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FOD: Xue Zi Xuan 2.3

Translated by: Vanilla Muse

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Chapter 2.3 – Breeding Hate

Such a notion was intolerable to the system and it often gave him the highest disciplinary punishment, making him withstand soul-rending pain for twenty hours. Not now, it seemed to have softened, only making him endure an hour of physical pain.

The most criminal notion for the system only resulted in the slightest penalty? This system was not right! Zhou Yun Sheng had suspicions in his heart, but he quickly pressed them down. After several rounds of reincarnation, he already knew what thoughts could be perceived by the system and what thoughts must be hidden in the heart.
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The severe pain of broken bones came as expected and Zhou Yun Sheng gritted his teeth. At that very moment, there were footsteps outside the door. He immediately switched the laptop screen to FreeCell and then opened the anti-lock door.

“Fu Bo, is it time to eat?” The teenager smiled purely, and no one could tell how much pain his body was suffering.

Fu Bo waved his hand. “It’s not meal time yet. You have to go to the hospital for a medical examination before going through the adoption procedure. The car is already waiting outside. Change into some clean clothes and go downstairs.”

“Okay, I will come right away.” Zhou Yun Sheng immediately closed the door and found a set of casual wear. His messy hair had been trimmed, but the length was the same. His hair still hung down to his shoulders. After a week of maintenance, his skin had become delicate and white, smooth like jade. Along with his delicate facial features, it really caused people to be confused about his gender.

Xue Jing Yi’s long hair was also cut off and changed to a hairstyle that was exactly the same as his. They also wore the same style of clothes. When they stood together, at a glance, they were eighty to ninety percent similar. Strangers could never distinguish between the two.

He thought of that day when Xue Jing Yi’s hair got cut. She was crying and glaring at him with hatred. Zhou Yun Sheng wanted to laugh. What qualifications did Xue Jing Yi have to hate him? The Xue family cut her hair just to make the twins look more similar.

They had no choice but to bring him back to the manor, so they must do everything possible to cover up the traces of his existence. Thus, they dressed him like Xue Jing Yi, and he was not allowed to go out at random. He was also not allowed to appear in the same place at the same time as Xue Jing Yi. They were trying to turn him into the shadow of Xue Jing Yi. Once the time was ripe, the shadow would disappear forever and ever.
Translations by Vanilla Muse
Xue Jing Yi hated him for bringing her shame. He hated her even more for plundering his life. However, Xue Jing Yi’s hatred could be vented, while his hatred could only be buried in the bottom of his heart, and he also must fulfill their desires without hesitation.

Why? Why must I be trampled on by people and brutally murdered? Zhou Yun Sheng’s chest stirred with powerful hate, but when he got on the car he smiled very purely, because the busy man Xue Zi Xuan was sitting in the back seat and going over music scores. He noticed the teenager wanting to sit next to him. Without lifting his head he said, “Sit in the front.”

Zhou Yun Sheng smiled. The foot that had entered the back seat was retracted. Then he climbed into the passenger seat and obediently fastened the seat belt.

“Big brother…” His warm address of the other person was met with a cold stare, so he quickly changed his words. “Mr. Xue has free time today?”

Xue Zi Xuan naturally did not respond. In the awkward silence, the assistant slowly drove the car on the winding road. Zhou Yun Sheng turned back to the front and sat upright. He looked out the window in bored silence. What was the purpose for going to the hospital this time? The answer was very clear in his heart. They said it was a physical examination, but in actuality they were trying to find out if he was a match for Xue Jing Yi’s heart surgery. Once the match was confirmed, he would have stepped one leg in the coffin.

He was obviously aware of the other side’s conspiracy, and he clearly had the ability to avoid their monitoring and leave, but he couldn’t do any of it because of the system. The sense of humiliation and powerlessness in his heart far outstripped the fear of waiting for death. Zhou Yun Sheng’s originally ugly mood was becoming more and more oppressed. If he didn’t blow up in silence, then he was sure to turn abnormal. He believed that one day he would erupt and go crazy.

While he was mired in his thoughts, the car had arrived at a private hospital. Zhou Yun Sheng had just read up on the Xue family’s information and knew that they held fifty-six percent of the shares of this hospital. They were the largest shareholder and had many privileges.
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Sure enough, they rode the elevator directly to the top floor and were personally received by the director of the cardiology department. Zhou Yun Sheng pretended that he didn’t know anything and let the two nurses do with him as they pleased. When he left, the director pulled Xue Zi Xuan to the side. The cold eyes swept across his chest from time to time. It seemed that they were treating his body as something that could be dissected at any time. On his face, Zhou Yun Sheng maintained an opened smile, but hidden in his heart was endless darkness and hatred.

Half a month after the medical examination, Xue Rui, who was so busy you couldn’t even catch a glimpse of his shadow, and Xue Li Dan Ni, who was on tour abroad, suddenly came back. The couple walked into the house hand in hand. They talked and laughed, portraying a very happy portrait. Zhou Yun Sheng rushed out to the living room to greet them, and Xue Li Dan Ni, who always looked down on others, actually gave the boy a gentle and loving smile. She even touched his not long, but not short hair, and praised “good child.”

In less than half and hour, Xue Zi Xuan also came back. The calm face did not reveal anything, but his dark eyes radiated a pleasing brilliance, which was quite different from his past appearance.

Fu Bo was also very diligent today. He personally cooked a few hometown dishes for Zhou Yun Sheng. The taste was very authentic. Compared to the cordial attitude of the rest of the household, Xue Jing Yi became more and more cold and estranged. She occasionally casted a gaze as sharp as a thorn towards him.

Is this you treating me like a thorn in your side? You think my arrival will take away your favor? I really admire the young miss who has been sheltered by her family. The problems that you worry about are so trivial that it is ridiculous. Zhou Yun Sheng secretly sighed. He was very clear about the attitude of the Xue family. Presumably the matching results came out today, and they were a perfect match, right?

After dinner, he returned to his room and hacked into the hospital records. He saw the medical certificate: “successful matching.” The bright red characters were very eye-catching. It was no wonder that today’s family reunion and hospitality were more enthusiastic than the day when he first arrived, just because he had changed from a person who may have value into a true heart donor. For their daughter’s long life, they certainly had to feed him well.

A family of beasts! He stared at the computer screen until his eyes gradually became bloodshot.

From that day on, the Xue family’s monitoring of Zhou Yun Sheng became stricter. The housekeeper, an assistant, and the nurse Xiao Deng were the only ones left to manage the large villa. The frequent banquets were also cancelled, lest the outsiders discover his existence. They put him under house arrest and didn’t even allow him to step out of the door alone.

This kind of life lasted for more than half a month. Seeing that task two was not completed, the system did not impose any punishment, and instead released task three — learn to play the piano. This was a breeze for Zhou Yun Sheng, who had a strong learning ability.

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