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FOD: Xue Zi Xuan 3.2

Translated by: Moonlightfrost10
Edited by: Vanilla Muse

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Chapter 3.2 – Back to the Human World

Fu Bo immediately turned off the fire, rushed out from the kitchen, and slammed the emergency button next to the bed. The doctors and nurses quickly rushed inside in less than five seconds and were just preparing for an emergency rescue when the various instruments that kept screaming were instantly quieted. At the same time, the beautiful youth lying on the bed slowly opened his eyes.

He stared blankly at the white ceiling for a while. Only when he heard the doctor’s anxious call, did he slowly turned his head and looked at his right hand which was held by Xue Jing Yi. The blurry eyes suddenly sharpened, and the look in his eyes was so cold and violent that Xue Jing Yi nearly screamed.

“Why are you here?” Xue Zi Xuan had not figured out the situation yet, but he immediately retracted his hand reflexively. The list of people he wanted to see after he woke up definitely did not include Xue Jing Yi; no, he did not want to see anyone, he just wanted to find Xiao Yi, find his beloved. Why even after he died, these people still did not let him be at peace? He turned away and saw Fu Bo, who stood outside the crowd of people, causing a few points of disgust to be added to his gaze.

Xue Jing Yi was frightened still by his tone of hatred and rejection. She clutched her chest and took two steps back, unconsciously shaking her head. Her brother seemed to have completely changed in one day; changed so much that she didn’t even recognize him.

Several doctors surrounded the hospital bed, carrying out various examinations on him. One of them opened the eyelids of Xue Zi Xuan, the slight sharp pain made his entire body stiffen. He stared at them, his expression gradually turning from confusion to doubt, then also to disbelief and fear.

“I’m fine, all of you go out,” he muttered huskily, his attitude firm.

The indicators returned to normal; the doctors saw that Xue Zi Xuan’s mood was wrong, so they decided to wait for him to calm down before sending him to the medical examination department for further examination, and left one by one.

Xue Zi Xuan waited for them to leave first then immediately sat up and checked his palm. No, there was nothing on his white palm, the scar that made him incomparably grateful had completely disappeared. Or maybe, it had not appeared yet.

Finally realizing his situation, even if it was just an imaginary dream that he would awaken from any time now, it was enough to make Xue Zi Xuan tear up in happiness. He jumped out of his bed, barefoot, wearing hospital pajamas, and rushed out.

“Young Master, where are you going? You forgot to wear your shoes. The floor is cold.” Fu Bo grabbed a pair of slippers and chased after him.

Only then did Xue Jing Yi recover from her shock, and with a white face quickly followed behind. In her mind, she repeatedly echoed the question when her brother was awake – how are you here? That tone held no expectation, happiness, or affection, but only increasing disgust, as if looking at her one second more was a form of unbearable torture.

Because her body was weak, she often fell ill, causing the entire family to suffer with her. From young, she had practiced the ability of observing people, striving to make herself more sensible and intimate, to avoid being rejected by them. However, the more serious her illness was, the more her family showered her with love, so her feeling of anxiety slowly diminished. Especially her brother, who was indifferent and cold to others, yet gentle and considerate to her, made her feel extremely proud of herself.

But just now, the look her brother gave her was hidden with so much hatred. Why? Exactly what did I do wrong? The problem lingered in her mind, making Xue Jing Yi especially alarmed.

Xue Zi Xuan ran across the hallway, down the staircase, and ran from the nineteenth floor all the way down to the big lobby in the hospital. His crazy expressions and unpredictable manner attracted many people’s attention, causing them to stop and gawk at him. The security guards realized that the situation was off, and quickly went up to stop him, repeatedly using their walkie talkies to ask the mental health department on the sixteenth floor if a patient had run out.

Xue Zi Xuan struggled violently, but was eventually subdued by the combined force of the two people.

“What are both of you doing? Let go of him!” Xue Li Dan Ni, who had rushed back to the country and did not even had time to put down her suitcase, appeared in the hall, and at first glance saw her son, who was surrounded by a crowd of people, cutting a very sorry figure.

His hair was messed up, his clothes torn; he had a crazed expression, both his ink black eyes were filled with tears as if they would fall any time now. She could hardly believe that this was her son, the one who exuded a bright aura everywhere he went. He was so agitated, so violent, his teeth tightly clenched, and even from far away, she could see the bulging blue veins on his forehead.

“Mother?” Hearing the familiar voice, Xue Zi Xuan quieted down, turning his head to look at her, his expression becoming more and more confused. Supposedly dead people have appeared in front of him one by one, making him even more confident that his judgment was right. He had returned, had returned to the past when everything had not happened yet.

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