also noble and out of the ordinary. The juxtaposition really highlighted Zhou Yun Sheng as a country bumpkin that has never seen the world.

During the meeting, Xue Rui intentionally or otherwise inquired about his family situation. He learned that he didn’t have many relatives, and that he had fallen out with his two aunts, so his eyes revealed a relaxed gaze.
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Xiao Liu Village was far away in the northwest plateau. The road was impassable. From there to the capital, it was equivalent to coming to another world. If the teenager ran into some problem here, how could the relatives in the northwest possibly know? Even if they found out there wasn’t anything that they could do to help. This was the benefit of power, wealth, and status. People who were at the bottom of society could never resist the oppression of the people from the top of society.

When Xue Rui was sounding out the boy, he did not know that the teenager was also probing him, and he noticed a lot of useful information from his attitude. He was beginning to formulate conjectures about what kind of bitter experiences awaited him in the future.

The meal ended with each person mired in thoughts of their own ulterior motives. Xue Li Dan Ni took Xue Jing Yi upstairs to practice the piano. Xue Rui called out to Xue Zi Xuan and asked him about the adoption procedures. Xue Zi Xuan blinked for a moment, then revealed a mocking expression, and turned away with out saying a word. This made Xue Rui very embarrassed. He thought that since his son brought the boy back, then he would be willing to cooperate with him to put on a warm family play, but he didn’t expect him to be too lazy to pretend.

Xue Rui pretends to cough and then said bitterly, “Your older brother is an artist, so his temper is a bit eccentric. He usually doesn’t get involved in these affairs. I will have the assistant do your adoption procedure and send you to school next year. I am concerned that your progress of study is not at the same level as everyone else here in the capital, so I will have you study at home this year and start the new semester next year. What do you think?”

What could Zhou Yun Sheng say? Naturally, he could only nod and say pleasant words. He bid farewell to Xue Rui that old fox. Then shrinking his shoulders and bowing his back, he darted up the stairs. Along the way, Xue Zi Xuan stopped him and handed him a manila envelope.

“Your documents,” he said faintly.

Zhou Yun Sheng received it with both hands while affecting a terrified attitude. Before, he was afraid that the youth would escape in the middle of the trip, so things like identification card, passport, and such documents were kept with the assistant. Now that the lamb has entered the tiger’s den, there was no need to hold on to these documents any longer. As for the adoption procedure that Xue Rui mentioned just now, it could be seen from the taunting expression on Xue Zi Xuan’s face that it was nothing but a beautiful lie. They just wanted to lie to him and there was no plan to actually adopt him.

Xue Rui was a businessman who was only amicable if it was profitable. If this matter could be properly settled then he wouldn’t need to use so many tricks. Losing kidney, liver, or bone marrow will not pose a threat to one’s life. They could repeatedly persuade the youth to not forsake his only blood relative.
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When Zhou Yun Sheng put himself in the other person’s shoes, he felt that if he were Xue Rui, he would definitely play the family card for all it’s worth, appealing to emotions first, then logic, and finally self-interest. After all, the opponent was but a young country boy who has never seen the wide world outside of his little village. To win him over would be a breeze.

But they didn’t say anything at all. They concealed Xue Jing Yi’s true physical condition while pretending to adopt him. There were signs that they were trying to erase the traces of his existence. What did this represent? The answer was self-evident. Obviously, the organ that they want was one that would take his life.

Thinking up to here, Zhou Yun Sheng received the manila envelope and smiled sweetly at Xue Zi Xuan. But no one knew that in his heart he was throwing malicious curses at the Xue family. If there was no Villain System, if he could act unscrupulously, then he would send them all to hell!

“Thank you, big brother.” The boy’s eyes were very bright, clearly revealing a very pure smile, but it could not win any good feelings from Xue Zi Xuan.

Xue Zi Xuan crossed to the other side and said as he went upstairs, “The second rule is you cannot call me big brother.”

So you don’t want to acknowledge my existence? Because I am a man who is about to die so why waste any extra pity on me? Or are you, Xue Zi Xuan, a monster without feelings? Zhou Yun Sheng stared at the back of the slender young man and laughed coldly. In the short span of one day and one night, he was clearly able to grasp the type of person that Xue Zi Xuan was. He was indeed a monster with no empathy, no right and wrong, and no morality. Everyone in his eyes was just a vague black and white silhouette. He completely separated himself from the outside world. No one could walk into his heart, including his so-called family.

The two only spoke for a brief while and then parted ways. One stood in the second floor corridor and watched the other one leave, and the other one walked slowly upstairs. When Xue Jing Yi quietly opened her door and poked her head out, this was the scene that she witnessed. She crouched by the crack of the door and her face was white. She didn’t know why, but when these two people stood together, they were so dazzling. A hurried glance was enough to make her feel fear. She almost couldn’t control herself and rushed out to pull them apart.

Too weird. Why did she feel like this? She pressed down upon her heart and hurriedly breathed deep to try to calm herself down. She really regretted now. Back then, why did she eavesdrop on the conversation between her dad and Fu Bo? When she found out that she still had a twin brother, why did she rush in excited, crying and screaming for them to bring him back?

Those expectant feelings disappeared the moment she saw Huang Yi, and changed into deep feelings of loathing and disgust. These feelings of loathing and disgust did not sprout because of his lowly bloodline. It wasn’t the doubt and suspicion that stemmed from his tainted class origins. Rather, it was a very mysterious type of intuition.
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She wanted to tell her parents to have Huang Yi leave immediately, but knew that even if she wanted to send him away, she couldn’t say it herself. She didn’t want to let her parents down, and she didn’t want her older brother to think that she was ruthless. Forget it, she’ll think about it later. She bit her lip and was about to close the door, but she saw Huang Yi coming over. Separated by the door, he asked, “Younger sister, can I come in and speak with you?”

“It’s very late. I have to sleep.” Xue Jing Yi was unwilling to even show some surface courtesy. With a bam she closed the door and almost slammed it into the boy’s nose.

Zhou Yun Sheng stood in place for a long time, as if he was very hurt. Only after a couple of minutes did he turn around and return to his room at a stiff pace. Quietly closing the door, his grievances turned into indifference, and his eyes shone with a cold and dark light. He consulted the system. The second task was still stopped on the control panel. This meant that the completion rate was still at zero.

Just thinking about it a little bit and Zhou Yun Sheng already knew that it was absolutely impossible for him to successfully complete the task the system assigned him. Otherwise, what was the protagonist for? The true meaning of the villain was to be overthrown, not to succeed, and failing the task was the norm. The system said it was a task, but it was actually a pit. After waiting for him to jump in, the son of fate would then fill up the hole. The result was that he was often buried alive.

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